31 July 2009


Earlier today police arrested two Santa Cruz men in connection to the disappearance and presumed death of burner Elias Sorokin. There is still one man police have determined is involved with this case. His name is Adam Hunt, pictured here. Hunt is considered to be dangerous, but it is unknown if he is armed.

UPDATE 1 August 2009 - MercuryNews.com is reporting that Hunt surrendered to Santa Cruz police earlier today. He is booked on charges of robbery, kidnapping and conspiring to commit a crime. Bail is set at $1 million.

Friends and family of Sorokin remain hopeful that he is still alive and are offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to his safe return. Contact the LAPD at (213) 485-5381.

divaD Event Video Blog 07.31.09 - Win Tickets to BootieLA or HEAT



BOOTIE LA - copy and paste the below sentence into your Twitter. Make sure to follow Burncast and divaDanielle so we see you are entered to win! (Winner announced on Twitter tomorrow Saturday 8/1).
You could win 2 tix to Bootie-LA this Saturday night! To enter follow @burncast @divadanielle and @clubbootie and retweet this.

HEAT - copy and paste the below sentence into your Twitter. Make sure to follow Burncast and divaDanielle so we see you are entered to win! (Winner announced on Twitter next Tuesday 8/4).
You could win 2 tix to HEAT in Los Angeles next Wednesday night. To enter follow @burncast and @divadanielle and retweet this.


30 July 2009

BURNcast.TV Home Videos: Free Electroshock Therapy

DaBomb - BURNcast.tv - BURNcast.tv

A word from the filmmaker:
"Back in '04, Mattypoo found a gentle man wandering on the playa with a cattle prod. It turned out he was an "experientialist". He told Mattypoo, "This will hurt a lot, but then you will feel amazing and you'll want to hug me."

As promised, it sucked for a moment and then Mattypoo gave the mendicant priest a big hug. Delicious Dan loves hugs, so he was inspired to open up his own shop!

No bartering, no "gift exchange", just 100% absolutely $free$ electroshock therapy! And there was no shortage of volunteers to experience this 100% absolutely *real* cattle prod shock to the ass, either!

Buy a night w/John Perry Barlow on the playa Q&A

Ekai just uploaded this screenshot of the comments from the eBay auction to win a night with John Perry Barlow at Burning Man 2009. It is just hilarious! Does the winner get to have him the entire night?

Hollis Hawthorne Update

OK...I failed to post here that Hollis Hawthorne, the burner woman who has been in a coma since February, had a major breakthrough last Tuesday and spoke. You can get all that amazing, wonderful and heartwarming information on the blog Help Holli Heal set up by her family here.

I'm sorry, I thought everybody heard! I mean, on July 28 @ 5:10 pm I tweeted the following:

I posted this to my Facebook wall and on Tribe, too. But in my excitement I cut and pasted the wrong URL. Above is the correct one. A reader of this blog pointed out that while the focus on Elias Sorokin is important, Hollis' triumphant story is getting buried and that they "needed a victory. Please make a blog post about this."

So here it is, dear reader! Thanks for your feedback and yes you're right. We really need a win right now.

FWIW, I visited with Hollis twice since she's been hospitalized. In June I posted to Tribe that "Her mother is with her 24-7. She sleeps in a bed next to Hollis and talks to her and cares for her constantly. It's beautiful to see her love and devotion for Hollis. It's a lot of work and she could use some encouragement and strength."

Now it looks like she could use a bit more than that. Deb Prothero on Tribe has posted: "Further news on [Hollis' blog] indicates a need to get Hollis to Tennessee so that her caregiving mother will be able to also be near the rest of her family. If anyone has contacts in the Tennessee health care community, now would be the time to speak up."

So go to the Help Holli Heal blog. Check out the updates. Help where you can. And don't forget to donate to her cause. Every penny helps.

Crunchy Mama's Burning Man Packing List

Get ready for Burning Man with Crunchy Mama's amazing and totally comprehensive packing list! This list has been in development going on 12 years now and has been invaluable in my preparations for Black Rock City for every one of them.

Crunchy writes: "Everyone can add, delete or modify it at will. It's 2 years old, so some of the Reno info may be a bit outdated...but it's not too bad. I wish I had time to really tweak it, but I probably won't get to it until next week."

You can download it for free at Archive.org right here. When you land on the page click on "PDF" in the box on the left side.

Crunchy Mama's Burning Man Packing List

29 July 2009

KGO AM 810 Reporting: Elias Sorokin's Truck Found

News Coverage on Elias Sorokin & Flyers to Distribute


Here's a local news story from KION.

Below is a copy of a flyer that Sorokin's friends are asking to canvas around the area where he was last seen.

Download posters here.

"Burner: Tales from the Playa" - Part Three


Hi again everybody. I'm Tony Edwards also known as "OhTony". This is Part Three of "Burner: Tales from the Playa". The last part, Part Four will be posted next Wednesday.

-- OhTony

28 July 2009

Playa Dictionary: Dusty Lucre


While we've received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook about Katherine the Great's series "Burners in Business", it wouldn't be right if we also didn't receive some snark, especially from one of the folks at Piss Clear. FWIW, K'Buster is calling the kettle black! :P You can get his fabulous "It was on fire when I got here" t-shirts at Cafe Press! I've got mine!

BURNcast #082 - Burners in Business featuring Nikki Doran with Katherine the Great

Hi! I'm Katherine the Great. This week's episode is part of my "Burners in Business" series featuring an interview from 2007 with Nikki Doran, owner of Wild on the Inside and creator of Prepare for the Playa-- an annual event in San Francisco dedicated to providing everything you need for a great Burn! More than just your average trunk show, Prepare for the Playa aims to connect Burners in Business with the folks who could make the most use their products and services-- that is, other Burners!

In 2009, Prepare for the Playa will be held on three days in August-- August 1st, 22nd and 23rd, from 12 to 8PM at the Sports Basement at 1590 Bryant Street in San Francisco. Get prepared for your Burn this year with fashion shows, Playa 'U' how to clinics, performances and all the playa specific and playa friendly products & fashions from your favorite local Burner-Prenuers! More information at preparefortheplaya.com

Featured music is from beat-box artist Kid Beyond performing at Center Camp in 2008 recorded by Whiskey Devil.

27 July 2009

BURNcast.TV #54 - A Conversation with Peter (A Burning Man Virgin)

I met Peter, a Burning Man virgin, at the fundraiser for the Giant Cock art car. This video is a little hectic but try to stay with it. Peter has some questions for my audience. Please take a moment to answer them by leaving a comment below or on my Facebook wall if you're viewing it from there.

26 July 2009

Missing Burner Update: Elias Sorokin

As seen on Facebook, this is a prayer request on behalf of Anna Oleynik, the mother of missing burner Elias Sorokin, a 29 years old, last seen in Oakland. May have been in Santa Cruz, CA as of 7/20/09. Please forward.

To all who love Elias,

Elias mother here. Among Elias' friends are a few people who have contacted psychics about Elias and several of them are giving me reason to hope that Elias is alive - but he is in danger.

I am asking everyone, PLEASE, send thoughts of love and forgiveness to these people, that their negative energy may dissolve and they may see a way out and listen to their conscience and not do anything rash.

It is very important to gather yourselves, and find your deepest wisdom for this. It is counterintuitive - but do not send anger their way. Send love, send calm, and send forgiveness.

And to Elias, send loving support.

Thank you very much. We all love Elias.


BURNcast.tv's Playa Events Calendar

BURNcast Audio Podcast Release Schedule for August

To all the BURNcast audio podcast fans,

Thanks to all of you for listening! I just wanted to update you on our upcoming schedule release dates in iTunes for the month of August.

As you know, we make every effort to release the audio podcast through iTunes on tu-tu-Tuesdays. And wonderful Lecter is the one that handles the submissions to iTunes store. However we both have some summer travel plans (unrelated to Burning Man) that will effect our release schedule next month. So below is our release schedule for August 2009:
  • This Tuesday's episode (7/28) will be uploaded as scheduled.
  • Next Tuesday's episode (8/4) will be uploaded as scheduled. I will be in Kansas (specifically in Pittsburg). Any burners out there want to meet me? Contact me!
  • Tuesday (8/11) will be dark (no episode in iTunes) as Lecter is out of town. It's possible that I may post an mp3 file to the blog to be heard via your web browser but this is to be determined. But to repeat: no iTunes release until Lecter's return.
  • The following week it's very likely that any and all episodes will be released iTunes on Hump Day (8/19) instead of the usual tu-tu-Tuesday (8/18) because both of us will just be returning from our respective trips.
  • If (this is a big if) I have internet connectivity where I'm staying in Kansas our blog and the episode postings to the blog will not be effected. Only iTunes. If internet connectivity is limited subsequently all blog posts will be affected. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Please note, this will not effect the video podcasts, only the audio podcasts because I personally handle the iTunes feed for video.
It's worth mentioning that we are winding down the audio podcasts anyway and expect to be wrapped by September. Video podcasts will continue. We have over 80 audio podcasts available for free in iTunes so even if the next few weeks of our schedule maybe a little bumpy this is a great opportunity to check out previous episodes until we get back on track. All you have to do is subscribe in iTunes.

How To Make An Etsy Mini Widget

Thanks to everybody who took a moment to send me the widget to their Etsy shop for our posting "Crafting Burners on Etsy".

Some of you felt left out because you didn't know how to make a widget! This video is for you. We're gonna do it again. Click here to submit your entry and be sure to follow us on Twitter or check our blog for announcements.

25 July 2009

Missing Burner: Elias Sorokin

Reposted from Facebook via Minx Larsen:

Please Help! Elias Sorokin has been missing since Monday 7/20...

... he went up to Northern California for a few meetings and has not returned to LA. He was last seen Monday evening 7/20/09 around 8 pm in Oakland.

A text was received to my dear friend Andrea (his good friend and business partner) on Monday night at 10 pm that he would be arriving back to LA around 4 am, Tuesday morning. He has not been heard of since.

We have now found out that someone has tried to cash a falsified check (he carries his check book on him at all times) and tried to use his credit cards.

We have filled a missing persons in Oakland. He drives a 2007 Toyota Tacoma beige/gold. License number 8H92932.

If you have any information, if you've seen him, anything at all. Please email me at minx006.9_[at]_gmail.com.

Although, I'm happy for your best thoughts and well wishes please do not bombard my email or phone. I need relevant information at this time. I know all of your hearts are with us at this time.

Please post this to your Facebook. Even if you do or don't know Elias.

We have filled a missing person and have a private investigator, we are looking for answers and need your help.

With all my heart,

Crafty Burners on Etsy

As promised in a previous blog post, here it is! A fabulous array of playalicious playwear and more by crafty burners on Etsy placed in alphabetical order. If you're running out of time in your pre-playa prep consider supporting a local community (drink!) artist.

Buy Handmade

Buy Handmade

Buy Handmade

Buy Handmade

Buy Handmade

24 July 2009

divaDanielle BURNcast Events VLOG 07.24.09


Hey Kittins!

Some fun for you this weekend! Be sure to check out divaDanielle, if you are in LA, this Saturday at The Mountain Bar for Orange Kids Invade Chinatown! Info below! Also, check out divaD and Porter Tinsley's (aka The Girls of Shade) sets from last night @ Cirque Berzerk - www.shadeparties.com

Hollaback Merle presents...Orange Kids Invade Chinatown!
Saturday, July 25th
9pm to 2am
473 Gin Ling Way 90012

Come and see all your favorite Orange Kid DJs spin together for this one special night
Admission is FREE!!!
21+ Only




If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

BURNcast.tv Home Videos: Devil Burn

A word from filmmaker Jason Siadek:

"The devil is trying to draft all of our souls to fight God and His angels, so I figured it's high time we got rid of that chronic asshole! I picked up a roll of chickenwire and some vano to papier mache him with incendiary entrails. Since the devil came from the bible, I used a bible for the skin. I brought a few dozen, but it only took one bible to make the life-sized demon and his 8 foot tall pitchfork. He lived all week on the playa, facing the Man with a mirror, and then we burned him on Friday night to clear the way for the weekend.

Construction Notes
Papier Mache on the playa is a moop management challenge, but it's a great activity for passersby that want to contribute a few strips to the project. By the time he was done, my friend DaPete, my buddy Scott, and a host of new friends had all relaxed in the morning shade to run their fingers through the gooey wonder of vano and water. I used different chapter pages for his various parts: "Deutronomy" and "Numbers" (the law) were his pitchfork. His head was "Kings". His chest was "The Bible" from the cover inset page. His penis was "Genesis" and his anus was "Exodus".

The incredible fire sculpture that he's leaning on for the burn was built by JD (the star of the "mOOnshOt" demolition). I cleaned the wreckage up after I shot the final scene. I don't know how you feel about the death penalty, but the devil was a fucker of a moop generator so he had to be destroyed, which ironically generated more moop.

My friend and ex-BRC pat Andrew kept the brazier burning with fresh pages from the two dozen bibles I brought so that anyone who wanted could throw a few pages on. There was no shortage of volunteers.

This project was a hoot to execute, but a challenging concept, and my friend Scott (the son of a pastor) wonders what Jesus would think about all of this. All I can say is that I hope Jesus is cool."

23 July 2009

Sign of the Times

Screenshot from Burning Man's home page.

Earlier this week BMorg announced they will allow for ticket sales to be sold at the gate for last minute attendees. IMHO this development is an indication that sales are lower than expected. While many I've spoken to about this bitch that the return of this policy will increase the yahoo count, I have a hunch that crowds will be down and maybe this might even be a good year to go.

Earlier this summer I started a poll to see what the temperature was on this blog if people were going to the event. In an upcoming blog post I'll compare the results as voters weigh in to the countdown.

22 July 2009

BMorg's All A Twitter

Whatever they're smoking at BMHQ turned into a big public stink on Twitter. It started as a simple tweet from @danger_ranger (aka "Michael Michael", Ambassador and Director of Genetic Engineering for the Black Rock City LLC):

So does this really mean that Burning Man is really becoming 501c? Really??? I'm shocked! I mean... maybe they really are a cult!

Thankfully my fears were allayed because it wasn't long before @mariangoodell (Director of Business and Communications for the Black Rock City LLC) piped up:

The thing that bewilders me is that nowhere in that article Danger Ranger references does it actually state that Burning Man is to become a non-profit. And I'm also wondering: do they realize that Twitter is a public conversation? Maybe the lesson BMorg needs to learn is the difference between a private email and a public tweet.

But then again this could be all just one big joke. Haha! Fuck you, ranger! I mean, you have to keep in mind that M2 is a former member of the Cacophony Society, so maybe this is just a prank. Just like the prank Paul Addis pulled in '07.


UPDATE 23 July 2009 11:30 - I guess I really should ask myself what I was smoking last night. While at first glance I thought the Hatted One was referencing the Black Rock Arts Foundation in this passage from the article, on a second reading I had to rethink this:

CG: So you wonder how Burning Man might look 50 years from now?

LH: Oh yeah, that’s what we’re working on. Next year will be our 25th — the silver jubilee if it were a marriage. The event is replenishing itself. Unlike a lot of things, it’s not defined by just one age cohort. It’s thriving. I’ve no trouble imagining it lasting another 25 years and more. We’re in the process of shedding the corporation into a non-profit in order to help take care of the employees who have been with us for so many years and allow them to advance in leadership and responsibility in our absence. We’re involved in a reorganization from top to bottom; it’s going to be very interesting.
This changes the game from a possible prank, to well, pretty much factual, they're going non-profit (at least it seems Larry Harvey and Danger Ranger want it to). Maid Marian? Not so sure. And what about the rest of the board? Who knows. Perhaps this is what Joseph Pred, Senior Staff Emergency Services Operations Chief meant in his tweet.

Calling All Crafty Burners on Etsy!

"Burner: Tales from the Playa" - Part Two


Hi again everybody. I'm Tony Edwards also known as "OhTony" and I've been invited by DaBomb to be the newest contributor here on BURNcast.TV. This is Part Two of "Burner: Tales from the Playa" Parts Three and Four will be posted on the next two consecutive Wednesdays.

21 July 2009

In Loving Memory of Dammit the Wonder Dog


Dammitina was a Showdog. The dog of a Showman. We did it together. All of it. This is her curtain. -- Chicken John

BURNcast #081 - A Conversation with Danger Angel

The year 1996 was a watershed year for Burning Man: the theme was HeLLCo; the neon Smiley flickered in the effigy for a brief minute; Michael Furey was killed in motorcycle collision; and three people were seriously injured when a car ran over their tent. Also that year today's guest Danger Angel worked as the night supervisor for the Black Rock Rangers and after that she never again returned to the playa. In this interview we find out why. Music by SolarCycle available on Magnatune.

Recorded 9 October 2007 in San Francisco.

Subscribe in iTunes

"1996 was the year Burning Man went over the edge: too many people for the infrastructure, too many gawkers, too many cars, too many arrests, too many heartbreaks. After years of beating the odds, we got our asses whipped, and we did it to ourselves."

-- Stuart Mangrum
Editor of
Twisted Times
and former Director of Communications
for the Black Rock City LLC

19 July 2009

How the Internet Fuels the Global Psychedelic Community

How the Internet fuels the global psychedelic community

This article references Burning Man several times. According to it's author Suntoucher: "It appeared that the Web has exactly those qualities that proved essential for the formation of a large, global psychedelic community. More than any other non-mediated social phenomena the use of psychedelics was fueled by the Internet’s biggest successes: access to unbiased information, interactive communication and e-commerce."

18 July 2009

Visionary Community at Burning Man By Abrupt

Visionary Community at Burning Man By Abrupt

This article was written in 2000 and was first featured at Element-Zero.com.

17 July 2009

Burning Man Festival Headline News for iPhone

Get the latest headlines from the Burning Man 2009 right on your iPhone or iPod Touch with this new webapp. Each hour the folks at Webbappuniverse comb the Internet to find you the best headlines regarding the event and deliver them on your mobile device.

So now if you're unable to make it to Black Rock City this year, you won't be missing a thing!

Just one small piece of advice from me: turn off your phone at the event. It won't work anyway (unless it's a satellite phone) and besides: who the hell wants to be that connected at Burning Man? Sheesh! Unplug and enjoy the event!

Check out the webapp from your iPhone/iPod Touch here.

BURNcast.TV Home Video: And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Philip Waymore's American dream for Burning Man 2008. Video by Hedy.

16 July 2009

The Burn 2008 - A Photo Flipbook by Mr. Nightshade

The Burn -- Burning Man 2008 from MrNightshade on Vimeo.

Photo flipbook by Mr. Nightshade, theblight.net

divaD BURNcast Events VLOG 07.16.09


Hey All!

Get your boooootiful BURNcast Bumper Stickers by sending us a self addressed stamped envelope to:


Also, divaD's park party is this Sunday @ Woodley Park. All info @ www.shadeparties.com. DaBomb will be there interviewing YOU, our viewers, for her series Playa Rumors!


If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

The Giant Cock Car Welding Party


In this video, I get a chance to weld for the first time on the Giant Cock car!

Follow the Giant Cock car on Twitter!

15 July 2009

"Burner: Tales from the Playa" - Part One


Hi, I'm Tony Edwards also known as "OhTony" and I've been invited by DaBomb to be the newest contributor here on BURNcast.TV. This is Part One of "Burner: Tales from the Playa". Parts Two, Three and Four will be posted on the next three consecutive Wednesdays.

"Burner: Tales from the Playa" is a one-man show written and performed by me. It is the true story of a seven-time "Burner" and chronicles the joy, heartbreak, amazement and life lessons learned at Burning Man, the annual festival which takes place on Black Rock Lake, a remote, dry lake bed in Northern Nevada, lovingly known to Burners as "the playa".

"Burner" is a multi-media production, featuring images, video and sound captured by me at Burning Man. It is directed by Jerry Diner. The above video is from a performance which took place on February 2, 2008 at Abundant Sugar in Los Angeles.

And so, I present to you, "Burner: Tales from the Playa". I invite you to watch it and share it with your friends. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it's creation. Much love to all of my dusty friends who supported me in this labor of love.

14 July 2009

BURNcast #080 - Interview with Charcoal: A Survivor of the Flames

In this interview my guest "Charcoal" shares his experience of having survived falling into the remains of the Burning Man bonfire at the event in 2006. A year later he shares his story of recovery. Recorded 5 September 2007 in San Francisco, CA.

As mentioned in this recording:

UPDATE: 15:00:06 14 July 2009:I want to clarify that "Charcoal" is not the identity of Anthony Beninati who, the year prior to Charcoal's incident, also fell into the burning ashes of the Man in 2005. According to reports, Beninati was a three time veteran of Burning Man whereas Charcoal was a virgin when it happened. Unlike Beninati, Charcoal did not sue the Black Rock City LLC nor does he plan to do so.

13 July 2009

BURNcast.TV #53 - A Conversation with Pastie Dan

Since 2002, Dan "Pastie Dan" Echegoyen hangs out in Center Camp and offers a highly specialized service to the women of Black Rock City. He even proudly wears a promotional tshirt to advertise! Dan offered me a demo but I hope my audience can forgive me for declining.

12 July 2009

Photos of "Sand By The Ton" by @LaughingSquid

Scott Beale is the blogger behind Laughing Squid, an online resource for art, culture, and technology based in San Francisco. He's been also covering stories pertaining to the Burning Man community (drink!) for a long time and we think Scott is just all sorts of awesome sauce. Scott took this set of photos are from last night's "Sand by the Ton" event in Oakland to benefit The Big Art Experience headed by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito.

Midnight Ridazz & Burning Man

This video features a late-night encounter with Matthew, bike-builder and a member of the Midnight Ridazz, a group bicycle collective that celebrates bicycle culture in Los Angeles, California.

11 July 2009

Video Submission: Burning Man 2008 by shivacita

A word from shivacita:
Words, video, pictures can not begin to capture what it feels like to be there. My first experience and everyone was so welcoming! I felt like I finally found "home."

10 July 2009

Juplaya '09 - Photos by the Blight.net

The Blight, copyright 2009 Nightshade / Neil Girling

Video Submission: Juplaya '09 by krozario2

BURNcast.TV Home Video - Leather Corndog

Homeslice is a Burning Man crew from Los Angeles that have a special place in my heart. In 2002 I had the pleasure of calling their camp my slice of heaven on the playa and ever since then the people there have been part of my burner tribe. In this home video we focus on one particularly amazing piece of art called "Leather Corndog" where you can drum to your soul's content on a re-purposed junk-metal sculpture. Earplugs and leather gloves recommended for extended crushing. More from filmmaker Jason Siadek:

"Helping out with an art project lets you participate in something much bigger than you might ever pull off by yourself. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, there are many projects that could use your $, your camera, or a minute of your muscles. A lot of my films are about other people's art, and I always hope that somehow I can contribute by sharing their art in perpetuity after the fact. Nothing really compares to being there, but it's certainly worth the time to reflect. I've been fortunate to find some great people in the Burning community that have amazing projects that took an army to produce.'

"Leather Corndog is a series of projects that Reverend Nairb and Egg took the lead on, and in 2002 their project was a giant mobile drum set, powered and moved by people. I'd love to cut this short even smaller, or make it more melodic, but hopefully you can get a sense of the symphony and the dissonance, the chaos, and the harmony of this wondrous monstrosity! It starts off with a glimpse of our camp, "Homeslice" before night falls and the Leather Corndog goes on the beat."

09 July 2009

divaDanielle BURNcast Events Video Blog 07.09.09


Quick and dirty...just like DIVA!


If you're in Los Angeles, please support the Giant Cock Art Car Fun-raiser this weekend!

Click on image for more information.

If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

Full Moon On The Playa

Click on image above for more information.

So there's going to be a full moon on the Friday night the week of Burning Man. This image is from the United States Naval Observatory Sun & Moon Data for Black Rock Desert Clear Sky Chart for Thursday, 3 September 2009. Thanks to Shannon on Facebook for sharing!

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