29 May 2009


You've heard the rumors. Now's your chance to check out the craziness that is Burning Man! Each year, thousands flock to the deserts of Nevada, to create Black Rock City, a no-holds-barred party metropolis! That's right, anything goes in this arid, hard rock habitat! No running water and no inhibitions, Burning Man is not for the faint of heart. Is this the Party of the Year, a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, or a little of both? You decide! OURsceneTV Hottie, and Burning Man virgin, Jesse Archer brings you the low down dirty on the annual funfest, exploring everything from Mutant Vehicles to men in body paint! What you're about to see is real and brought to you in the comfort of your own home (hopefully, running water included) courtesy of OURsceneTV!

28 May 2009

You Could Be A Winner!

BURNcast in conjunction with Firegroove is giving away FREE Fire Eating Class or a 3 Class Groove Pass in your choice of poi, hoop or staff.

All you have to do to win is comment on the BURNcast Events Blog because divaDanielle loves to hear from you! Be sure to mention which prize you want and make sure to leave your contact info.

First come first serve! Be the first to comment and you could be a winning winnah!

Claudia AKA Sunshine Memorial

Moose has provided some important information regarding Sunshine Allthetime's memorial service as follows:

Here it is, guys: (her family will not be arranging anything, so this is arranged by her '08 campmates)

Community Memorial Gathering
Claudia Blankenzee (AKA Sunshine)

We will try to be at the northernmost fire ring. So if you are coming from Imperial Highway, turn right (north) and it will be the farthest fire ring. You can park on the street or in the lot, although my understanding is that they are VERY strict with street parking tickets--they start handing them out immediately after the clock hits 10PM. I think in the lot they give you a little more leeway.

  • We will bring some of Claudia's things to give away and (possibly) to burn.
  • Please bring food to share and/or firewood.
  • Please no detectable alcohol/drugs--because we really don't want this gathering busted by the cops; and I have seen them break up gatherings because of this.
  • Warm coats and beach chairs/blankets are usually a good idea.
  • I'm not sure about fire spinning since they can sometimes be kinda strict about that, but sometimes they're cool with it. Use your best judgment.
  • And most importantly, please come with stories of Claudia. One suggested topic is what you learned from Claudia.
This is going to be a safe, moderated space where you can share whatever thoughts and feelings you have about Claudia, or about her passing, so long as it is done in a respectful manner.

Peace and Blessings

divaD BURNcast Events VLOG 05.28.09

Hey Kiddies!

This week on the BURNcast Events VLOG - divaD's magical hat, shady ladies, FREE Fire workshop GIVE AWAY, party in SF w/ FREE TIX to Burning Man, Bass Ritual (Geminis in for FREE) and French Burners party Day & Night! PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE!


If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

Upcoming Events

27 May 2009

BURNcast.TV #47 - The Lightning Temple with Wizwonka

The Lightning Temple is a 45' tall interactive art installation incorporating a nest of audio modulated Tesla coils as speakers. In this episode we meet up with Wizwonka, one of the project's visionary creators. Filmed 23 May 2009 in Malibu, CA.

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

Video Submission: Dust Storms & Double Rainbows: Burning Man 2007

Dust Storms & Rainbows : Burning Man 2007 from moontroll on Vimeo.

A short video depicting the extreme dust storms and lovely double rainbow at Burning Man 2007, set to music recorded on the open playa from Disorient and Bassnectar. This video features the Boogie Universal crew and our Boogie Pyramid camp at 9:00 & Esplanade.

Most film clips and photos by moontroll of Bellingham, Washington. Learn more at destinationburningman.com.

22 May 2009

Poll: Who's going to Burning Man this year?

Red Lightning

Hey L.A. Burners!

Come meet me and divaDanielle as we celebrate Memorial Day weekend this Saturday at Red Lightning, a fundraiser for Shamballah, Green Society and Lightning Temple.

Visit the website www.redlightning.org where you can find more details on our village for Black Rock City 2009.

Get your tickets here.

Love & Rockets,

21 May 2009

divaD's BURNcast Events Vlog 0521

Hey Party People!

This is our weekly list of events happening by and for Burners! If you are in LA, we wanna give a special shout out to Red Lightning, the benefit for Lightning Temple, Shamballah and Red Lightning. Check out all the info on their fundraiser down below on the event calender!! It's not to be missed and for a good cause!


If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

Upcoming Events

BURNcast Extra: Messages for Doll Parts

Two years ago today Doll Parts spent the day unable to get out of bed because of a wicked headache. She was admitted to the California Pacific Medical Center for a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. During a cerebral angiography neuroradiologists discovered a second aneurysm. She was told "Your brain is bleeding."

Members of the Burner community reached out to her by leaving a voice message for her. This recording was embedded in "BURNcast #44 - Flippin' Out at Burning Flipside!"

Two years later I ask this same community to help me create an audio get well card for Hollis Hawthorne. All you have to do is call 775-363-5861 and leave a message.

Music by Jamie Janover.

R.I.P. Sunshine Allthetime

It was quite a shock to discover last night on Tribe that we lost another member of our community to suicide. Her playa name was Sunshine Allthetime and she was a huge supporter of BURNcast. The details are sketchy but there is a discussion on Tribe that may shed more information as the conversation unfolds.

20 May 2009

Disturbed Paranormal: Dr. Placebo & Gigi From B.E.D Calls In.

The above is a nice podcast from a fellow burner Belinda who does a show called "Disturbed Paranormal" on BlogTalk radio. Here she speaks with Dr. Placebo from the Bureau of Erotic Discourse.

It's a worth running a repeat featuring another fabulous member of the B.E.D.:

BURNcast #052 - Get into B.E.D. with Gigi de L'Amour

In this episode, Quin and I speak to Gigi de L’Amour of the Bureau of Erotic Discourse about their use of sex positive messages to prevent sexual assault on the playa.

C'est Incroyable!

French Burners Mini Burning Man: 30 Mai 2009


- Body Art (body painting,…)
- Ultra Pop Photography
- Foot massage
- Cours de massage Thaï
- Costume Design & Creation
- Création de tenues lumineuses avec du el wire et des LED
- Cours de jonglage avec des bolas
- Initiation au Mix
- Nowhere & Burning Man 2009

A 18h, nous prendrons tranquillement l’apéro. Puis, vers 20h nous ferons un grand barbecue !

Lookés total BURNING MAN, vous danserez sur les musiques de nos DJs. Encore de la bonne musique éclectique: electro bien sûr, mais aussi pop rock et même une série slow à ne pas manquer!!!

L’équipe des French Burners
paris (at) burningman.com
06 30 84 27 55

19 May 2009

Leave A Message for Hollis!

I just read on Hollis' family blog that she spends her days listening to her iPod!!! Read it here.

This is great because as I previously posted, I'm mixing new audio podcasts episodes from recordings I made at BM 2007 for "BURNcast" and want listeners to participate by leaving voice messages for Hollis to be used in the next episode. That way she can listen on her iPod!

To participate, the number to call is

BURNcast #076 - The Morning After BURN 2007

In this episode we talk to three visitors to the BURNcast camp at Burning Man 2007 the morning after the burning of the Man and Crude Awakening. Our first guest, Lighthouse, shares many a tale about his experiences on the playa. Andie and Joe follow up with a discussion about moop. Finally, Obi Wan recounts the events of the Crude Awakening burn. Music by Pleasure Sean.
Recorded 2 September 2007 in Black Rock City.

BURNcast Announcement

So I'm mixing new audio podcasts episodes from recordings I made at BM 2007. Leave a message for Hollis that I can use in the next episode. Let's not forget Hollis! She's still with us and needs our love and support. Call 775-363-5861

17 May 2009

BURNcast.TV #46 - The Grilled Cheese Invitational w/CuriousJosh

Curious Josh is part of the team that makes up the LA Regional contacts which also include Athena Demos, Topless Deb, Ernest Belding, and Normal. In this episode Josh and I head on down to the Grilled Cheese Invitational, an event first started by members of the Burning Man camp Gigsville, to talk to some members of the community (drink!).
Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

16 May 2009

Burning Man 2008 by jdsvids

Burning Man 2008 from jdsvids on Vimeo.

This is an excellent video from BM 2008. What's even more wonderful is the artist's transparency. When he posted this to Vimeo he also included his camera tag number: #4783. Kudos on a great job in filmmaking and respecting the community (drink!).

15 May 2009

Send us your videos!

14 May 2009

divaD BURNcast Events Blog 0514 - WIN FREE TIX TO PLUMP in LA!!

Hey Party People!

This week we gots tickets to PLUMP in LA. And if you're in NY we've got two tickets to Bootie tomorrow night. Watch to win and be sure to leave a comment!


If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

Tomorrow! 'Bootie: Black Rock City' is coming to New York!

Long-running mashup mega-club "Bootie", (with branches in Australia, Germany, San Francisco, and beyond) is proud to host a very "special" evening of Bootie: Black Rock City in the heart of Manhattan on Friday, May 15th. Bootie's resident DJs Adrian & The Mysterious D will be joined by the Fandango Village's DJ Malderor for a one-night-only version of Burning Man's very own Bootie: Black Rock City. In addition, the musicians from The Funkmobile will be forming a live mashup rock band under the name "Smashmobile", fronted by Bootie's own Adrian Roberts.

This event promises to bring together The Fandango Village, one of Burning Man's longest-running theme camps; with Funk Camp, one of Burning Man's most-successful live-music venues; and Bootie, the world-wide mashup club phenomenon. If this doesn't get you primed for this year on the playa, you need to check your pulse.

When Fandango and Funk Camp have collaborated in the past, the result was 2002's Church of Funk, located on the Esplanade and providing an antidote to all the trance and house out in the desert.

On May 15th, the East Coast and West Coast branches of Fandango/Funk Camp are uniting to bring the best the playa has to offer to one of the hottest clubs in Manhattan. For one-night-only Bootie: NYC will be at the Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery at Spring. May 15th promises to bring together the rampant mayhem of the Fandango Village, the musical chops of Funk Camp, and the "bastard pop" insanity of the Bootie DJs.

More information and RSVP details check out: http://www.bootienyc.com/

Get your name on the RSVP list here: rsvp@bootienyc.com

For more from Adrian & The Mysterious D, and Malderor, be sure to check out the Piss Clear anthology: http://tinyurl.com/pissclear

13 May 2009

Why Do We Go To Burning Man

A video submission from Psilly Psimon who writes: "Why do we go to Burning Man? There are LOTS of reasons! Here are a few from the '04 burn."

If you would like to submit a video for BURNcast.tv, please click here for our guidelines.

12 May 2009

BURNcast.TV #45 - A Conversation with Chicken John (Part 3)

This is the final episode in a three part series of interviews with Chicken John who has been burning since 1994. In addition to refuting insistent claims put forth by the Black Rock City LLC denying preferential treatment towards the media , Chicken John recounts one of the earliest and (until Paul Addis came along) most infamous Burning Man pranks when in 1996 (the year of the Helco theme) a neon smiley face was installed within the effigy to which Larry Harvey immediately censured. Scott Beale wrote an excellent follow up accounting of the "Smiley" caper in his blog Laughing Squid after the Addis incident which can be read in its entirety here.

Filmed 13 April 2009 at his home in San Francisco, CA.

08 May 2009

divaD's BURNcast Events Blog 0508 - FREE TIX 16Bit&Beyond w/DJ Patricio!

Here it is!! The BURNcast events Video Blog. It is one day late. Sorry! Bad Diva! Bad!

If you have an event you'd like us to share, fill out the form below!


If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

04 May 2009

BURNcast.TV #44 - A Conversation with Chicken John (Part 2)

This is the second episode in a three part series with Chicken John. Here he continues his discussion about his involvement with the "Swimming Cities of Serenissima" project. As we release this episode on the web, Chicken John is setting his course for summer's adventures to join New York street artist Swoon along with the entire Serenissima crew in Europe to crash the Venice Bienalle in Italy. More information at http://swimmingcities.org. Filmed 13 April 2009 at his home in San Francisco, CA.
Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

R.I.P. Joseph Lawrence Huckins

Burntown suffered a heavy loss last week when Joey Huckins passed away in a tragic work related accident. Below is the obituary as featured on Placeropolis.com

Joseph Lawrence Huckins
12/15/1978 - 4/30/2009

Joe lived life to the fullest. Joe had dreams and then he lived them as an inspiration to us all. Joe worked as a tree trimmer; a job that he dearly loved. On Thursday, April 30, in a job related accident, much too early in life, God took Joe away. Joe was everyone's favorite grandson, son, brother and uncle and friend.

Joe is survived by a large family and many friends. His parents, Chick and Ginny, His brothers and sisters and their spouses and children, Tom and Lisa Huckins, Zachariah, Cecilia, Magdalena, Dominique and Giana; Peter Huckins; Katie and Ken Prust, BJ, Kenny, Kolbe, Kyler, Sophia and Levi; Tim and Stephanie Huckins, Jacob, Spencer, and Lucy; Teresa and Tony Landry, Chloe, Anthony, Emily, Lizzy, Mitchell, Austin, Molly and Gracie; Pat and Stephany Huckins, Charlie, Johnny, Sarah, Mae, Jimmy and Christina Josephina (Born the day before his death); Rob and Andrea Huckins, Anna, Alli, Bobby and Ashley; Chris Huckins, Mitzy Huckins, JP Huckins and Anne Marie Huckins. His Grandmothers Mary Huckins and Betty Triol, his aunts and uncles, Judy and Chuck Paine, Marjorie and John Hamon, Barbara Triol, Susie Huckins and Gary Huckins. There is a lingering emptiness in this family that Joe filled.

Joe attended St. Joseph's Catholic School and Del Oro High School and was also home schooled. Joe was born at Auburn Faith and lived nearly his entire life in Auburn, until he started traveling.

He visited Rome, Ireland and Mexico with his parents. He traveled to and lived for extended periods in Venezuela and New Zealand. He traveled to Thailand and India, and more recently to Mexico where he learned to surf. Just last week he returned from a two-week bike ride that started in Phoenix and ended in El Paso.

Besides bike riding, Joe was an expert of many pursuits, including, sailing, windsurfing, skateboarding, snow skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and canoeing. While many of us struggled to learn something new, Joe not only picked it up instantly, he excelled at doing it. Many friends and family members will greatly miss living vicariously through Joe's many adventures.

Joe is the personification of all good things a man is capable of being; with just the right amount of mischief, playfulness and kindness included, which made him so loveable and well respected. Because of Joe there is a lot more love in this world.*

Viewing of the body will be on Wednesday, May 6, at 5 pm and Rosary will follow the viewing at 7 p.m.

Lassila Funeral Home
51 Grass Valley Highway
Auburn, CA 95603

Funeral will be Thursday, May 7 at 10:30 a.m.

St. Josephs Catholic Church
1162 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603

Reception to follow at St. Teresa's Parish Hall on Atwood Road.

In lieu of flowers please donate to:

Immaculate Conception Apostolic School
28000 Rawlings Lake Rd.
Colfax, Ca 95713

*First published in the Gold Country Media Newspapers on 5/3/2009.
Slideshow images courtesy of Tony Tohono and Burntown.
Music Gleam Remix by Etherine available on Magnatune.com

03 May 2009

Farewell, Tom Kennedy May 1 2009

From PuzzlingEvidenceTV
Family and Art Car friends of Tom Kennedy join Bishop Joey for a few words, fireworks and tears at Ocean Beach, where we last saw our friend smile. Music is "Taxi Suite" by Rare Air. You will be loved, Tom...

01 May 2009

Livestream of Tom Kennedy Grand Memorial at 7:20 p.m. PDT

Tonight starting at 6:00 pm PDT the Tom Kennedy Grand Memorial will take place at American Steel Building in Oakland, CA.

BURNcast will be offering a feed of the livestream on this blog post starting at 7:20 p.m. PDT. However -- as with all things tech -- this start time is also playa time approximate technical difficulties notwithstanding. Though the information I received says the stream will starts @ 7:20 pm PDT, I feel that this may be incorrect as the procession begins at 6:00 pm and the speakers begin at 7:00 pm so just check back here frequently throughout the evening.

For more information about the schedule of events to celebrate the life of this amazing artist and human being, please go here.

Tom Kennedy Benefit Screening of "Dust & Illusions"

This Saturday is a screening of "Dust & Illusions: A History of Burning Man" in San Francisco. A portion of the proceeds go the support the Delancey Street Foundation, a residential self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom. The other portion will go to support Tom Kennedy’s memorial service that is taking place this evening.

More details about the screening on here.

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