26 December 2006

BURNcast #027 - Fire and Ice

In today’s episode of BURNcast we speak to the Ice Queen, the fierce and noble leader of Arctica. Then we sit down and set a spell as we hear the sounds of the temple burn. Recorded September 3, 2006 in Black Rock City.

BURNcast will be on hiatus for the month of January. BUT…we will be back and we will be fierce in February so stay tuned.

19 December 2006

BURNcast #026 - L.A. Santa Con 2006

WARNING: This podcast is NSFW!

In today’s episode we celebrate the holidays with Santa at the Los Angeles Santa Con. Recorded December 9, 2006.


Conversation with Mr. & Mrs. Claus
Conversation with Mr. Claus
Conversation with Santa Nihilist (Uncut)
Conversation with the Easter Santa and Friends

12 December 2006

BURNcast #025 - Star Power

In today’s episode we take to the stars at Burning Man 2006 as we cover two celestially inspired art installations: the Starry Bamboo Mandala and the Wishing Star.

06 December 2006

BURNcast #024 - Sweet Jumps

In today’s episode we visit with the boys from the Viking Youth Power Hour, a podcast originating from Chicago, Illinois. The Viking Youth are the innovators and instigators of “Sweet Jumps” which is a highly dangerous extreme sport involving go-peds, fire, inebriation and utter stupidity. Recorded September 2, 2006 in Black Rock City.

Music from the DMT Labs, a media lab headed by Dr. Funk Monsta and Dr. DougJ11.

28 November 2006

BURNcast #023 - BURN It!

In this episode, we are drawn to the flames of Burning Man 2006 as we feature two fire installations: the Fire Pendula and the Serpent Mother.

Music by Nerve Picnic

21 November 2006

BURNcast #022 - Greening LA Decom

In this episode we speak to Los Angeles’ Decom Organizers GeoFrey, Alayha, Kachina Katrina and Blue about efforts to green LA Decom and how to green Burning Man. Recorded October 14, 2006.

Kachina Katrina is the force behind the greening of LA Decom. Her main project is Evolutionary Center, a theme camp that has emerged out of the Greening Burning Man movement that is focused around creating a more sustainable Black Rock City culture.

It should be noted that Blue suggested that the rules of the 3-Playa Community drinking game from drinking to the word “community” to the word “green”. Although we at BURNcast drink to that, we think our listeners would pass out before they reached the end of this episode. We feel you’re less inclined to close Spike’s Vampire Bar if we stick to the word “community”.

14 November 2006

BURNcast #021 - AfterBURN:LA Decom

In today’s episode of BURNcast we go to the Los Angeles Decom. We’ll hear how some burners got their playa names and a little bit about the European burner scene. Finally we’ll learn from some people who have never been to Burning Man before and what their impressions are. Recorded 10/14/2006

If you're playing the 3-Playa Community Drinking Game at home listen up: this episode tallies a total of eight (8) uses of the "c" word and one near slip...but by the time you hear it, ya might as well drink!

07 November 2006

BURNcast #020 - AfterBURN: San Francisco's Decom

In today’s episode of BURNcast we go to San Francisco’s Heat the Street Faire Decompression and speak to Jim Bowers the force behind this year’s Burning Dragon project. He’s also the artist behind other playa art such as the “Eyes of Gawd” and the “Terrasphere”. Also in today’s show, we discover how some burner freaks got their playa names. Recorded October 8, 2006.

31 October 2006

BURNcast #19 - AfterBURN: Reno

For many burners, Reno is the gateway to Burning Man. Whether coming from or going to Black Rock City, all roads to Reno.

In today’s episode of BURNcast we speak to a few burners from the streets of Reno at the end of Burning Man as they prepare for their return to their default life and reflect back on their experiences at the event.

Two of our guests are veteran burners and two of them are virgins. We wrap the show up with DaBomb's personal reflections about this year’s burn as she returns to default life along the historic Highway 395.

24 October 2006

BURNcast #18 - About Gifting with Steve Krivit (Part 2)

In the second of a two part  episode of BURNcast, Steve Krivit offers an audio art experience entitled “About Gifting” that was recorded at San Francisco Decompression on October 8, 2006

Krivit is an investigative journalist specializing in leading edge clean energy research. He enjoys provoking the conventional science establishment by day and playing loud drums at night. He  is the editor of New Energy Institute, a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose mission is to investigate, analyze, educate and report on the progress of new, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources and research.

19 October 2006

BURNcast #18 - About Gifting with Steve Krivit (Part 1)

In the first of a two part  episode of BURNcast, Steve Krivit offers an audio art experience entitled “About Gifting” that was recorded at San Francisco Decompression on October 8, 2006

Krivit is an investigative journalist specializing in leading edge clean energy research. He enjoys provoking the conventional science establishment by day and playing loud drums at night. He  is the editor of NewEnergyTimes.com, a webzine.

10 October 2006

BURNcast #17 - Adrian & Mysterious D of Piss Clear (Part 2)

In Part Two with Piss Clear’s publishers, Adrian and the Mysterious D discuss bootleg mashups also known as “bastard pop” and their night club "Bootie".  Together they create own mashups under their bootlegger moniker "A plus D." Recorded on August 31 2006 in Black Rock City.

Featured music:
•“99 Luft Problems” featuring Jay Z. vs. Nena
•“Decepta Freak On” featuring Le Tigre vs. Missy Elliott
•“Super Holla Tricka” featuring Beastie Boys vs. Gwen Stefani vs. A. Skillz & Krafty Kutz.
•"Sweet Home Country Grammar" featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Nelly

06 October 2006

BURNcast #17 - Adrian & Mysterious D of Piss Clear (Part 1)

Our guests in this episode are Adrian Roberts and his partner Mysterious D, two very old-school Burning Man veterans that publish Black Rock City’s favorite alternative newspaper “Piss Clear”. 

In the first of a two-part series of interviews, BURNcast gets the DL with Adrian and Mysterious D about their publication, “Piss Clear”, their highly successful night-club Bootie (featuring mash-up bootlegs) and Burning Man. Recorded August  31, 2006 at the Piss Clear HQ in Black Rock City.

26 September 2006

BURNcast #16 - Avatierre of the Juniper Forest

Interview with Avatierre of the Juniper Forest, who brings poetry and visions of beauty about lullabies, butterflies, hummingbirds, fairy tales, waterfalls, rainbows, and shooting stars. He speaks of things that matter: kisses, kindness, compassion, truth, integrity, decency, honor, respect and patience. This episode is a blend of Avatierre's interview with BURNcast combined with a CD he had gifted out at Burning Man 2006. He states his whole naked soul lays bare on this CD and that he had only recorded it a few weeks before Burning Man.

16 September 2006

BURNcast #15 - Hope, Not Fear A Podcard from Burning Man 2006

This episode of BURNcast is intended as a soundscape for friends who were unable to attend this year’s Burning Man. It’s like a postcard -- or rather a podcard -- featuring the sounds of the playa on Friday night before the burn. It’s simply a bike ride from 7:00 and Esplanade to 3:00 and Esplanade across the playa.

You will hear Megavolt’s electric presence, the Neverwas Haul’s whistle, blasts from Burninator II and El Diablo thundering in the night. You also will hear the squeek of bicycles and overhear conversations as things begin to literally heat up on the playa that night.

Embedded podcast photos courtesy of: 
  • “The Man At Night” by OhTony
  • “El Diablo” and “Megavolt” by Jessica Hobbs
  • Jack Schroll & El Diablo by Caitlin Xantha Von Graf
  • “The Neverwas Haul” by Phat Man Dee
  • “The Flower & The Fly Trap” by Starfox

07 August 2006

BURNcast #14 - Sweet Dreams with Treiops Treyfid

In today’s episode, we speak to Treiops Treyfid about a collaborative art project produced by the Good Vibe Posse entitled “The Curiosity Cabinet of the Collective Unconscious”.  Treiops produced a series of recordings of people’s dreams for this project.

06 August 2006

BURNcast goes to Burning Man

Only 27 days left ‘til Burning Man!

BURNcast will attempt to produce one more episode prior to Burning Man. We ask that if you’ve been listening to this show to please make a small contribution to the BURNcast production budget to help enable us to record podcasts at Burning Man. I need of 1 GB mini discs and some better microphones. Or if you have recording expertise, I would love your assistance at event.

In addition to BURNcast, I am producing “Ouija Says” an interactive art project that will be mapped in the “Who What When Where” and located somewhere between the 4:00 radius and the man. At the time of this recording, I am still trying to raise funds for this project through the sale of furry playalicous playwear and hoops at the Ouija Says Freak Boutique, which can be found on the website.

For Burning Man 2006, I have a few things planned. First is Tu-Tu Tuesday, taking place on Tuesday August 29th in which I ask all citizens of Black Rock City to don a tutu and drink a toast in solidarity for “community”.

On Wednesday, August 30th, I will be recording a podcast at the Spoken Word Stage in Center Camp from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and I invite all our listeners to come and join us and again, drink a toast to “community”.

Then on Friday, September 1, 2006 from 7 to 10 p.m. I will be holding a BURNcast Meet and Greet Party in which guests of our show and listeners can come together and drink a toast to community (hiccup!). The party will take place Gnome Camp located 4:30 and Destiny within New Amsterdam Village.

01 August 2006

BURNcast #13 - Good One

Burning Do-Gooders is an LA-based collective of DJs, promoters, artists, performers, musicians and activists dedicated to putting the creative and constructive spirit of the Burning Man community to work in the so-called "real world." They are affiliated with Burners Without Borders, a group that brings together like-minded Burners to work for positive change in communities that need our help, hope, financial support and elbow grease.

The first project of the Burning Do-Gooders is an event entitled “Good One” to benefit My Friend's Place, a day center for homeless youth in Hollywood that provides meals, job training, health and social services -- and classes in juggling and stilt-walking. The event took place on Sunday, July 30th at the Mor Bar (a burner based business) in Santa Monica and features DJs, live entertainment and a silent auction.

Future projects for Burning Do-Gooders may include other fundraiser events, art auctions, beach clean-ups -- you name it! In fact, if you have any ideas for future Do-Gooder activities, let them know. Especially if you can help us make it happen.

Today’s guests are DJ Poncho Andy, the founder of Burning Do-Gooders and Katie Bone, the Director of Special Events of My Friend’s Place.

26 July 2006

BURNcast #12 - Greening The Burn

”Greening the Burn” is a movement within the Burning Man community dedicated to making the event environmentally sustainable. In today’s episode we go to Lightning In A Bottle, a weekend magical adventure produced by the Do Lab that took place in Santa Barbara CA the weekend of July 14 – July 16th 2006. It is here that we interview Kachina Katrina and Blue, the two people involved with greening Lightning In A Bottle and who are also spearheading the Greening Of The Burn movement on the playa.

11 July 2006

BURNcast #11 - No Place Like Gnome

2006 marks the debut of Gnome Camp at Burning Man with the mission of sending 100 ordinary gnomes on 100 extraordinary adventures. Each gnome will be adopted out to participants accompanied with a digital camera to document their experiences throughout the week of the event. For details on how to apply for a gnome of your own, visit their website.

This episode takes place at the “No Place Like Gnome Fundraiser” and features interviews from five members of Gnome Camp that includes Phil, Dave (aka Evader), Wikkid (the first real live gnome to be recorded for podcast), Justin and divaDanielle.

If you’re playing the 3Playa Community drinking game at home, get yourself a fifth and be prepared for a surprise binge.

To assist her personal art project and Gnome Camp as well, DaBomb is joining forces with them and putting the “fun” back in “fundraiser”. Together, they will be is auctioning off a pair of “Gnome Sweet Gnome” dread falls on eBay .

All proceeds from the sale these will be split 50/50 to benefit the "Ouija Says" project and Gnome Camp for Burning Man 2006. Auction starts Wednesday, July 12 at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

04 July 2006

BURNcast #10 - Fashioning Community

This episode of BURNcast features artist and researcher, Ivy, as she discusses “Fashioning Community” an art project and fashion exhibit she’s developing for Burning Man 2006.

According to her blog, Fashioning Community is: “Inspired by the ideas of “costume as art” and traditional costume museum exhibits, the idea is to set up a dense “forest” of mannequin figures, each dressed in an example of a certain aspect of what I have come to find makes up “Burning Man style.”

But it doesn’t stop there. As part of the overall theme of Dreamtime, the camp with which the project is affiliated, storytelling is key. Each outfit not only has a Burning Man story, but a personal one, and usually one that reflects community. However, as Ivy began to start collecting materials for this project, she found that the figures – the mannequins -- also had histories and stories of their own to tell. Read more about these stories on Ivy’s blog.

For those playing the 3playa Community Drinking Game at home, it was Ivy’s intention to make this episode of BURNcast the most inebriating celebration of community (drink!) to date.

28 June 2006

Today’s New Drinking Word

Today we’re changing the rules to the 3playa Community (drink!) drinking game in honor of a very special birthday.

Happy Birthday to...(insert the new word of the day here).

Today's word of the day is Lecter (drink!) because it's Lecter's (drink!) birthday!


I think I've known Lecter (drink!) about 6 or 7 years now. He's a great friend to have -- funny, goofy, loyal and sweet. Also, I and the fans of BURNcast appreciate that he hosts our podcasts, too.

Yay for Lecter! (drink!)

Thank you Lecter! (drink!)

Happy Birthday Lecter! (drink!)

BTW... any Lecter (d-frink!) fans here in LA...we're going out for pie tonight to celebrate at 4 & 20 Pies in Sherman Oaks on Van Nuys Boulevard near Burbank sometime after he gets off work!

Come help Lecter (d-frrink!) put another candle on that birfffday cake and have some pie and ice cream too!

26 June 2006

BURNcast #9 - DJ’s Diva Danielle & Poncho Andy

Summer is heating up and Burning Man is fast approaching. That means fundraising is well underway for theme camps and art projects. Today’s guests Diva Danielle and Poncho Andy dj’d at a fundraiser for the Ouija Says Ouija Board and the Cloud 9 Art Car (which was featured in last week’s episode). Specifically, the benefit was entitled "The Incredible 2nd Annual Costume Exchange" in which those in attendance had an opportunity to trade playalicious playwear and costumes from years' past.

20 June 2006

BURNcast #8 - The Cloud 9 Art Car

The Cloud 9 is an art car that’s been floating around the playa since 2003.  In this episode we talk to it’s owner and operator, Loki , about the labor and love that goes in to creating this vehicle. 

If you’re playing the 3Playa Community Drinking Game at home, in this episode we change the rules slightly to make the game more sexy.  Listen carefully and drink!

As mentioned in this podcast,  the 2nd Costume Exchange and Fundraiser for the Cloud 9 will be taking place in Los Angeles on June 23rd,  2006.

13 June 2006

BURNcast #7 - On The Trail With Chai Guy

In this podcast, we meet up with Chai Guy, the co-host of BURNcast as he takes the summer months leading up to Burning Man to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. The last time we interviewed him, he was leaving Xara Dulzura to begin his journey on the PCT, which spans 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada through three western states. In this interview, Chai compares and contrasts the trail to Burning Man and discovers many similarities between the two including their respective communities (drink!).

For more information about his progress or to contact him, visit his blog

07 June 2006

BURNcast #6 - Metatron Transformer

A life-size Japanese robot, Metatron Transformer is made from industrialized junk, and found recycled/ready-made materials. The sculpture is fitted with electronic drum triggers designed to amplify multiplex/arrayed MIDI samples upon touch.

Corndog is a sonic sculptor that designed Metatron in collaboration with sound designers Henry Strange and Greg “Djun Djun” White for the Coachella Music Festival.

23 May 2006

BURNcast #5 - Xara Dulzura

In this episode, we go to Xara Dulzura. Formerly a theme camp at Burning Man, Xara has grown to become an event of its own. Interviews include: Mark Hinkley, the director and creator of the Xara; Lindsay Lawlor, creator of the Rave-Raffe, an art car that emulates a walking giraffe and finally, "Goodbye" to Chai Guy, the co-host of BURNcast, as he takes the summer off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Recorded at Xara Dulzura, April 29 - April 30, 2006.

If you’re playing the 3Playa Community Drinking Game at home, this episode ranks low-to-medium (depending on your level of sobriety) for community celebration and inebriation.

Extra! Extra!

Watch highly entertaining and groundbreaking fire choreography from Xara Dulzura of the Phoenix Projekt’s cover of “Ooops, I Did It Again” featuring Tubatron.

16 May 2006

BURNcast #4 - Burning Flipside Interview with Fred Murphy

Fred Murphy talks about Burning Flipside, the largest Burning Man regional event that takes place in Texas over Memorial Day weekend. Fred is the regional outreach coordinator for Flipside.

09 May 2006

BURNcast #3 - The 3rd 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational

From downtown Los Angeles, BURNcast brings you the 3rd 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational brought to you by the Intolerable Morons of Smashlabs™ and Theorylabs™. Recorded April 1, 2006.

06 May 2006

BURNcast #2 (Part 2) - Discussion continues with Black Rock City LLC principles: Larry Harvey, Maid Marian and Danger Ranger

Our conversation continues with Larry Harvey, Danger Ranger and Maid Marian. Here we ask: "Is Burning Man still dangerous?" Also discussed is hope and fear: the future of Burning Man.  We wrap it all up with a special bonus track of Larry's explanation of why coffee is sold at Center Camp. Recorded on January 31, 2006 in San Francisco, CA.

30 April 2006

Burners Without Borders

Burners Without Borders
A podcast produced by the  
Viking Youth Power Hour

Download mp3

It’s springtime and thing’s are starting to heat up within the community (drink!).

This past weekend BURNcast went out in the field to learn more about burner art projects taking place at Coachella and Xara Dulzura. Stay tuned as these recordings become available on-line in the next few weeks.

Until then, we’d like to take the opportunity to share with you a podcast interview with Tom LaPorte of Burning Man Information Radio as he heads down south with “Burners Without Borders” to cover Hurricane Katrina’s relief efforts.

Note: This podcast was produced by our friends at the Viking Youth Power Hour and was originally posted on April 26, 2006. It is separate and independent from BURNcast.

19 April 2006

BURNcast #2 (Part 1) - Talk with Black Rock City LLC principles: Larry Harvey, Maid Marian and Danger Ranger

The first in a two-part series, we talk to Larry Harvey and Danger Ranger about Burning Man’s relationship to the media, specifically television. Then, Maid Marian joins the discussion about the spiritual aspects of Burning Man, including the true meaning of the event (if any), the 10 Principles, religion and the regional network. Finally, we “pull back the curtain”, going behind the scenes to talk about the business, resources, logistics and operations involved in the Burning Man Arts Festival. Recorded live on January 31, 2006 in San Francisco, CA.

14 February 2006

BURNcast #1 - Interview with Andie Grace

In our premiere BURNcast, we talk to Andie Grace aka "ActionGrl", the Communications Manager for Burning Man. She'll explain the policies and procedures in place for media participation at Burning Man, discuss the effects of media presence within the community, as well as participant's rights to privacy and the concept of "media free zones". She'll also explain the background and development of the 10 principles with emphasis on principle #3 "Decommodification." Recorded on January 31, 2006 in San Francisco, California.

06 February 2006

Rip - Edit - Burn

Cross-posted from Tribe.net

The latest edition of the Jack Rabbit Speaks, the official list of Burning Man, mentions our still-in-production-and-upcoming podcast with the Burning Man organization and characterizes our visit to BMHQ as a positive conclusion. We wholeheartedly agree and can't wait to share the results with you.

At the moment Chai Guy and I are in the the midst of putting the material together. Though we are working to upload this podcast in a reasonable timeframe, there are logistical issues due to the physical distance between us (Chai Guy lives in Lake Tahoe, I live in Los Angeles) to be able to collaborate effectively. We are both working fast as we can while still doing our full-time jobs, learning the technical aspects of the producing the podcast and creating a meaningful piece. Please...stay tuned...it's coming soon!

Last Thursday, the show "Only In America" aired on the Discovery Times Channel. Many have contacted us to ask us what we think of the show.

We'd like to take this moment to remind y'all that when we first brought up the issue of Discovery Times Channel's presence at Burning Man, we took issues with commercial media presence at the event, participant's privacy rights and an artist's right and ownership to their art and performance.

We did not set out to be arbiters of taste of this show. Therefore, our main mission in setting up SaveBRC.org is focused on these issues and not about our personal critique of this particular show.

That's our party line and we're sticking to it! Having said that, many of you have insisted! Peee-shaw, girl! What did ya REALLY think of the show.

Well...um...OK...here ya go:
I'm offended by people who are outsiders that try to appear to be an insider. Charlie LeDuff aka "Media Man" (who has provided further evidence that the New York Times isn't worth the paper that it is printed on) pretends to get involved, makes pseudo observations and interpretations and doesn't actually try to feel the environment that he parades around in. Media Man ends up being a saccharin caricature of sophomoric pretense and posture. His show is about himself, not the cultures that he purports to explore.

Of course he had the mohawk before arriving. He had already decided what Burning Man was before he arrived. His mind wasn't open. He wasn't experiencing the now. "Its like Vegas North." Why do small minds have so much trouble understanding what is around them? His mind couldn't see the Temple. Fire breathing wasn't elemental to him, it was a novelty. In Media Man's own words: "The more I see America, the less I get it."
Just my two cents. Your mileage may vary.

Please stay tuned for our podcast: powered by participants and sprinkled with a little bit of playa dust.

27 January 2006

Is Burning Man Having An Identity Crisis?

Cross-posted from Tribe.net

The Burning Man Organization has been commonly abbreviated as "BMorg" for some time now. The term is concise and non-judgmental. It is easy to remember, type and speak. It clicks immediately with almost all that hear it.

In my recollection, the term "BMorg" first was used by Chicken John and the organizers of the "Borg 2" experiment. For the record, I have never heard the term "BMorg" used derogatorily. BMorg has become an affectionate title, an appropriate, fitting and respectful meme for the Burning Man community to reference the organization.

Even the Burning Man website uses the term BMorg: to wit.

So why would anyone have an issue with the term? Apparently the organization itself feels that way. I'm told from insiders that BMorg hates the term "BMorg".

So what to do?

What do you succinctly call a company that produces the Burning Man? How about: BM-LLC? BM-Co? BM-Inc? Technically, the correct title should be "BRC-LLC" because Burning Man is produced by the Black Rock City Limited Liability Corporation.

Even Larry Harvey comes to this conclusion when the topic of BMorg arose: "Yet we could not agree among the six of us, and we're the founders and directors of this enterprise. People switched back and forth several times. Finally, it degenerated into farce. We found ourselves trading honesty for integrity. Courage walked the plank in order to make room for charity. Just to throw a spanner in the works, my candidate was "fun" (no one had the heart to take it off the list). In the end, our facilitator's writing pad was covered with a scribbled palimpsest of words, phrases, under linings, elisions: an indecipherable welter of ideas, all crowded together, like renters in a cheap tenement building. We simply couldn't agree."

Maid Marian prefers the term "Burning Man Project."

Now, "project" is a noble word, suggesting something bigger than Burning Man the event, bigger than Burning Man the Corporation, or even bigger Burning Man the Community. It suggest synergism, collectiveness, the growth of artistic expression and human potential. It's right up there with other notable projects including:

  • Manhattan Project: Developed the first nuclear weapon
  • Project Apollo: Landing a man on the moon
  • Human Genome Project: To map the human genome
  • Experience Music Project (EMP), an interactive music museum located in Seattle
  • SETI: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
  • The Linux Project: a free Unix-type operating system
  • Polaris missile project: an ICBM control system
  • The TWINKIES Project: Featuring a variety of scientific experiments on this popular snack food.

As defined by Webster's, a project is "something undertaken, especially something requiring extensive planning and work: enterprise, undertaking, venture. See work/play."

The Burning Man Project. "See work/play." That makes sense. It works to describe the significant efforts the BMorg undertakes. But it doesn't describe the organization itself. But that is ok, since we already have a perfectly fine meme for that. The project is larger than the organization.

The title "Burning Man Project" suggests there are numerous groups, organizations, energies and individuals who come together to make Burning Man what it is. The Black Rock City LLC is one part of that whole. A necessary part indeed, but still a part.

To that end, to adopt that term exclusively to solely represent the Black Rock City LLC is insulting to me because it minimizes my personal contribution and those of thousands of other artists and volunteers who contribute to the event in the form of labor and content to the Burning Man event. The sum of the project is greater than its parts, and each individual part is due its appropriate respect.

According to Wikipedia: "A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Temporary means that the project has an end date. Unique means that the project's end result is different than the results of other functions of the organization. It can also comprise an ambitious plan to define and constrain a future by limiting it to set goals and parameters. The planning, execution and monitoring of major projects sometimes involves setting up a special temporary organization, consisting of a project team and one or more work teams. A project usually needs resources."

So the organization partakes in and sets the parameters of the project. But this is half the equation. "A project usually needs resources." In other words, the Burning Man Project requires participants. Imagine if a project exclusively consisted of spectators? Could such a project last, or even exist outside of theoretical musings? Every one who participates in the Burning Man Project is a part of it, and the BMorg is one section of the greater participant pie. Mmm, pie! One project pie a la cart please! Forks for everyone!

After recovering from a severe pie coma, I asked my friend Laura, a veteran burner who also happens to be a project management consultant about this. Laura said, "Burning Man itself is not a project, because in theory, it doesn't have an end date, and that is a very important element of any project. In business, people often confuse projects and operational activities. You could consider each individual year of Burning Man as a project made up of activities that lead up to and include the event, and an ending when all the clean-up activities are completed. "BMorg" is definitely not a project. It's a team of resources."

BMorg is a team of resources is aptly put. I don't understand why they object to this title. To that end, I stand by the term "BMorg" to respectfully identify the Black Rock City LLC and it's paid staff as a resourceful, dedicated team that contributes to the event. It recognizes that the community is a separate and vital entity to Burning Man. The BMorg along with the participation of the Black Rock City Community together produce the amazing event known as the Burning Man Arts Festival.
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