24 March 2010

Burning Man ... Kate Bohner's Photo Essay

This video comes from Kate Bohner who is linked to having an extramarital affair with Google's CEO Eric Schmidt the year they went to Burning Man together in 2007.  Also that year Steve Jobs put the "enemy" in "frienemy" when, according to Gawker, the relationship between the two companies soured.  The story goes Jobs "broke up" with Schmidt while at a payphone 45 minutes outside of Black Rock City. And purportedly, Bohner had her part in this.

12 March 2010


OK folks, bear with me while I test out this new feature called "Blog This" and attempt to point you to a Craigslist casting call for Burner chicks. "Blog This" is a button I saw on Tribe, so I thought "Hey, lemme check this out."

Here's the linky!

The above referenced link will take you to the discussion complete with a cut-and-paste job of the entire listing on Tribe.net subsequent to the aforementioned Craigslist posting. I hate to admit this, but the glory days of Tribe are over (at least IMHO -- please don't hate me for having one)! But the spirit of Tribe -- all that glorious snark and ridonkulousness -- remains.

RT @Danger_Ranger: 'Haunted West'- 7 minute video of Gerlach in 1972

Yesterday I caught a tweet from @danger_ranger pointing to a clip from the National Geographic series "The Haunted West" featuring the town of Gerlach, Nevada. This originally was ripped by Metric from DPW and it looks like he's been uploading a bunch of videos about Burning Man these past few days so go on and check it out here.

"Once you get this sand in your craw you never get it out." -- Gerlach resident

09 March 2010

Burningman Virgin's Guide BY FUCKO

(SUGGESTED INSTRUCTIONS~ Place near toilet, several months before Burningman and used as Bathroom Reader or Ass Paper.)

This is a public document intended to serve the Burningman community at large. Anyone may copy and distribute as they see fit in hopes to achieve this goal. This is not an official Burningman Preparation Guide, but rather a community document meant to expand public awareness by way of the personable. It has been written and revised every few years from veteran burner’s advice and wisdoms. As such, please forgive the many misspellings, grammar mistakes and assumptive logic expressed within. Much of these things are intentional to both communicate, in a personal voice, a nod to how necessary it may be to read beyond the rules. We as a community are charged to read the reality that is our specialty. A community beyond common.

03 March 2010

The End Of An Era. Stick A Pin In It!


Click to embiggen

Update (3/11/2010): The original map has been pulled off the originating server and is no longer visible. So I replaced what as originally embedded above with this aerial image of Black Rock City. Ain't it pretty? I made a back up of the map that can be seen below.

Well it's the end of an era. If you can see the image above it's what's left of our Platial Frappr map, the community (drink!) based map that illustrated where the BURNcast audience was from.

01 March 2010


MeHOLLIS HAWTHORNE is no longer in a coma! How's that for good news? Read all about it at the Friends of Hollis blog.

As I write this, I'm so overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude that Hollis' spirit is back with her body.

When I first heard of the accident I did an episode of BURNcast in which I invited listeners to leave a message for Hollis. I'm going to do it again (which means I gotta dig around and find an unused recording for BURNcast, too!).

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