17 December 2009

Happy Holy Daze!

Has anybody missed me?  No? Oh well...boo!

Ever since Burning Man my life has been turned upside down. December is turning out to be a crazy month as I prepare to close up my real-life business after 20 years here in Los Angeles and downsize things a bit.  And, of course, it's the holidays so there's family to see, parties to go to.  So yeah... my dance card is getting chockerblock and I haven't had a moment for vlogging.

Funnily enough, the day I gave notice to my landlord an amazing opportunity to travel for work has come up beginning the day after New Year's. It's a two week stint so it looks like my blogging ambitions won't be back on schedule until mid-January.

So I thought I'd take this moment to do a little bit of shameless self promotion for my Etsy store.  All orders placed on or before December 31st will be shipped before my trip so don't worry that I'm going to skedaddle without making sure your purchase is on it's way to you!

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful month! Happy Holy Daze!

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