31 March 2009

BURNcast Events New Submission Form

After last week's success of BURNcast.TV's Events vlog post, we've determined a more efficient way for you to submit your burner community events. Just click here to submit yours.

BURNcast.TV Events Form

Every Thursday, divaDanielle will be hosting BURNcast.tv's Events vlog post that serves to inform the burner community about burner events.

Last week, our post was so successful, but we had a lot of email to sort through and figure out just exactly when/where/what your event was. So now we've we've determined a more efficient way for you to submit your burner community events.

Please use the form below or click here for larger version to be included in BURNcast.tv's Events with Wednesdays before noon to be featured in the following Thursday's posting.

26 March 2009

divaDanielle Burner Community Events Video Blog

Hey All!

This is Diva for Burncast. Enjoy my first video blog - EVER! I will be coming at you every Thursday letting you know what's going on over the weekend and what to look out for. Please spread the word and send me any details on events you'd like to be mentioned in this blog. I need your help!! And look forward to hearing from you!

divaDanielle -diva@djdivadanielle.com

p.s. please forgive my blog cut out at the very end. No missing info. Just a strange freeze frame on my face. Ha! I am still learning this stuff! Just wanted to say thanks for tuning in and SEND ME EVENTS! Yeehaw!

UPDATE FROM DaBOMB Thursday 3/26/2009 @ 23:40

Hey y'all. I realize this is a little late for Thursday night's events but I was unable to connect to a computer until late Thursday night to approve this blog post. I am soooooooo sorry. But Friday and Saturday are coming, so hang on kiddies and enjoy Diva's post!

Remember to send all event listings to burncast_at_gmail.com

21 March 2009

BURNcast.TV - Playa Rumor Patrol #8

Did you hear that the BMorg was issuing huge bonuses to the DPW? Send us your Burning Man rumor at burncast/@/gmail

17 March 2009

NBCBayArea.com: Artists Supporting Artists

A local NBC piece on the bleak economy facing the San Francisco artist and burner community featuring the likes of Syd Gris, Peter Hudson and Charlie Gadeken.

Dark Garden is Helping Hollis Hawthorne

Dearest Friends of Honey Lawless -

I am sending this out on behalf of Dark Garden Corsetry:

One of our kindred spirits, Hollis Hawthorne, is in peril. Here's how you can help!

She is: a dancer, a "do"er, a muse that has touched many lives here in the Bay Area and beyond.

She has been in a horrific motorcycle accident in India, and needs to be air-lifted home to the Bay Area. Stanford Medical center has agreed to donate her medical care if she can get here.

We will be selling raffle tickets (cash-only) for great prizes at Dark Garden Unique Corsetry (321 Linden St, San Francisco, CA 94102.)

Tickets will be drawn at 545 Connecticut St @ 20th from 7:30-9. On April 1st, 2009.

You need not be present to win for all prizes with the exception of the two tickets to Gooferman Day at the DNA lounge that evening.

First and foremost:
Hollis' story and non raffle donations online

$10.00 per raffle ticket

Prizes so far:

  • Tcho Chocolate: Value $175.00 Thanks Holly for your personal donation
  • Spa Day at Opals: Value $250.00 Franny's massage, Aeion's psychic reading, great food. This may be augmented. stay tuned for updates.
  • Miranda Carorligne custom piece from her new offcut collection. $250-300 (see link below)
  • 4 Tix to be split into two raffle prizes to ANY show @ the Regency through Golden Boys.com/regencygrand, Courtesy Of Justin
  • 2 Tix for the next Bohemian Carnival: Value $40.00. Thanks Boe
  • 2 Tix for Gooferman Day April 1st ( must be present to win this one)
  • A fantastic champagne: Krug Grand Cuvee. Krug is widely regarded as the best champagne house in existence and has a reputation for only the utmost in quality. Courtesy Freddie Brooks-Sommelier
  • 8 Posters by Lee Harvey Roswell: Value $25.00 each. You are the sweetest!!
  • Custom design Bustle by Circus Trunk (Brooke). You are goddess!! look her up in my friends
  • Mani/Pedi at Cocoon Day Spa:Value $60.00
  • Custom Knit Hat by Melissa Castaneda( one of the great Foos) Value ($30.00?)
  • Dark Garden Certificate:Value $20.00 (using my credit)
  • Custom Airbrush tan in Baton Rouge from Makeup Mary (more details later)This is one of several sisters who have always been supportive:)
  • A lucky double-sided visor, hand made in San Francisco by E-STAR. Rolling Dice on one side and lucky horseshoes on the other. Value: $35.00
  • Color Consultation By MizTint Interiors www. dejanvier. org/miztint/Robin Hood
  • 1 Kazoo

15 March 2009

The Flying of the Butterfly

Here is a video from Camp Papillion back in 2005. We had a 30' caterpillar whose mouth opened and shut, with fog and bubbles coming out of it, and you could walk through it. Then, on Saturday (after the wind foiled our attempt on Friday), we hoisted the butterfly up with a crane onto its post 20 feet in the air. It had a 35 foot wingspan. The wind immediately snapped one of the wings, but our main artist, Vicco Von Voss, persisted and stayed up there until he fixed it. It was really beautiful, and we had some great times hanging out under the butterfly. I hope you were able to spend some time with us hanging out underneath the butterfly~!

Psilly Psymon

14 March 2009

Samwise On Burning Man

13 March 2009

Help Hollis Hawthorne

Last February, Hollis Hawthorne suffered severe trauma to her brain from a motorcycle accident while traveling in India. Although she has no health insurance, Stanford Medical has offered to take her case and treat her. Now all Hollis needs is an air ambulance from Pondicherry to Palo Alto.

Please help if you can by making a donation at Friends of Hollis.

09 March 2009

Help Put BURNcast on the map!

Stick a pin in it!

BURNcast.TV #39 - A Word About Burning Man

Using a Sharpie a few members in the Burning Man community (drink!) describe Burning Man in a word on the palm of their hand.

Pour yourself your favorite drink and play the 3Playa Community Drinking Game as you watch this video. Then participate and leave a video comment describing that thing in the desert with one word!

Music by DJ Merj.

06 March 2009

BURNcast.TV #38 - Chuckles

Watch the Video

My friend Chuckles shares his experiences of last year's burn. More info at http://burncast.tv
Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

04 March 2009

And now a word from Chicken John

OK so I know that everyone is broke and people are downright terrified and the economy and the unemployment (10%? Holy Jimmy Carter Batman!!!) and the rents are sky high and it's raining and we are out of coffee...

I know.

And our partisan government is so confused and ineffective it's like watching 14 year olds on a first date ordering food at a restaurant and noticing the boy is trying add up how much $ he's got and how much he's spent and he just spilled his water and his friends are texting him images of donkey porn and he doesn't have a car or a chance....

I know.

And everyone has a cause and the seals and the climate and the zoo and the little children and the Iraq and the drugs and the gangs and unfair and the union and the harassment and Gavin's hair and the storefronts....

I know.

I know. Listen. I need you lock arms with me for a minute. Take a stroll. I have some bad news. Our friend Hollis was involved in a motorcycle accident. She might could use some help. She is in India. She has a brain injury. She’s on a respirator. A respirator is a violent affront to the human body. To say it’s un-natural is an understatement. Horrible. Horrible is a good word. It’s like a compressor, in an auto garage. The tube is big, like a garden hose. Taped to your face with white medical tape. Forcing air into your lungs. Mechanical contraption would be another good description. Infernal device. This machine keeps the blood in Hollis’ body oxygenated. It’s dealing with breathing while Hollis figgers out how to do that again. She got smacked pretty hard and forgot for a minute. There is a place that can teach her how to do this again. We would like to introduce Hollis to this place. And for this, we can use some help.

Where are the finest doctors? I ask you good people of San Francisco, the City of Art and Innovation? Why right here of course. Where would you want to live if you were the best doctor in the world. You would be at Stanford Medical Center. Of course you would be. The best of all things. Best and brightest. All here. It’s us, actually. We are the best and the brightest. If you argue with me, then you’ve just been here too long. You really need to get out more.

Hollis needs to board at Stanford Medical Center. She has been cleared to travel, and it is reasonable and prudent for her to traverse the 10,000 mile trek safely. How, you may ask, does one travel whilst hooked up to a respirator? In an ambulance. With 2 doctors. A few nurses. A guy in a gorilla suit, I dunno. But there’d better be at least one guy in a fucking bell-hop outfit for $200 LARGE. Yup. Two Hundred Thousand Dollars. You want to charter a medical air ambulance you better sell your Google stock.

I can’t begin to solve the injustice in the world. In my city. On my block. I can’t solve the injustice that occurs in my kitchen, for chrissakes. But a random stranger contacted me about the junk boats the other day, and out of the blue donated $100 to my paypal account to support the project. She is a lady that lives on a boat, and is into things that are ecologically sustainable. It always feels like a freak accident when a random stranger finds out what you doing and wants to help just because you’ve inspired them. It’s the world I wanna live in, so I’m goona donate the $100 she gave me AND I’m gonna add my $100 to it and give $200 towards the $200,000 ambulance ride for Hollis. I just wanna keep it going. Think of it as an philanthropic stimulus package. Hollis was involved in a freak accident. She fell off a rented scooter going 5 miles an hour and got the handlebar stuck in her helmet. I don’t even understand it. But when clowns have accidents of course they are “freak” accidents.

Hollis needs to come home, to get the attention she needs. Always the attention whore, that one. She needs to get on that plane. She needs help. Where are we at? Today, 4 or 5 days after the accident, already $20K has been raised. We got 10%. It can be done. It’s not going to be easy. And there are no angels anymore. All that Microsoft money and the start-up money and the VC money is gone. There is only actual money. But we are many, and Hollis is just one. We can take her. I for one want to be one of the people who helped Hollis and be part of the awesome community that came together when one of us was fucked. Fucked. I mean, she can’t breathe. She needs help.

The amount you donate is unimportant. Ya got what ya got. ANY donation, even one dollar, is important. Her mom, her boyfriend, her sisters, her roommates, her co-workers at Last Gasp, the people in her dance troupe, DPW, Vaude de Vivre… on and on… your donation is fuel that powers the beacon of our community. So what if your donation is small? God doesn’t care if you sing off key, she only cares how LOUD YOU SING!!!!! Every donation not only brings the goal closer, but also invigorates the family. So far there have been 400 unique donations. 5 days, guys. Whoa. That’s kinda crazy.

Donating is easy.

Paypal: elizastrack_at_gmail

I’m donating $200. But I’m an over-achiever. I also plan on making Hollis work the door at some events in the future to pay me back, but that’s another story.

But since I’m an over-achiever, I’m gonna commit to 4 times my $ in a match. I’m gonna commit to raising $800 more by begging my friends and family IN ADDITION to putting it out on this list here. I’m gonna send an email to my 20 closest and mostest and beg for $40. I’m gonna tell them that for $40 they can be a member of the coolest club on Earth. This new group of stellar awesomeites called: Friends of Hollis.

I’m proud to be a member.


01 March 2009

Friends of Hollis Hawthorne

This has been cut and pasted from a blog set up for Hollis Hawthorne:

For those of you who know Hollis, she has been in a motorcycle accident in Pondicherry, India.

There was a motorcycle in front of her with three passengers that skidded out, and she either swerved to avoid them or ran into them. She was wearing a helmet. Her friend Harrison was on the scene to give her CPR until the ambulance arrived. This happened on wednesday 2/25/09.

The main damage to her body is brain stem damage with a skull fracture at the back of her head. Her ear was cut pretty badly, and she had some major blood loss.

Update on Hollis:

She is still in a coma and she is not breathing on her own since the accident. Her vital signs are stabilized. Her fluids and body are being monitored through her heart. Her lung has not collapsed. Her brain is no longer hemorrhaging. She is reacting to stimulus, so gifts with smells or sounds help. Her body is becoming ridged and shaky. She is out of emergency room where other people were dying and in a hospital room.

A fund will be set up through a website to cover cost and needs.

For more information follow the blog that has been set up for her: http://friendsofhollis.blogspot.com/

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