26 December 2006

BURNcast #027 - Fire and Ice

In today’s episode of BURNcast we speak to the Ice Queen, the fierce and noble leader of Arctica. Then we sit down and set a spell as we hear the sounds of the temple burn. Recorded September 3, 2006 in Black Rock City.

BURNcast will be on hiatus for the month of January. BUT…we will be back and we will be fierce in February so stay tuned.

19 December 2006

BURNcast #026 - L.A. Santa Con 2006

WARNING: This podcast is NSFW!

In today’s episode we celebrate the holidays with Santa at the Los Angeles Santa Con. Recorded December 9, 2006.


Conversation with Mr. & Mrs. Claus
Conversation with Mr. Claus
Conversation with Santa Nihilist (Uncut)
Conversation with the Easter Santa and Friends

12 December 2006

BURNcast #025 - Star Power

In today’s episode we take to the stars at Burning Man 2006 as we cover two celestially inspired art installations: the Starry Bamboo Mandala and the Wishing Star.

06 December 2006

BURNcast #024 - Sweet Jumps

In today’s episode we visit with the boys from the Viking Youth Power Hour, a podcast originating from Chicago, Illinois. The Viking Youth are the innovators and instigators of “Sweet Jumps” which is a highly dangerous extreme sport involving go-peds, fire, inebriation and utter stupidity. Recorded September 2, 2006 in Black Rock City.

Music from the DMT Labs, a media lab headed by Dr. Funk Monsta and Dr. DougJ11.
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