27 March 2007

BURNcast #35 - Camp Sunscreen

In this episode we hang out with my campmates from Camp Sunscreen and reflect back upon an era of Burning Man from about 1996 to 1998. We’ll hear about what Black Rock City was like during these years, but we’ll also go in depth and talk about the history of Camp Sunscreen from when it began in 1997. Finally, we’ll hear the story about the Land Yacht of 1998.

20 March 2007

BURNcast #34 - Playa Names

In today’s episode we speak to members of the community (drink!) about how they got their playa names.

13 March 2007

BURNcast #33 - Greetings From Space!

In today’s episode we go where no podcast has gone before as we speak to Mister Jellyfish, Science Officer aboard the Apokilipitika satellite Labwërks.

Today’s show is brought to you by our sponsors: Club Verboten, the ubiquitous Playa Dust® and B-A-C-O-N, an important part of a burners diet.

This episode was produced by Mr. Jellyfish! Yay!

06 March 2007

BURNcast #32 - Message from the Belgian Waffle

In today’s episode we speak to Belgian artists Arne Quinze and Jan Kriekels about their enormous art installation that has affectionately come to be known as the Waffle at Burning Man 2006.  BURNcast met up with them on August 28, 2006 in Black Rock City.

This episode was produced by Istari. Thank you!
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