30 September 2008

BURNcast.TV #37 - Adrian Roberts from Piss Clear

Adrian Roberts, the former editor of Black Rock City's alternative magazine "Piss Clear" has a chat with BURNcast and pimps his new book. More info at http://burncast.tv
Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

29 September 2008

Peter Hudson's Tantalus is Coming to L.A. Decom

My friend Peter Hudson has made some of the MOST amazing stroboscopic zoetrope art installations the playa has ever seen including the "Playa Swimmers", "Sisyphish", "Deeper" and "Possession".

His latest creation entitled "Tantalus" is coming to L.A. Decom and it requires some assistance.

"I don't want see another death by zoetrope," once said our friend Otto, the project manager and fundraising director behind Peter's last tour de force: the fanfuckingtastic monkey-themed installation that wowed the crowds at last year's Burn called "Homouroboros".

Well BURNcast totally agrees. Moreover we revoke the call for "safety third" and instead put a shout out for more safety monitors! It means this installation needs volunteers to help put it together on Friday. If you can help, send an email to volunteers@la-burningman.org

Until then, you may be interested in listening to an interview BURNcast did with Peter last year which is also available for download for free in iTunes:

BURNcast #40 - Mischief. Mayhem. Monkeys.
Published on May 08, 2007

SoCal Decompression Update!

This is your Communications Officer calling all Burners awaiting the upcoming Mission To Mars Decom! The Mission To Mars (aka So-Cal Decompression) is T-19 days to launch.If you have not purchased your ticket to give you access to the launch site at the top-secret Telemagica Grounds in Jacumba, CA,you must do so before T-13 days (Oct 4th) when launch pass ticketswill be $80 each! If you don't want to pay $80 per ticket, please getyour launch pass now!You may purchase your ticket at: http://www.socalde.com/

Mission Control crew is feverishly working right now to ready the launch site for all of you. Please remember gates open at 12 Noon on Friday October 17th and close at 5 PM on Sunday October 19th, no exceptions. We will post the Survival Guide for the mission very soon on the website.

We wanted to share our most precious gift of creativity with the inhabitants of Mars. A call went out for artists ready to bring on the art, and they did it! Your Mission Control Crew are excited to announce the just released list of amazing recipients of the San Diego Burning Man Community Art Decom Art Grants for SoCal Decom 2008:
1. Don't Look: By Paul Douglas
2. Flyin" Saucer: By Hatfield
3. The ART Art project: By Vitaly
4. The Golden Case: By Spike
5. A Drop-in Life Drawing/Painting Studio: Whim
6. The Living Room: By Taz and Cooper
7. Cabbage Patch Kids Air Cannon and Shooting Gallery: Maguyver
8. The Art Creation Station: Kiwi & Bet~C
9. The "Exquisite Corpse" Lifesize flipbook: Catspiracy
10. Xxtreme Greatness Corporation (XGC): Matthew Lust

See you on Mars!
Communications Officer
So-Cal Decompression

28 September 2008

You know you wanna hit it!

Camp PiƱata at the 6th Annual Los Angeles Decompression Party

Drop by and say, "Hola!" Stay a minute for some shade, ice cold aguas frescas (fresh Mexican fruit drinks,) and antojitos (little snacks.) Remember to bring your own cup!

Los Angeles Decom 10/4/2008

Welcome to the 6th annual LA Decompression Festival at its new location the Los Angeles State Historical Park at 1245 N. Spring St, 90012 -- In between Spring and Broadway in China Town right below the China Town Metro Rail terminal (so ride the metro)

We will be celebrating the art and music of Burning Man from Noon till midnight with 7 stages and over 45 theme camps and art installations.

$10 in costume or with a Metro Rail pass/ $20 in street wear
Children under 12 are free

Limited Secured parking will be available on site for $10 so please CARPOOL. The lot entrace it at the North end of the park off of Baker St. Or the best is to ride the Metro (please check schedule for times) and enter the South end of the park.

Alcohol is not allowed in the park except for the TWO designed bar areas, so please leave your flask at home.

We would like to thank the California State Parks for allowing us to play in their park.

LA Decom Team

24 September 2008

Michael Franti's New Track "The Future"

Give Thanks - An Update by RandomLeeKind

From RandomLeeKind:
I Give Thanks for you and all that you add to the world. October 13th, 2007 my friend/brother Otto Schutt was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer, he had just turned 40.

Otto became an inspiration for so many cancer survivors. He had a diet of raw foods, walked a few miles every day and even walked to and from most chemo treatments (about 6 miles). We had an epic snowboarding trip in February where we took the now famous “Fuck Cancer” photo.

In March Otto had finished his 4th round of chemo. We surprised him with a gathering of friends and supporters at the Golden Gate Bridge in what turned out to be a 8 mile hike, not for the faint of heart. We all wore banners with Love, Hope and Gratitude and walked with Otto’s favorite slogan, Give Thanks. Otto was the first person across both directions and it was very difficult for people to believe he still had cancer. Give Thanks.

Otto looked forward to getting back to his charity work once the cancer chapter was finished. Be it sending 75 inner-city girls to Summer Camp every year, working with Kiva to help seed businesses in the 3rd world or helping organize the Power to the Peaceful Music Festival with nearly 60,000 participants, Otto is a force of nature that has touched many lives in such a positive way. Give Thanks.

In April we had a bit of a setback when the cancer savagely attacked Otto’s liver. From his hospital bed he found the Love Hope Strength organization and he asked me to make contact so that we would have a trip to look forward to doing together after he kicked some cancer butt!

As Otto said, Cancer doesn’t play fair. As things started to get increasingly worse I told Otto we would do Peru even if I have to carry him. We had traveled to many points on the globe and I wanted this to be his victory lap and a chance to celebrate the enduring spirit of this great man. Unfortunately, on May 27th Otto lost his battle with cancer and left a huge hole in many hearts.

I am keeping my promise to carry him to Machu Picchu. It seems only fitting as this trip will also support a foundation so closely in tune with Otto’s passion. My goal is to raise $7,500. That may not seem like a lot in American standards but it is amazing what your donation will do in a country like Peru. Give Thanks! Your tax deductible donation will go to purchasing equipment for screening and treating cancer patients in Peru.

Please donate what you can and continue to live in a spirit of gratitude. Again, I Give Thanks for you and your support.

22 September 2008

Marge's Memorial

Road to Black Rock City

burning man 2008 - view from the tower of babylon

People Taking A Stand for Peace - Burning Man 2008

I see Atom and Athena standing for peace!

Scenes from 2008 Burning Man

Entheon Village at Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008

Zsu Zsu Photo Montage

21 September 2008


"COPS is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law."

Bad Boys - Bad Boys - Watcha Gonna Do?

Go to the Link for more photos and the rest of the story.

18 September 2008

Lady Bee Resigns!

Posted Today by Lady Bee on Tribe.net

Yes, it's true.

I have resigned from my position as art Curator. I've had my job for ten years, and it's time for me to pass it on. I've been recruited by www.newzonia.com, a new online community based on creative collaboration and global philanthropy, to be their Global Arts Curator. The site will establish the "philanthropic economy" and will connect creative people globally in a collaborative 3D environment. BRAF can benefit from this as well as our other non-profits, and I hope to do a lot of good in the world in my new position. And I hope many of you will get involved. There will be more information on the site soon.

I'll miss all of you, and please know that you've all made my life very interesting over the last decade! I hope to bring all the skills I've acquired here to my new work, which can benefit all of us. I'm going to continue to work at the office until mid-October, so that I can finish my post-event work. My last day in the office will be October 17. While I'll be leaving the office, I'm not leaving the community, and I won't be far away - just over at Fourth and Townsend. I look forward to continuing to be involved with the art of Burning Man, and the organization, in some way.

I"m very excited about my new job and I hope you'll all go to the site and sign up for your passports!

Burning Man 2008 - The Amer-I-Can Dream

Couch Surfers in Action - Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008 - No Place Like Home

17 September 2008

Lori and Eddie Wed at Burning Man 2008 at Temple

PBR They are sexy (and they will kill you)

BURNING MAN 2008 The Deep End Sunset

1:11 Sapphire Portal Galactivation Sound Healing B'Man 2008

Burning Man 2008 - MagaCharles

Burning Man 2008 American Dream

Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008 from Mike Fischer on Vimeo.

Bigfoot at BRC 2008

Apparently, these guys don't watch BURNcast.tv!

Living in America

15 September 2008

6893 - The Last Camp

6893 - The Last Camp
Originally uploaded by DangerRanger
Interesting story behind this photo on Danger Ranger's photostream.

Miss black rock city

Not even on drugs

Bomb the Man

The Deep End - Walk Through.

Burning Man 2008

Burning Rebellion

Colbert Report: Burning Man Festival Confusion

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Burning Man Festival Confusion
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionMarch to Keep Fear Alive

Stephen confuses footage of the Burning Man festival with the Democratic National Convention. (01:49)

Playlist: Burning Man 08

Critical Tits Bike Parade @ Burning Man 2008

Critical Tits Bicycle Ride(BM08)

Bat Country 08 Dust Storm 1

AeroQuarium at Burning Man 2008--Novice Witches Fly

Cheering Dawn

13 September 2008

Burning Man 2008- Mystic Nation

12 September 2008

The Love Bandits at Burning Man!

"Pre Post" As The Dust Settles - Arin Crumley Video Blog

BRC or Bust

Pink Mammoth Burning Man 2008

the northwest fire conclave practice at brc-08

Tantalus at Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008 from jdsvids on Vimeo.

11 September 2008

Burn Night 2008

Burning Man 2008 - Dust Storm in Dome, then outside

Burning Man Hand of Man 2008


we need ice

Eva Maria @ Burning Man 2008 (Black Rock Desert, Nevada)

Burning Man 2008

Burning Man Rebirth!

LeCouteur speaks out on Crimson's failures

At this year's Burn the Fire Conclave was unable to perform under the Man. Many of us were disappointed, some more than others.

EJ "Tedward" LeCouture of Bearclaw manufacturing and one of the main figures down in the LA fire community has stepped forward in protest and has formally requested that Crimson Rose the Creative Director of the Fire Conclave relinquish some of her duties.

Is it time for the old guard to step down and allow fresh blood to infuse Burning Man with new life. Will Tedward lead a revolution on the Playa or is he just kicking dust in the face those who bear the responsibility of keeping him and his fellow fire spinners safe?

Below is the Open Letter sent to Crimson and the 2008 Shins ( Conclave group leaders).

From: TW <ted@bearclawfire.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 12:58 PM
Subject: [fireconclave shin2008 list] Some things to consider [an open letter]
To: fireconclave shin2008 list

Crimson, when I spoke to you [briefly] Monday, you said you would be sending a letter to everyone explaining the cancellation of the Conclave this year. I considered this in the 12 hour drive back and think there are some things worth noting.

My heart was broken when we could not perform on Saturday. Not for myself, of course. You and I can get gigs whenever we want them; I'm sure many of the Pyronaughts enjoy a similar status. And some of the conclave groups are also performance troupes with regular gigs. But not all. LAFC is just such a group, and I'm fairly certain there are others. In fact, not only do we have performers who get a chance to perform for an audience only once a year, but we have some members who only attend the Burn to perform grand performances in the scale afforded by that much open space. It is for these people I weep. Not to mention the members who made unique costumes or props that either cannot be used next year (because of turn-over) or were damaged in the crush. And let's not forget that All members have to radically alter their partying schedule to insure a sharp mind and sobriety for burn night while others around them enjoy utter debauchery.

Though I find myself in a strangely Zen state about this year's event, I know there are still performers practically frothing at the mouth. I urge you to take the time to fully address this issue for them. Often, the trails of your day seem to intercede in your writing, causing clipped ideas and terse comments on important topics. In this address, we won't accept phrases like "we'd have lost our window", we'll need to know what the window is, who defined it, what kind of enforcement comes with it, etc. Similarly, you have doubtlessly heard comment about the 45 minutes we were forced to endure, sitting, silent, while the man was completed, pre-burn. That will need addressing. And finally, I'm sure some people would like to be informed why they were told they could perform their routines to the backs of people's heads (especially when the post-crush hours are, traditionally, free renegade time that cannot be stopped by any enforcement attempt). Even I still feel the sting of that slap.

To smooth out the troubles mentioned above, I thought that a simple refund to those members who paid for tickets would be in order. But as I pondered this for a while, I now believe that the wiser move would be for you to offer free tickets to those who return next year. That way, there might BE a returning conclave.

And finally, I would like to formally suggest that you relinquish some of your duties in the Org. As the event grows, each of the tasks you perform must also grow, and this is clearly taking a toll upon you. Please take some time to evaluate your favorite or most necessary duties and think about releasing some to other members of the Burning Man staff.

)^( )^( )^( )^( )^( )^(
Please support NAFAA

@-->-->--- ---<--<--@ EJ "Tedward" LeCouteur Bearclaw Manufacturing http://www.bearclawfire.com


Burning Man 2008 - Halcyon's Pink Ride & HugNation

Playa Wedding - Michele and Jerad Burning Man 2008 part 2

Playa Wedding - Michele and Jerad Burning Man 2008

Playa Pong at Burning Man 2008

Search Engine in Dust Storm

The Belt

The great 7-hour Burning Man duststorm of 2008

10 September 2008

Burning man BMIR Lillie and rue Take Over!

What it's all about

$24 hotel room in Reno

Burning Man 2008 - Day

Locomotion on the playa

09 September 2008

New York TImes says...

That headline makes as much sense as "FROSTING DISRUPTS CUPCAKES"

Burning Man '08 by tecgirl


Burning Man Parkour 2008

Lula with the boys

Fire at Burning Man 2008

Dust in the Wind

08 September 2008

The End Installation

Monkey Chant Center Camp Burning Man 2008

Critical Dicks at Burning Man 2008

From Tribe.net:

The Critical Dicks March began as a male response to the glorious annual Critical Tits bike ride, which of course is a take-off on the famous Critical Mass bike ride, which in turn is a pun on the nuclear physics term for the amount of a radioactive substance required to begin spontaneous nuclear fission, which was discovered by a bunch of scientists like Albert Einstein, who, for the most part had DICKS. (OK, Marie Curie was a notable exception, but she was HOT. Talk about a nuclear family!) So ya see, what comes around, goes around.

The Critical Dicks March welcomes all genders: Male, Female, Transsexual, Intersexual, Pansexual, Gay, Bi, Straight, and Bent. However, if you are not naturally blessed with a dick, please bring a long a reasonable fucsimile.

Correct Link: Sasha and Ann Shulgin @ Burning Man 08

Burning Man Proposal!

07 September 2008

Burning Man 2008 #3

Burning Man 2008 #2

Dave's Not Here

Where are you asshole?

Violinist David "Dixon" Hammond plays at Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008 #1

XPAT ALIEN withstanding 70 mph winds

Saturday Dust Storm at Burning Man 2008

The Hand of Man

Chris and Nati's Drunk in the Desert Tour '08

Our North American and shameless marinated leg, we rest trashed at this year's BM and endeavor to keep our drink going...

Good Little Girl?

Santa finds a bad little girl at Burning Man 2008.


Burning Man 2008 Photos by Ben Bassu

Dome Art Car, Burning Man 2008

Jumping Dude - Burning Man 2008

wagon bears burningman 2008

Reality BMTV by Rich Wells

Reality BMTV. An art installation designed for Burning Man 2008. The theme of this years festival was American Dream. The installation was designed as an optical illusion, giving the people of Black Rock an opportunity to interact with the art piece and have their '15 minutes of fame'.

satlans PART 3

White Out Gate - Burning Man 2008

morning fire

satlans PART 2

satlans PART 1

The title sequence was a bit long, pro'ly because I don't read hebrew. But hang in there.

burning man funk

red hot burning man

Moonshine Tavern sending fools to the med tent

Burning Man 2008 Temple Burn w/ Dust Devils

Pimp Yo Potty (Parts 1 and 2) @ Burning Man 2008

Glowing balloons

pirate BB dances with the camel, Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008

Art or Advertising?

This installation was sponsored by the folks that brought you Tetris®.

Center Camp Driveby Burning Man '08

Burning Man 08 - Golden Cafe Raid

06 September 2008

Where the hell is Julie?

This pro'ly my most favorite video so far. Wait for an amazing shot at around the 2:30 mark.

UPDATE: 9/6/08 16:20 - Julie was away for a bit. But she's back, with new and improved video playback. Thank you! Burn on, sister!

The Man-Burning Man 2008-American Dream (Pool)

Trumpeter on the Playa

Sara in Lite Tube - Burning Man

The Loyd Family Players

the loyd family players daily get together on a desert and sing about thier favorite ocean creatures in order to get thier creative juices flowing to practice for samba music

the loyds give a little lesson on how to really embrace those beautiful moments out here in walk in.

karisha and sarah lead us in a burning man devotional. they are about to be huge in certain music sub genres and some select small countries so i feel totally privledged to have this video of back when

chillin up in Mis T. karisha and sarah are going at it with thier original drone jamalicious, mike is keeping the vines going and oh, hello

avi @ burning man

Upcoming in the Los Angeles Burner Community

Below are some events coming up for this weekend, as well as for next weekend. Join BURNcast at Upcoming to put your local events out to the community at large.

Picture Me Dust Bowling (Burning Man 2008)

Picture Me Dust Bowling (Burning Man 2008)
from Chris Garcia

40 mile an hour winds and 5 hour long sandstorms weren't going to stop us from enjoying our second to last day on the Playa. This video is a tribute to my beautiful friends in commemoration of the best week of our lives (so far;).

We did it!

Title by Amy Nicholson (apologies to Tupac).

Niko in Center Camp

More from spacemaneric

Scotty's Smoking Hat Burning Man 08

From spacemaneric:
"Scotty built this awesome smoking hat!"

05 September 2008

Burning Man 2008 - Justice - Genesis

Burning Man: Human Desert Slip'n Slide!!

Cosmic Playa Ride

you figure it out....i'm not telling!

View From a Fire Truck Ladder

An ascent of a fire truck ladder at Burning Man.

Byron and Eric at ease at Camp Mini Monkey Town

Burning Man: Basura Sagrada Temple by giles goat boy

Burning Man: Basura Sagrada Temple

From giles goat boy:

"The temple, which burned on Sunday night. Shot just before the whiteout on Saturday. With a melancholy soundtrack from Burial, Julee Cruise, and Angelo Badalamenti.

Burners devoted the temple to people who they lost that year - family, friends, and lovers who had passed away. (And one well-missed dog.) Pictures of the departed, and messages to them, covered most of the structure."

Burning Man 2008: What is Burning Man?

Two hot boyz Jack and Drew give a little tour of THE PLAYA at Burning Man 2008. See also http://drewjemilo.blogspot.com

Burning Man 2008

Burning Man 2008 - The Deep End - The Yatta Dancers

I wanna hear you scream!!!

I Have An American Dream - 2008 Essay

I still have so much to process. Unfortunately, the decompression is coming TOO fast and furious this year. The thick cultural smog is more than I can handle.

read more of "I Have An American Dream..."

UPDATE: Los Angeles Decom - 4 October 2008

The 6th Annual LA Decompression
Music & Arts Festival

October 4th Noon to Midnight
Los Angeles State Historical Park
1245 N. Spring Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

5 Stages of Live Entertainment, Tons of Arts and Activities for all ages

$10 in costume
$20 in street wear
(children under 12 free)

Complete info, photos, schedule, parking info at

This is the Official Burning Man Los Angeles Decompression event. Experience the art and culture of Burning Man brought to life in downtown LA. Be a participant in the LA Burner community, and immerse yourself in twelve hours of art, performance, live bands, Djs, theme camps, art cars, green technologies, puppetry, circus, marching bands, fire steam, and 2008 imagery. Come be a part of the experience.

Call for Participation
We have so many ways you can participate in Decom. With our new open park location we have a lot more space for your installation. Your amazing and diverse talents, spirit, creativity and enthusiasm are what this great community is all about. If you know of other artists who may like to be involved, please forward this to them immediately and have them respond to

For Art Installation: art@la-burningman.org
For Theme Camps: camps@la-burningman.org
For performers, bands, djs: perform@la-burningman.org

Please forward to all your lists, friends, family and anyone you feel might want to play in the park.

The LA Decom Team.

Green Guy

According to shalgo9000: "Came across this guy at the wild west saloon somewhere around C and 5:30 at Burning Man. Tom asked this guy how he drinks with the suit on, and he said "I just kindof aim for my mouth and pour it through the suit"

Burning Man 2008 - Critical Tits

Hmmm...Critical Tits sure brings out the yahoos, don't it?

Bootie Mashup Saturday 9/6/08 @ The Echoplex

Join me tomorrow for Bootie Mashup, the first Bootie event since Burning Man. Be one of the first three to leave comment on our blog today and win!

UPDATE: The winners for the three free admittance to tomorrow's Bootie are Istari, Quin and Annemarie.

Winners will be determined by the email notification we receive from Blogger. First come first served. Be sure to leave a way to notify you if you've won by linking to your website, profile or sending us an e-mail at burncast(at)gmail.com

Burning Man 2008 Little L Hula Hooper

Burning Man 2008 Time Lapse Legends of America and Temple Burn by James Cole

Updated on Friday Sept 5 2008 at 13:30. Thanks James!

The Wheel of Thwarted Ambition by Anton Viditz-Ward

The "Wheel of Thwarted Ambition" is artist Anton Viditz-Ward's latest gift to the playa for 2008.

Below is a brief recording with Viditz-Ward talking about his installation "Fire Spinner" at Burning Man 2007. Recorded 31 August 2007 in Black Rock City.

Band at Burning Man 08

Dancing at Center Camp

04 September 2008

Burning Man 08' Trip

Shopping Cart Art Car at Burning Man 2008

BM08: ...and my BEST ART CAR award goes to...

Burning Man Sunset

Anon Salon/ N!NE - Dust Off!

A video invite for all those in the SF community. Drink!

DJ Dan @ The Deep End Burning Man 08

Bunny Matt


Red Nose District Burning Man 2008

Red Nose District Vika is so thirsty

Burning Man 2008 - Teeter Totter of Death!

Sunrise Dancer - Burning Man 2008

Talk about a "sun salutation"! This is so much fun!


My milkshake is better than yours because I got it at McEnlightenment.

Besides last year was better than yours, too!

McLightenment ... Instant Enlightment on the Playa

Burning Man: Alexis on the Playa

BM08: Painting by Christina

Burning Man 2008 - dust storm in VW Bus Camp

This is a tip of the hat to my ol' homies at VW Bus Camp. As a former Vanagonomaniac (circa 2002-2004) I empathize with any burner who treks out to the playa in a VW bus.

Al Polito at Burning Man 2008 - Such Is My Love

Burning Man 2008: Flaming Tuba Man

This is David Silverman, whom we've interviewed for the BURNcast audio podcast a few years back.

Burning Man 2008 Wings Art Installation

Scanner Cam at Burning Man

More about the Scanner Cam on Make.

BURNING MAN 2008 - Blog for Kirsty

BM08: The giant robotic arm

"The Hand of the Man" was created by Christian Ristow. It's actuated by a human hand placed inside a glove. It then mimics the movements made within the glove. Fucking tight!

Burning Man 2008 Dust Storm Dancing to Thriller

03 September 2008

Burning Man 2008

burning man bike box ramming

BM08: The Temple/Mausoleum

BM08: The decent

Burning Man 2008 - Grilled Cheese at the Deep End

Sunrise Bojon Style

Burning Man 2008

Black Rock City Ballet Olympics

Thierry sleeps like never before at Burning Man


Returning from Burning Man

Ann, Christabel and more at Center Camp Burning Man 08

Camel Costume at Burning Man 2008

Kaos at The Petting Zoo

entheon: girl w/

Contact and Improvisation at Burning Man 2008

Tour of temple at Burning man

Tiki camp tour at Burning Man

02 September 2008

Shooting Gallery Burningman 2008

center camp burning man 08

Burning Man

March Fourth Marching Band - Powerhouse

Hennepin Crawler vs. Burner

Burning Man 2008 - Hoop in the Playa

Burning Man '08 - Joanne licks the rubber chicken

Homeslice Erection - Burning Man 2008

Thems my homies, the peeps from HomeSlice!

Burning Man 2008 critical tits parade

Shotgun Wedding Burning Man 2008

Ben Travelin at Burning Man

BM08 - View from the top of the Man - 360' view

View from the top of BABYLON at Burning Man 2008

Burning Man '08 Fire Breathing Dragon

Burning Man 2008 - Dust Storm @ Center Camp

The Girls of Burning Man

The Girls of Burning Man
from Co-Ed Magazine

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