29 April 2008

Burning Man 2006//Curvas Peligrosas

21 April 2008

Burn Baby Burn Trailer

14 April 2008

Burning Man

Voyage in Utopia

Content Is Becoming A Commodity

"We have become content", according to Danger Ranger in a recent video made by Laughing Squid.

But today ReadWriteWeb blogged a post entitled "Content Is Becoming A Commodity" (no surprise to a blogger like myself) and said:

"...[T]echnologies that we have grown to love are the same forces that are turning our efforts, be them our words, our videos, our music, our photos, or anything we create, into a commodity - something that has little monetary value on its own, but in aggregate, can become something of value."

08 April 2008

Make Art, Not Content

We have become content!

Scott Beale from Laughing Squid recently posted this video of BMorg's Michael Michael using a nifty new Flip Video just like the one I've got! BTW...you can hear Michael Micheal in one of the first interviews BURNcast did along with Larry Harvey and Maid Marian here.

As frustrating as this statement from Michael Michael is, the thing is it's true. With the value of entertainment being reduced to "reality programming" Queen Art is being subjugated by the mighty King Content.

Fuck it. I give up.

What's worse: I am unable to attend Burning Man this year. The effects of the writers strike and the threat of a possible actors strike in June has forced me to admit that I can't afford to buy the ticket and take the ride this year.


So, now I'm putting a shout out to all Burners to help me launch BURNcast.TV!

Send me your user generated videos because I don't want to miss a thing. And if you've got content... I mean videos... leading up to this year's event like projects you're working on, regionals you've been to, wiki's and how to make a fur coat, send'em in. I do have some rules that I'll probably make up as I go along. Just make sure your submissions pertain to the art, culture and community of Burning Man.


01 April 2008

Happy Tu-Tu Tuesday

By now you've probably seen this craptacular attempt at humor from the bmorg. What a bunch of pranksters!

What you may not have seen is this legit offer from El Monte RV to do everything necessary for you to have your own "Luxury Accommodations" at the event, including driving the RV to and from the event, setting everything up, and even your buying booze & baby wipes for you at Vons. Apparently you need to be a registered theme camp (because they need an exact address in BRC to park it, and set it up for you), but if you're not into building art or contributing beyond your ticket, I happen to know for a fact that "First Camp" has a few choice spots available for you, who knows? They might even let you borrow a golf cart to cruise around in!
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