29 June 2010

Buy a Tripod, Build the Pirate Ship

Tripod Sentinels come from another dimension to hang out and party with the people on Earth. After their first trip to Burning Man they decided that they would like to help LostMachine build a Pirate Ship. They no longer wanted to be spectators they wanted to participate. They contracted Jesse Banks to design a new circuit board so that they could react to the music with their color changing LEDs.

Christopher Darrow, the producer of this video, wrote in to say: "This is a short on Tripods & the Pirate Ship. Tripods are small sound reactive light sculptures being sold to fund raise for the Pirate Ship art car project, a completely custom fabricated interactive sculpture. It is sure to be one of those AMAZING pieces at Burning Man 2010 but we need your help to make it happen! Please buy a tripod ... Because Pirate Ships Don't Build Themselves!"

Much more info on Lost Machine Andy and these projects at: www.LostMachine.com

08 June 2010

Chuck De Luck's Burning Man 2009

"Chuck De Luck's first Burning Man" experience with the Titicockers from Camp Titicaca at 4:30 + E. Out of the Idaho cold down to the desert, play in the Playa, back to the cold. Just a short video to share , had all the fun allowed by law, and then some. Hope to please.
Peace Y'all,
Chuck De Luck
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