08 January 2008

Vote 4 The "New" Man

The LAist recently posted this blog post revealing the details of next year's man effigy:

"This year's Burning Man will be the tallest ever, and will stand on top of a four-story obelisk. The monument will be draped with flags of countries from all over the world. Inside the obelisk, a double-helix like strand will create a spiral staircase that will resemble DNA. The "Man" will be burned on Burn Night on Saturday, August 30th."

What do you think? Cast your vote!

05 January 2008

Want to go to Flipside?

Hey everyone, Lance Hunter of Flipp'd OUT here

Just wanted to put out this information for the BURNcast audience that might be interested in attending Flipside this year. Our ticket procedure is kind of a pain-in-the-ass, but we try our best and 95% of the time the people who want tickets are able to get them. Here's the official post from our ticket lead this year...

Tickets for Flipside 2008: Dr. Tiki’s Combustible Medicine Show go on sale starting Jan 7 thru Jan 11, 2008 .

All tickets for Flipside 2008 will be sold via Mail Order (snake oil not included).

The Official Flipside Ticket Order Form is available to fill out now.
Follow these steps to get your tickets secured:

First, you must access the form itself, fill out your information, and submit electronically so we have all of your details.

The ticket form can be found here: http://www.burningflipside.com/common/tickets/request.php

Next, print the form and obtain your Money Order with correct payment value to match your form. Fold your form and your money order and put your nicely folded bundle in a pretty envelope, buy a stamp or get your nice Post Man to put a stamp on your envelope (he may as well post mark it too) and mail it to us, with a post mark between Monday Jan 7 and Friday Jan 11 (7-11, get it? That’s easy to remember!). Simple, easy and fun!


***If you do not follow through and mail your pretty envelope, you will not be guaranteed a ticket to the most glorious medicine show to ever be born, the electronic submission is not enough, you must also send us the physical form WITH your correct payment with money order included. ***

Two adult tickets per order. One order per person.

Tickets will cost $70 each for adult tickets age 13 and up and $35 for kids 7-12 (Kids 0-6 are free). Payment is accepted by Money Order only! If you send any other form of payment, your request will be sent back unfilled. Make sure you save your money order receipts, if your order is not filled you may need that to turn your money order back into real dollars.

Make your Money orders payable to:
Austin Artistic Reconstruction

Send your money order and completed ticket order form to:
Austin Artistic Reconstruction
PO Box 9987
Austin , TX 78766

Please make sure you print your name and return address legibly on your envelope!

Will Call: NO NAME CHANGES will be allowed for Will Call tickets. Don't do Will Call unless you are sure you personally will be able to pick up the tickets when you arrive at the gate. ID will be required.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Starr at: tickets@burningflipside.com,

(I'm cutting out most of the fine print here. Basically it says there will be 2345 tickets sold and that they reserve the right to fill the ticket orders for those volunteers that are making sure the event happens first. I understand that this is already an obscenely long post so I'll leave it at that. Hope to see you at Flipside this year!)

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