31 July 2007

BURNcast #052 - Get into B.E.D. with Gigi de L'Amour

In today’s episode, we speak to Gigi De L’Amour of the Bureau of Erotic Discourse about their use of sex positive messages to prevent sexual assault on the playa.

24 July 2007

BURNcast #051 - It's Tubatron! Woo hoo!

Today’s guest is David Silverman, animator and supervising director of The Simpson’s television series and director of The Simpson’s Movie. He’s been coming to Burning Man for the past seven years and performs as “Tubatron” in the Phoenix Projekt, which is one of the premiere fire troupes to come out of the Los Angeles burner scene. Recorded 11 July 2007.  Also: commentary by OhTony “Burning Man: O Brothers! Where Art Thou?”

17 July 2007

BURNcast #050 - Chris Taylor of Business 2.0 Magazine

Today’s episode is brought to you by Playazon.com, featuring journalist Chris Taylor (aka "FutureBoy"). Taylor wrote the controversial article "Burning Man Grows Up" that’s sparked heated debate and healthy discussion on-line at ePlaya and the Burning Man Tribe on Tribe.net. The article is featured in the July 2007 edition of Business 2.0 magazine and can be read in its entirety here. Recorded 10 July 2007.

10 July 2007

BURNcast #049 - Reno 411: The Civilized Explorer

This episode features Louise Johnson who (along with her husband Phil Stripling) runs the Civilized Explorer, a website for Burners that provides information annual guides and perennial guides on Burning Man as well as related articles, links and more. Today’s focus is on the “Reno Resources” section on the website that is useful for all those passing through the Biggest Little City in the World on the way to Black Rock City.

We’ll also hear from BURNcast contributors and learn about what they think about the “Green Man” theme in “Chai Guy’s Chairade” and some fashion advice for guys in “Malderor’s Rant”.

03 July 2007

BURNcast #048 - Seano and the Green Shoes

In tu-tu-today's episode of BURNcast we talk with artist Sean O’Donoghue about his art project "Green Shoes" coming to Burning Man this year. You might be very surprised to learn what his true intention with the use of green in this installation as well. It's not what you think! This recording took place in Los Angeles, California on June 27, 2007.

We also hear from Malderor, the Piss Clear's long time columnist, as he rants about the article about Burning Man featured in the latest edition of "Business 2.0"
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