28 November 2006

BURNcast #023 - BURN It!

In this episode, we are drawn to the flames of Burning Man 2006 as we feature two fire installations: the Fire Pendula and the Serpent Mother.

Music by Nerve Picnic

21 November 2006

BURNcast #022 - Greening LA Decom

In this episode we speak to Los Angeles’ Decom Organizers GeoFrey, Alayha, Kachina Katrina and Blue about efforts to green LA Decom and how to green Burning Man. Recorded October 14, 2006.

Kachina Katrina is the force behind the greening of LA Decom. Her main project is Evolutionary Center, a theme camp that has emerged out of the Greening Burning Man movement that is focused around creating a more sustainable Black Rock City culture.

It should be noted that Blue suggested that the rules of the 3-Playa Community drinking game from drinking to the word “community” to the word “green”. Although we at BURNcast drink to that, we think our listeners would pass out before they reached the end of this episode. We feel you’re less inclined to close Spike’s Vampire Bar if we stick to the word “community”.

14 November 2006

BURNcast #021 - AfterBURN:LA Decom

In today’s episode of BURNcast we go to the Los Angeles Decom. We’ll hear how some burners got their playa names and a little bit about the European burner scene. Finally we’ll learn from some people who have never been to Burning Man before and what their impressions are. Recorded 10/14/2006

If you're playing the 3-Playa Community Drinking Game at home listen up: this episode tallies a total of eight (8) uses of the "c" word and one near slip...but by the time you hear it, ya might as well drink!

07 November 2006

BURNcast #020 - AfterBURN: San Francisco's Decom

In today’s episode of BURNcast we go to San Francisco’s Heat the Street Faire Decompression and speak to Jim Bowers the force behind this year’s Burning Dragon project. He’s also the artist behind other playa art such as the “Eyes of Gawd” and the “Terrasphere”. Also in today’s show, we discover how some burner freaks got their playa names. Recorded October 8, 2006.
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