27 June 2007

BURNcast #47 - Mr. Fixit and the Gift of Mobility

In today's episode, guest host Mister Jellyfish, speaks with Dale Huntsman, aka Mr. Fixit of Hot Wheelz Camp. Listen in as he tells engaging stories of his gift of mobility to disabled Burners who might have difficulty traveling to the far reaches of Black Rock City.

Mr. Jellyfish - Guest Host/Producer

Special thanks to:
Count Boxarox, Kernul Killbuck, and Cosmonaughty Rosario
for their audio contributions.

19 June 2007

BURNcast #046 - Hooping with Rayna McInturf of Hoopnotica

Rayna McInturf of Hoopnotica talks about the physical benefits as well as spiritual aspects of hoop dance. She’ll also talk about how she is growing a sustainable business within the context of her art and how she is giving back to the community (drink!).

12 June 2007

BURNcast #045 - Tea Alchemy with Jon Oda

The Tea Temple’s alchemical tea master and resident tea-jay Jon Oda prepares semi-oxidized rare oolong and serves it up according to the dictates of Chinese tea art protocol within the context of a sacred tea ceremony. Jon talks about tea alchemy, tea as drinkable art and tea in service to community. This recording was made in San Francisco, California on April 29th, 2007.

As part of an extra special bonus, the first installment by Moses Ma for “This is Burning Man” recording project is also featured.

05 June 2007

BURNcast #044 - Flippin' Out at Burning Flipside

This episode features some folks out at Burning Flipside in Austin TX over Memorial Day Weekend including Odwally, a member of the senior staff of the Burning Man organization, Anthony, the regional rep out from New Orleans, and Pat Wheaton and George Papp, two of the guys on the board of the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC, which is the company that puts on the event.

As part of an extra special bonus, the Gigsville wedding of two best friends XTC and Sylkia is also available to download at the BURNcast MySpace blog.
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