17 June 2008

Announcing BURNcast.tv

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Hi there everybody, it's DaBomb here. It's official: BURNcast.tv has been quietly launching these past few months while I've been taking a break from the audio podcasts.


Well...because by the next Burning Man, all the audio recordings I made on the playa from last year will be used in upcoming episodes of BURNcast.

Combine that with the fact that I am unable to visit Black Rock City this year and you have a very sad bomb!

So what I hope to accomplish in BURNcast.tv is to be able to see the magic and beauty of Burning Man 2008 through the eyes of the participants who will be attending.

Below is some FAQ's about BURNcast.tv. Until then, I really look forward to any and all submissions to BURNcast.tv

Love & Rockets,

Q: What is BURNcast.TV
A: BURNcast.TV is a vlog of videos produced by burners for burners. All videos will feature the art, culture and community of Burning Man. Sometimes videos won't take place on the playa or at the Burning Man event per se, but rather at other Burning Man events like Decom.

Q: How will BURNcast.TV work?
A: Simply submit the embed code from a video you've uploaded to any video sharing website like YouTube, DailyMotion, Blip, MySpace, and more to burncast_[at]_gmail.com. BURNcast will act as curator for the "BURNCAST Video of the Day Contest". Be sure to send your snail mail address along with the embed code because your video is selected, you will win an official BURNcast bumper sticker and we're gonna have to mail it to you!

Q: What kind of content (we are become content!) are you looking for?
A: Anything that has to do with the art, culture and community (drink!) of Burning Man. Since Burning Man 2008 is only two short months away, BURNcast is particularly interested in videos about art projects, art cars, as well as any and all preparations for the event. BURNcast is also interested in any videos from years past. Please note: for copyright concerns we will only consider videos that user-generated for non-commercial use. We're really sorry, but we will not accept any commercial movie or commercial documentary film venture. We're sure your work is art and we're sure it's really awesome but if it's a commercial enterprise that's copyrighted, we're afraid we can't use it. I'm sure there are a lot of really great film festivals that you can submit it to though!


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