03 June 2009

Flickr Photos: Burning Man 1992 - 1996 by Malderor

These photos were all in an album Liz had compiled and labeled by year, so for once I'm certain about the dates. (The 95 photos are in there as well.) This was the first year Alan & Bill and I really managed to convince our friends in the City to come to the event en masse. It was the first year we really had a largish group, as opposed to one car and a few tents. Fandango's first community "theme camp" is evident here, too, in that Gregorio Cortez brought out his pool table for the first time.

This is the year the name "Fandango" was born, in reference to our humble three-RV encampment. Includes guns, hot springs, motorcycles....you know, all the stuff that makes Burning Man so awesome...

I'm not sure which years these photos are all from. They're pretty much a smattering from the earliest years of Fandango, circa 1993-1999. I'm doing a lot less "photo editing" on these, as I think they're kind of interesting as-is for what things were like back then.


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