19 June 2009

BURNcast.TV Home Videos: mOOnshOt

From the filmmaker Jason Siadek who writes.

We put the lunar rover and tranquility base on the playa for the 2003 Burn: "Beyond Belief". Built by the Space Monkeys, conceived and edited by Gigapede.

If anyone in the Los Angeles area has a space where we can park a car, tear to pieces, then weld and paint and otherwise mutate an art car, let gigapede@yahoo.com know! We're going to make another art car this year: the Sensatron 5000. It's a time traveling machine from the future, sent back to experience these visceral times before machines replaced contact.

We're using the cubatron technology LED technology along with programming and sensors to create a huge visualizer, that hangs the lights like an umbrella around the perimeter of the car to translate the sounds and movements we experience into light!

We just need a place to work for 2 months and then we will transport the Sensatron 5000 to burning man. We will work duing whatever hours are best and we'll leave no trace except a rad art car.

Helping us out will earn you: ONE FREE RIDE!!!!!!!*

*all rides are free.



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