05 June 2009

divaD BURNcast Events VLOG 06.05.09

Hello Everyone!

Sorry the events blog is up a day late! My internet went out. I forgot my computer at home yesterday so I couldn't upload the video from work...blah blah blah...But, it's up now! Woohoo! It was recorded on Thursday though so I do mention some things happening last night. Don't get confused. he he he.

 We've got a ticket give away for BOOTIE LA!! Come see Diva's debut as one of the R.A.I.D. dancers! Watch to win! And remember to leave your contact info when you are commenting for  a prize!


If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.

Upcoming Events


DaBomb said...

Woo hoo, divaD. You go girl! Love the hat, love the music (Yay TT!) and love the vlog. Thank you for doing this. You look like you're having fun.

Oh, and I don't need the free tickets so whomever leaves a comment after me can still win'em!

Anonymous said...

Please make me a winner!!
I love you divadanielle,

WG said...

I want my bootie tickets. R.A.I.D. all the way. Where's J-Lame!

:) Thanks for the updates, Diva!

Blair said...

DivaD, the Shade party rocked! It had a family-style feel like the early days at Twilo, combined with the briny atmosphere of a Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.

Can't wait for the next one!

natalie said...

trying to get my free RAID tickets! woohoo! love you, diva!!

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