24 June 2009

PleasureSean's First Timer's Guide To The Playa

A word from PleasureSean:
Yup - I'm going, not quite out of dodge yet and it's still way more fun than a Labor Day BBQ in the city in my book. But hey I understand it doesn't work for everyone's circumstances or mindset these days - I'll take pictures for ya in that case - deal?

PleasureSean's First Timer's Guide To The Playa is pretty similar to last year's edition - only this one has some funny pics along with the text. Forward it to your friends who are going for the first time so they don't bother you with a million questions - skip it if you've gone before because you're a pro now. And there's a bright moon during Bman this year with a full moon on friday night - nice!

Also, if you know of some unique/groovy art or music events going on up there this year, let me know as I'll send out a list of fun sounding stuff a week or so before Burning Man.

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