07 October 2011

Shrine On, Sweet Brother - News About a Los Angeles Burner

Shrine On, a member of the Los Angeles burner community, was in a serious car accident earlier this week on Wednesday, October 5 while on his way to Joshua Tree. The details of the accident are still unclear but what we do know is that he is in the hospital and underwent surgery to repair a torn aorta which is the the main artery leading to the heart. Its a very serious operation that he made it through but he is still in critical condition in the intensive care unit. There are also fractures to his face and the extent of that damage is still unknown as the doctors are focusing on the issues with the heart.

Shrine's family is with him and they respectfully ask that they don't have any visitors at this time. Many people are reaching out right now looking for ways that they can help. There will be an account set up soon where people can make donations for medical costs but right now what Shrine needs most is our prayers and positive energy to get through this difficult time.

A Facebook page has as well as a blog has been set up to keep everyone informed as to his condition.Please keep Shrine and his family in your prayers.

Shrine is most well known for his the Basura Sagrada which served as one of Burning Man's most treasured traditions as the temple back in 2008.

Below is an interview BURNcast did with Shrine back in 2007.

BURNcast #079 - The Tasseograph Trash Tea House
& Satan's Calliope

In today’s episode we meet up with Shrine to discuss his project the "Tasseograph Trash Tea House". Then Lucy Hosking plays her incendiary art car called “Satan’s Calliope”. Recorded 31 August 2007 in Black Rock City. Music by Williamson available at Magnatune.com. Photos by Tristan Savieter available at Playa-Dust.com.

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