01 August 2005

2005 Black Rock Art-Casting Audio Tour - Sponsored by Playazon

Playazon is pleased to offer the 2005 Black Rock Art-Casting Audio Tour.

Since Burning Man itself wouldn't exist if not for the art, it is every citizen's duty to either make art, bring art or understand the art that others provide. The Black Rock Art-Casting Service is one of the quickest ways to bone up on playa art and to help you pass the 2005 art exit exam required to get out the gate on Monday.

Once again this year, every registered art work on the playa will be marked with a numbered BRACS (Black Rock Art Casting Service) tag that corresponds to an mp3 file in our Art-Casting download. Each Art-Casting file will tell you more about a piece of art than even the artist that made it knows. Find out vital information such as:

• Who made this?
• What is this supposed to mean?
• Did my ticket money help pay for it?
• What does Chicken John think?
• When is it going to burn?

To utilize your Art-Casting download on the playa you must have a portable mp3 player and the necessary software to load mp3 files on your player. Art-Casting downloads and player rentals will not be available on the playa this year.*

Please Note: To insure that the Art-Casting Service is as complete and up-to-date as possible, downloads will not be available on-line till August 10.

2005 Art Casting Download - $9.00
Click to Purchase

* Last year's Audio Art Tour was a huge success, except with our accountant and the company that we rented the audio-tour equipment from. We ended up having to replace or repair over half the players due to exposure to playa dust. This year we decided to forgo hardware rentals, focus on content, and never take our iPods out of their plastic bags.
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