28 June 2011

Revolvr's Burning Man 2010 Experience - Metropolis #)'(

This video features DJ/producer Revolvr's (Touvan Sughiarto) trip to Burning Man 2010 but it was his visit to the event in 2009 that really opened his mind and influenced his music. Upon his return, he became Revolvr, and even his close friends told him, “You’ve found yourself.”

21 June 2011

Temple of Transition Scale Model - Burning Man 2011

We're really excited about this year's temple and this video gives us a reason to be. It's called "The Temple of Transition for Burning Man 2011" and it's taking shape at the build site in Reno, Nevada. To give participants an idea of the scale and scope of the finished product, the artists and fabricators behind the 2011 Temple built a scale model. More at Temple2011.org.

14 June 2011

Making the Fire of Fires by Ira Weinschel #)'(

A film by Ira Weinschel who writes:
This video is assembled from hundreds of still photos I took during the building of "The Fire of Fires", the Temple at Burning Man 2009. It includes shots from fundraisers in Austin and Houston, our build in Austin, TX during one of the hottest summers on record and the month we spent putting it all together on-playa.

Special thanks to The Mermen for allowing the use of their music in this video. Please visit them at mermen.net.
For more info about the project: communityartmakers.com

For more info about the photographer: sevenstarphoto.com

07 June 2011

Kickstarter: "Unusual Perspectives" ~ a burning man film by paynie #)'(

Burner and Los Angeles filmmaker Paynie is heading up a new documentary. His last film, "Burn Baby Burn" was pretty epic. This one has the potential to be just as awesome with your help.

Paynie writes:

The clip above is a camera test. I love how it turned out.


I know, there's been loads of films about Burning Man, so good, some bad, some painful. Trust me, I know, having made one myself a few years ago. So why shoot another?

Good question ..... and I'm glad you've asked.

Pretty much nothing at Burning Man is "normal," so why make a "normal" film? "Unusual Perspectives" will be anything but normal." At no point will the camera be placed on a tripod and someone asked "what Burning Man means to them."

There will be no "History of Burning Man" or "What the DPW really does" moments. The camera will fly on kites and helicopters. It will skydive and burn. It will be under that art car and in that cocktail.

I need to purchase some crash cams, GoPro's and r/c helicopters, 360° cameras, r/c trucks, hovercraft (seriously) and gliders .... and some hard drives .... etc.

11 years ago I shot "Burn Baby Burn" and it's about time I shot something new. I've also included a couple other links showing other work I've done recently.

Burning Man is about "art" and "community" .... this will all come through in the film .... with and "unusual perspective" and more.

Please, please, please ... even if you can't donate right now, hit the "Share" button on Facebook, or post this link wherever you think it will help.

Wanna know what Burning Man really looks like? Then I guess you'll want to see this film.

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