31 August 2008

Give Thanks Temple Burn - 2008

Free TV Show from Ustream

Tonight in Black Rock City the temple will be burned to honor those in the community who have passed on. This night is one of remembrance, reflection and grace.

At the same time participants convene for the temple burn on the playa, members of the burner community in Los Angeles meet at a private party to join them in spirit. This livestream is from this party.

Starting now (see the timestamped on this blog post), BURNcast.tv is livestreaming until it's over.

If the feed above is choppy, click here: http://www.ustream.tv/burncast where you can join us and participate via text and chat. In order to speak in the chat room, you need to log in to Ustream. If you do not have a Ustream account yet click here to register one for free.

DaBomb would like to dedicate this livestream in loving memory to Otto Schutt.

Fuck cancer. Give thanks!

The Deep End Camp - Burning Man 2008

The Deep End is like an Energizer™ battery. It just keeps going.

The Burning Of The Man 2008

Jason Unbound's Burning Man 2008

Bernal Man 2008

A backyard burn, presumably from Bernal Heights in SF.

John Law vs. Marian Goodell at the Thunderdome

John Law vs. Marian Goodell at the Thunderdome
Originally uploaded by cheesebikini

The O-Man Dance

Let's Do It Again!!!

So how did you like our livestream? That was fun, wasn't it? Let's do it again for the Temple Burn at another private party in Los Angeles and connect with fellow burners on the Internet. More details later today so be sure to check back.

The Flaming Lotus Girls' Mutopia

Rob's Burning Man 2008

30 August 2008

Burning Man 2008 White Out Saturday Afternoon

Out of Bounds: 08-30-08 AS THE DUST SETTLES Burning Man blog

Burn Without the Bother

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

Quiet Before the Storm at the Deep End Camp 2008

Burn Without the Bother - Tonight @ 9:00 p.m.

Tonight at 9:00 p.m. I will be livestreaming from a private party in Hollywood Hills as we watch the Burn™ being simulcast on Current TV.

There'll be many folks in the burner community who, for whatever reason, were orphaned and unable to attend this year's Burning Man. We'll be coming up to the webcam commenting on the events as they unfold at Burning Man and telling stories about burns past.

Click here to be taken to our livestream (starting at approximately 9:00 p.m. tonight):

Join us and participate via text and chat. In order to speak in the chat room, you need to log in to Ustream. If you do not have a Ustream account yet click here to register one for free.

Keep the flame alive!

Note: I get off work at 8:00 and be hurrying to the party ASAP. The start time for our livestream is "playa time", OK?

Director Abandons Project at Burning Man-08-29-08

The Playa at Night

From DJZachMoore who writes: "On my way home from Opulent Temple on Tuesday night I took a couple of minutes to soak in the sights and sounds of the playa at night."

29 August 2008

DJ Mello - Live At Burning Man

Stream videos at Ustream

DJ Mello - live at 9:30 and Esplanade at Camp PsuedoFeds.

Thanks to Star-Tides.net for the live satellite feed!

More Mike Giannini at the Deep End Camp 2008

Cirque de Flambe at Burning Man 2008

Canis the Fire Comet at Burning Man 2008. Cirque de Flambe final performance, .Thursday night

Mike Giannini at the Deep End Camp 2008

Straight from the playa, this is a clip from Mike's phenomenal Wednesday afternoon set at the Deep End camp this year (2008).

The Deep End Camp - Burning Man 2008

Video from The Deep End Camp at Burning Man 2008.

Playa Postcard #1

From: Bo
To: DaBomb
Subject: Playa Postcard

Dear Bomb,

Seems the mortgage crises has hit the playa this year as evidenced by big plots of real estate on esplanade that are sparsely populated. The org has lined the entrance to the center camp with their departments so very little art on the way into 6:00 except for a huge and fantastic fire weeble wobble flibbity flobbidy or something like that. The playa is connected as you say. I'm here in Center camp and have no idea where i'm getting internet. But it works. Owwee. Modernity!!!

Center camp is now charging $4.00 for a latte. When I asked the woman behind the counter for cream, she seriously said to me "do you think this is Starbucks?" At that price yes. She was a real bitch and said she'd been going to Burningman for 8 years and they never have cream (this is not true, I know) and that she had the right to talk to me like this because she was behind the right side of the counter. She either had never been to Burningman before based on her bad attitude, she was sadly cracked out or she needed to take a break. Whatev! The smell of burnt martyrs coming from the cafe is worse than hippy patchuli because the entire cafe staff is worst than DPW. they keep asking for tips and saying they are working so hard and sacrificing their burn by doing it. Good grief. The Amer-i-can dream andnl still people hate their job. Chai is right! FREE CHAI!!!!!!!!!!!! eyaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I'll go get better tasting coffee with less abuse from another camp.

So you know about the dust on Monday. It hopefully is all over. You would have hated it. Its Firday and the city is electric. Anyway toots. I love you!!!!!


Why I Didn't Go to Burning Man: The Untold Story

27 August 2008

AS THE DUST SETTLES 8-27-08 at Burning Man: Anything Goes

Fwd: Bus!

From: Odyssey
To: DaBomb
Subject: Bus!

Hey Bomb! I'm on the biobus heading down to the playa, I'll go to burncasttv and checkin asap! Yes ha, made it! Xxoo, mark

Sent from my iPhone

Dust Storm - Burning Man 2008

This was filmed on day one of Burning Man 2008 when a dust storm lasting for hours put the city into lockdown mode and left many attempting to enter Black Rock City parked in the "D" lot outside of the gate.

26 August 2008

AS THE DUST SETTLES video blog day 2 at Burning Man. 8-26-08

Return of the TOE: Diary of a Displaced Beauty Queen, Episode #4

Reinvigorated, Pink Toe decides to take her camel toe straight to the Miss BRC pageant.

A TOE-Tally New Beginning: Diary of a Displaced Beauty Queen Episode #3

The Toe also rises for Pink Toe.

After an embarrassing outburst in the last episode, Miss Cameltoepia gets real and recommits to spreading the gift of the TOE at Black Rock City this year.

Burning Man Preperation!

25 August 2008

Time Out

Hey there playa peops!

Just wanted to dash off this post to say I'm taking the next few days off from blogging and vlogging (and flogging, too). I just need a break! Tribe is dead, everybody's gone and frankly I need to take are of some stuff before we livestream "Burn Without the Bother" next Saturday night.

"Burn Without the Bother" is going to be a private party of other burners in the community (drink!) who have decided to attending Burning Man this year. We'll be getting together at a gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills and watch the live simulcast of burn night on Current TV.

You'll be able to watch our livestream at this link: http://ustream.tv/burncast

More information will be forthcoming later this week, so stay tuned!

Burning Man 2006 Boob Parade

This is why I don't run around at Burning Man naked. You don't know who's filming you or where your image will end up.

BURNcast.TV #36 - Angelo on Current TV

BURNcast met up with Angelo who was helping out with an art project and took an opportunity to find out what he's got going for Burning Man 2008.
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

24 August 2008

Free ticket to Burning Man

Will somebody help a sister out? I mean, this thread on Tribe.net says it all: http://bit.ly/2GgzTG

UPDATE 10:24 p.m. So this gal disabled embedding of this video. That's too bad. It's a great song and a wonderful performer. The direct link is here.

BURNcast.TV - Rumor Patrol #7

The Playa Swimmers have a new team member!
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

23 August 2008

This is Burning Man: The Rise of a New American Underground Review

See all Non-Fiction Books reviews at Expotv

AS THE DUST SETTLES-isis-video blog 8/23/08: departure

BURNcast.TV - Rumor Patrol #6

At long last, drugs are legal on the playa thanks to the new medical marijuana dispensary gifted to the state of Nevada from California's Governor Schwarzenegger. It's the weed!

As the Dust Settles Pre-production Video Blog 8-22-08: food

Burning Man Prep

Remembering Otto

From Random Lee Kind:

"The Sunday night temple burn at Burningman is a really beautiful and powerful ritual of the community to remember loved ones lost in the previous year and more importantly, to let go of their loss in the metaphor of an all consuming fire. It will be made all the more powerful by gathering Friends of Otto together in one place.

So if you’re making it up to the desert this year, please come together to remember Otto and send lots of love and good vibes high into the night sky of the desert.

We’ll be gathering in front of the Garage Mahal art car prior to and during the Temple Burn for a communal goodbye."

On the way to Burning Man

22 August 2008

Day 78 - Manifesting a cargo van:)

Flying over Black Rock City 8-10-08

Flew over Burning Man to see how far along they were setting things up. Sorry for the shaky video. I was the pilot not the camera man!

AS THE DUST SETTLES pre-production Video Blog 8-21-08

BURNcast.TV #35 - Pre-Playa Prep with Angelo


Advice for veterans and virgins alike!

21 August 2008

Dance Toys - Burning Man 2008

Oh, look! An informercial for blinky light crap filmed at Burning Man! If you can get past the blatant self-promotion and bad segueways the imagery from years past is actually cool.

Battle of the Beanfield

These guys are opening for Bigfoot at Center Camp following the ritualistic and satanic burning of the Man™ on Saturday, 30 August 2008. Be sure to watch BURNcast.TV's livestreaming vidcast from backstage! It's gonna be tight!

Live UR City Pre Burning Man Video

SaFire Hoop Dancing Burning Man Workshop: Center Camp Wednesday Noon


A National Tragedy! Camel Toe Fashion Show Cancelled! "Diary of a Displaced Beauty Queen" Episode #2

Pink Toe gets emotional after finding out that she will not be giving away her crown at the Camel Toe Fashion show at this year's Burning Man.

Diary of a Displaced Beauty Queen: Episode #1

Pink Toe says GO! TO BURNING MAN! Miss Cameltoepia 2007 gives hints & techniques for the CamelToe Fashion Show at Black Rock City.

The Man is up 08

More from Spaceman!

A desolate playa 08

Spaceman's got video from the playa. Just posted right now!!! This is 2008 people!

AS THE DUST SETTLES pre-production Video Blog 8-20-08

I'm am about to embark on a filmmaking adventure in the deep dessert of Nevada for The Burning Man Festival. Follow me through my journey http://indiegogo.com/asthedust

BURNcast.TV #34 - Larry

20 August 2008

America's Greatest Legend Coming to Black Rock City!

In the past that little thing in the desert was a place where only the Cool Kids™ hung out.

Until now.

At long last, America's greatest legend is coming to Burning Man in 2008.

He's older than Johnny Cash... and bigger than Madonna... he even kicks Elvis to the curb!

And BURNcast.TV will be livestreaming backstage from Center Camp Cafe with our all access pass!

I Love the Playa

I'm lovin' this!

BURNcast.TV - Rants & Raves #1

First you had BURNcast.TV, then you had the spin off "Playa Rumor Patrol" series. Here Juddles stands on a soapbox and kicks off our "Rants & Raves" series with his take on Current.TV livebroadcasting at Burning Man.

What do you think? Share you rant or rave at BURNcast.TV

19 August 2008

Happy Tutu-Tuesday!

Hey there all you BURNcast audio podcast fans...listen up!

It's DaBomb here and I still have many recordings to serve up from Burning Man 2007 that I'm just not going to get to before y'all leave for the playa this year. For one, Lecter was out of town last week and he's going to be on the playa next week and Lecter...dear Lecter...he does all the uploading of the podcasts to iTunes.

If your next questions is "when *will* you have those audio podasts ready?" I have to say I have no clue.

I'll get to them sometime after the burn but for right now I'm focusing on these vidcasts. Keep your subscriptions in iTunes updated for the podcasts and I'll load them sometime after the event. Combined with Katherine the Great's recordings from this year's burn and we should have another series of episodes before we finally shut the audio podcasts down for good.

OK...for all of you that are leaving for the playa I hope you rock your burn!

BURNcast.TV #33 - Guzel Gjenasaj

18 August 2008

BURNcast.TV Community Bulletin Board

BURNcast.TV Community Bulletin BoardIn this post:

- Playa Conditions Report 2008
- More info on 'Burn Without the Bother' livestreaming event on burn night in Los Angeles.

In this post:

- Playa Conditions Report 2008
- Holla to Tribe.net
- More info on 'Burn Without the Bother' livestreaming event on burn night in Los Angeles.

BURNcast.TV - Rumor Patrol #4

Pssst! Get in to this year's event for free. All you have to do is know the secret password. Shhhh...it's a secret. Keep it on the DL.

BURNcast.TV - GeoFry Collins (Part One and Two)

GeoFrey Collins is a green architect based of Los Angeles. I recently met up with him at a party. Sorry about the sound quality here. Hopefully you can bear with it!

16 August 2008

BURNcast.TV - Rumor Patrol #3

BURNcast.TV heard the Hatted One spoke to God on the phone one night on the playa and has since then seen the light. Is this the end of the event as we know it? Spread your playa rumor at by sending us an email at burncast/@/gmail

15 August 2008

Burning Man '06 Photo Montage

This just in from Psilly Psimon!

Is Copyright Dead?

Is Copyright Dead?DaBomb wants to know what can 'copyright' possibly mean when millions of people can download the and remix what they find on the Internet?

As mentioned in this post: http://bit.ly/1q1CwS

DaBomb wants to know what can 'copyright' possibly mean when millions of people can download the and remix what they find on the Internet?

As mentioned in this post: DJ Playadusters Remix: Soul Body Mind Playa

Playa Portraits Project : Burning Man 2004 & 2007

Hey daBomb!

Long time listener and lover of Burncast podcasts

My first submission for Burncast TV! "The Playa Portrait Project from BM 04 & 07"

Hope you love it!

No playa for me either in 2008 -- oh well!

moontroll aka DJ Playaduster

DaBomb on Livestreaming, BURNcast.TV and Current TV

PleasureSean's Playa Guide

This just in from PleasureSean:

"Well, it turns out a couple of people are going to Burningman after all. So here's my totally opionated guide to what looks like good music (and some art) up there this year. There's obviously a ton of stuff I don't know about as there are like 1,000 parties going on at once, so it's always a wise choice to explore to your hearts content, but these camps are going to be a better bet than most I'd say music wise.

And remember (1) pretty much no moonlight at all during the night this year, so bring extra flashlights and light up your bike so you don't get run over, and (2) it was a drought again last year, so it's going to be dusty like last year – bring goggles and a breathing mask for when it gets ridiculous, and (3) the drive up and back is the most dangerous part of the whole thing – please remember to be careful.

Oh - and usually some additional info comes in after I send this out, so I'll probably update this with tidbits of new info and park it on my website here...

PleasureSeans Playa Guide 2008

if you want to download it before you leave. The Acrobat version prints out a lot better too.

See ya at the beach.




A few art pieces/events some friends are involved in that you should not/will not miss:
- Tantalus – Hudzo's (from the swinging Monkey piece last year) newest stroboscopic art piece with an American theme twist
- Black Rock City Ballet (7:30 & Esplanade) – performance stage with dancers from San Francisco Ballet, Smuin Ballet, Sacramento Ballet, and San Jose Ballet. I understand the performances will be classical dance pieces performed from sunset to about midnight daily (but check at the stage about times) = very, very nice.
- Mutopia – The Flaming Lotus Girls do it again. About the size and scale of the Serpent Mother – look for the huge metal sculpture with flames coming out of it.
- Elevation by Michael Christian and crew – 54 foot climb-able pyramid sculpture.
- Altered States by Kate Raudenbush – sculpture resembles the top of the Capital in Washington DC


Deep End (9:00 & F)
House & progressive house music – massive Ibiza style day party with an open bar. Those involved say it is their last year on the playa so it will be even more completely nutso...in a good way. DJ schedule at http://www.thedeependcamp.com/music/line_up_2008.htm

Pink Mammoth (8:30 & F)
Deep house music for dancing the afternoon away – a bit less hectic than the Deep End, both are good and are close to each other.

Soulicious (7:30 & B)
I've heard nothing but good things about this house music crew so check out their afternoon and evening parties if you are in the hood.


Nexus (2:00 & A)
Glitch/breaks with some great DJs – definitely worth a check if you're in the neighborhood - http://www.nexusnebula.com/

Cyphertown (2:00 & F)
Hip hop/breakbeat/dubstep – yes, live hip hop performances on the playa along with some stylin DJs - http://www.cyphertown.org/

Opulent Temple (2:00 & Esplanade)
Progressive house & breaks mostly. Although lots of people like this sound camp, I'm not one of them as I've had some really bad interactions with this camp's leader, so I skip it completely. YMMV. DJ schedule at http://www.opulenttemple.org/

False Profit (4:30 & Esplanade)
Not a full time sound camp this year as they won't be doing the mondo Tuesday night party with the Mog this year, but there might be a smaller shindig some time during the week at camp with a breaks/glitch feel so keep an eye out if you pass by.

Red Nose District (5:00 & Esplanade)
Circus performance and rock – Schedule at http://www.rednosedistrict.org/

Plug 4 (5:30 & Esplanade)
Funk/soul/hip hop from the playa old skoolas – small cozy scene with some cool music

Philadelphia Experiment (8:00 & Esplanade)
House/breakbeat from the Philly crew – def worth checkin out

Root Society (10:00 & Esplanade)
Massive setup on the corner. DJ tent and Rock/performance tent this year. First year they were kinda so-so, but last year lots of people loved the vibe, so check it out this year. Full schedule at http://jefrtale.com/rootspace/lineup08.html

Green Gorilla Lounge (10:00 & A)
One of my fave music camps as the house/electro music tends to be on the funkier side of things rather than the harder grindy stuff that is pretty prevalent up in most dance camps. They're bringing a new larger dome setup and also have an open bar - bring your own cup and an alcohol donation if you want to chip in.

Gravity Point (10:00 & A)
Breakbeat/various DJs – can be really bumpin or can be kinda empty, worth checkin out as it's completely original when it's on.

Here's a couple of events that look good – way subjective again. And remember, it's the last year of the Deep End on the playa, so definitely get a day or two in before it evaporates.

- Tantalus opening party at the art piece after dark where Hudzo's stoboscopic art piece gets fired up for the first time

- Closing set by Lee Burridge at The Deep End (6-7:30 or so)

- Late night minimal techno with NYC's Wolf + Lamb on Disorient Bus DEX out near the trash fence (10pm till morning)

- Temple of Breaks – breakbeat music on artcars all night at the Basura Sagruda Temple – wasn’t sure if this was going on or not this year, but it looks like it’s a go now.
- DJ Dan at Root Society (1:30-3:00am)

- Juke Joint at Cyphertown (night) – super solid music front to back
AfroBoogieFunk from Santa Rosa's DJ Malarkey 7-9 sunset saki party, 9-10 Senor Oz & PleasureMaker, 10-11 Wicked Lester, 11-12 All Good Funk Alliance, 12-1 Malarkey, 1-2 Anthony Mansfield, 2-3 Ali B, 3-4 Fort Knox 5, 4-5 M3, 5-6 Motion Potion, 6-7 I&I
- Root Society – great music lineup, probably will be packed but worth a couple of hours
at least 9-10 Dylan Rhymes, 10-11:30 Lee Coombs, 11:30-12:30 Fort Knox Five, 12:30-2:30 Special "Bass" Guest (probably Lorin), 2:30-4:00 An-Ten-Nae, 4-5:30 Ali B
- Cirque Bezerk vs. Vau de Vire Society with Muytator and Gooferman at Red Nose District (5 & Esplanade)

- Soulbrunch party at Solicious – high noon through the afternoon with breakfast burritos, mojitos and house music.
- Late night/early morning party at Hudzo's Tantalus art piece (midnight-daylight) with DJs Lee Coombs and Dylan Rhymes & sound by Garage Mahal and Deep End artcars.

- Last day of the Deep End (sniff)
- I'd say the Lorin Sunday morning sunrise set (assuming he makes it to the playa) is usually a highlight for playa energy. Check out your favorite music camps after the burn.

- Friends of Otto and Sharon will be meeting in front of the Garage Mahal art car at the Temple Burn for a communal goodbye. I'm bringing some fine wine.
- Root Society Closing Party – thank god someone is keeping their sound system up for Sunday night, it ain't over till it's over.

- Camps by location – http://www.dongrays.com/burningman2008/campsbylocation.html
- Lorin Schedule not annnounced yet, but will be here if he comes – http://www.myspace.com/bassnectar or http://bassnectar.tribe.net/

14 August 2008

Watch Burning Man Live from Current TV

Clip courtesy of Current TV and someone who pirated it and put it on YouTube.

BURNcast.TV Live on Burn Night 2008

On Burn Night 2008, I will be at a burn party in Los Angeles where I will be livestreaming via http://Ustream.tv.

Where will you be?

Join me from your webcam at your happening and let's connect! It's pretty easy to do. Here's how you do it:

- First, get a webcam and a computer and then connect to the Internet.

- Go to Ustream and create an account.

- Remain connected to the Internet and turn on your webcam and voila! You can livestream from wherever you are on Burn Night.

- Send me the embed code of your Ustream.TV page and I will post it along with my livestream here on BURNcast.tv and that way the community can remain connected!

Hint: you might want to test this all out before Burn Night and make sure all systems are go!

Love & Rockets,

BURNcast.TV - Burning Man Rumor Patrol #2

Rumor patrol! Rumor patrol! Spread your Burning Man Rumor by sending it to us a burncast/@/gmail

12 August 2008

BURNcast.TV #30 - Juddles (Part 2)

BURNcast (audio) WILL be at Burning Man in 2008!

Katherine the Great will be making recordings for BURNcast audio on the playa this year, yay! Find her in the Alternative Energy Zone (AEZ) at 6:30 and Dart, in a camp called Bearly There.

11 August 2008

A Member of the Community Speaks Up!

In response to my vlog post about whether pranks were acceptable or not, d.a. sent me this.

Ohhh...d:a.! Thanks so much. You're a star! I drink a toast to community in honor of you tonight for stepping up to your webcam and sharing your thoughts!!!


BURNcast.TV #29 - Juddles (Part 1)

BURNcast.TV Vlog Post #2

10 August 2008

BURNcast Audio Podcasts Update

Hey there BURNcast audio listeners: just a note to let you know that Lecter (of NoSpectators.com) is on vacation this week. He usually uploads the audio podcasts to iTunes for us. Though I'll be uploading the podcasts here on this website, you'll have to wait until he gets back to download them from iTunes.

That's it!

Only 20 days left til the man burns!

BURNcast #076 - The Fire Spinner: A Soundscape

A brief recording with Anton Viditz-Ward talking about his installation "Fire Spinner" at Burning Man 2007. Check out the video below to view the piece. Recorded 31 August 2007 in Black Rock City.

09 August 2008

Subscription Updates

For several months the BURNcast audio podcast has been having issues with the mp3 player on this site.

Until now.

If you want to subscribe to the audio podcast via iTunes, do it here.

And if you want to subscribe to our vidcast via iTunes, do it here.

BURNcast.TV Commentary - To Prank or Not to Prank?

At what point is it OK to prank people? Is it ever OK to prank people?

07 August 2008

06 August 2008

05 August 2008

"CRIMSON KNEW - BurnTruth.org" T-shirts Now Available

Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the Black Rock's newest conspiracy theories.

Whether your from the L.I.H. camp or a hardcore M.I.H camp member you'll love being able to proudly show that 'You Know' that there was much more a going on 8/28 than those in power would like you to believe.

This cherry picked information in silkscreened form is now available to you for the uncannily low price of $12 (with domestic shipping included). Ten percent of every purchase will go to BurnTruth.Org, which is dedicated to proving that thermite could have been used to bring down a 40-foot tall wooden effigy!

Available now in Iron Oxide Red Ink on Black or Tan Men's and women's T-shirts. Get one now before they're made to disappear!


Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance to the BURNcast website at 4:00 PDT. The latest episode featuring Piss Clear's swan song will be available to download in iTunes later this evening for your listening pleasure.

BURNcast #075 - Piss Clear's Adrian Roberts, Mysterious D and Malderor

In this episode, BURNcast speaks with Adrian Roberts, Mysterious D and Malderor, the kick-ass glitz editors of Piss Clear, Black Rock City's alternative newspaper, at Burning Man 2007. This recording is full of sharp catty snark with just a pinch of bitchiness and you won't want to miss three possibly jaded veterans serve it up fresh.
Recorded 29 August 2007.

04 August 2008

A Fond Goodbye to Frank Bonita

While my computer was off being repaired these past few days, I logged on to Tribe via my phone to check in. On a friend's blog I learned about the passing of a dear and beloved campmate, Frank Bonita, from Camp Sunscreen. I was stunned. What terrible news!

Frank and his wife Marilyn were so kind, fun and loving. Camping with them was always a joy and his presence on and off the playa will be sorely missed.

For those of you just learning about Frank's passing, more info can be found here.

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