30 November 2010

Texas to Black Rock - Burning Man 2010 )'(

A few weeks ago I got my video submissions along with their descriptions mixed up.  Sorry for the confusion!  In this video, as submitted by Lowe, six guys from East Texas travel half way across the country.

According to Lowe: "We hit a few bumps across the country to get there, but had the time of our lives. Made some great friends, thanks to Camp Titycaca for welcoming us with open arms. Till next year: peace."

23 November 2010

Self As City, City As Self (Lecture from Entheon Village @ Burning Man 2010)

Today's video is from Michael "aka Percival aka The Professor" Garfield who writes:
"As an evolutionary biologist and developmental psychologist by training, I typically gift Black Rock City by expounding on lofty philosophical topics pertinent to the year's art theme...like the construction of selfhood in relationship to the collective."

'I gave this lecture at Burning Man Festival's Entheon Village as part of their 2010 symposium on sustainability and community. Entheon's focus on visionary art and psychedelic conversation, and Burning Man's dedication to the city as collaborative creative play, made it obvious to me that the year's art theme, "Metropolis," called for a talk on the many ways that individual and collective are intertwined.."

'This is a whirlwind tour of concepts from evolutionary biology, developmental psychology, philosophy, architecture, and art that - taken together - point us toward a new understanding of the self as a multitude and our communities as living, sentient beings."

16 November 2010

Burning Man '09 Photo Montage )'(

Just when I think it's time to wrap up this season of BURNcast, in come several more video submissions (from readers like you!) to keep this blog going. This video comes from longtime BURNcast fan Psilly Psymon.

Psymon says, "Here is a little photo montage I did of Burning Man '09. I hope you enjoy it~!"

09 November 2010

Burning Man 2010 - Living in the City

This video is by David Fburn who wrote in to share the following:
Heya !!!
This my second burn and not the last !!! when i came last year , like many , i bring video cam and i realize with classic device you can't film and enjoy and interact with other that's why i bought a micro sport camcorder , and it's was almost perfect :))

I made my first rec on the playa and it's only when i came back in default world i have been able to see what i recorded ( and it's very special experiment because so many little things happens in the playa, you can't remember everything and when i watched 10days after BM i was like : "OMG, how could i forgot that , and that ... It's like my video memory of the many little moments i lived in the playa .
I didn't try to make a best of , it's more a virtual visit of 1% of burning man !

This is only my 3rd video montage , and i know there're many little thing to fix but i had hours and hours of video footage i made with my HATcamcorder, and i had to make a video clip .

The good thing with micro cam it's : you have both free hand and you can enjoy the event like everyone else . The Bad side : no visor or control screen , no zoom and wide angle !

My Hat was on the side , i try to correct the video angle but sometime i couldn't :( i'll fix that for next year .

Thanks for all , et vous me manquez beaucoup! can't wait to cyu @home next year .

And if someone have a video of the burn night and can share it for my night and day video, it would be awesome ( of course i'll put your name in credit and it's for no commercial use of course :)

Saturday night i was way to high and i enjoy the moment , i don't have a single pic or video of the all night ... i'm aslo interrest by the first explosion @7pm of friday night " Bleve"

David Fburn

Music : Space cowbow - Dj Trav [Seismic] - lovely disco
and Dj Elite Force - Burning man 2010 RIPEcast Mix - for the night preview .

02 November 2010

Go Vote!

Photo Jaime Carrero
Happy Tutu-Tuesday everybody. BURNcast will be dark this week but may resume next week at its usually scheduled blog postings.

Until then: go out there and VOTE!!!
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