17 April 2012

BURNcast.TV #66 - Burning Man 2012 with Ricky Vegas

Early last Monday morning on the tail end of Easter weekend, burner Ricky Vegas stops through Los Angeles on his way back from Opulent Temple's White Party in San Francisco to talk about Burning Man 2012.

03 April 2012

Best of Burning Man

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Heyo, everybody.  It's DaBomb here and I've got a confession to make: I lied.  (But I really, really didn't mean to! ) Cuz when I said I was firing up the old BURNcast for another season I really thought I was.

You see, I rely on the community (drink!) to nudge me from the hibernation that occurs from the embers of last year's burn until the spring of the next one so there's really no set calendar as to when I actually roll out production on Burning Man coverage.  I just wait 'til enough cards and letters come in from fans and followers to tell me it's time to get crackin'.

So when I posted this update on Facebook last month I really thought there would be enough material to get us through to Burning Man this year.

But, whoa was I wrong.  So royally wrong.

All the ruckus I heard from this wonderful community of burners was about the Great Ticket Fiasco of 2012 and how many of you didn't get a God damn ticket.

Well, I'm sorry. Really I am.  It totally is teh suck. I know you're disappointed and I know you've been dreaming, planning and budgeting ever since you got back from Black Rock City to get your ass back on the playa this year. But did you really have to wake me up for that? 

Seriously.  I have disagree with the consensus that many of you think the Org committed a big fat fail. I just don't see how the Org fucked up here. For one, they've got cash in the bag thanks to the ticket sales.  So, um, like they're turning a profit.  Which is good. American's value profits (who all here remembers the American Dream?) and artists should get paid for the efforts, wouldn't you agree? And sure the Org created controversy, but like a problem child with unmet emotional needs, BMorg likes controversy. Hell, Burning Man thrives on it. I bet they love it.  It's like bad attention is better than no attention.  And bad PR is better than no PR which is exactly what happened.

So while this Great Ticket Fiasco is breaking burners hearts it's also causing folks to kvetch but hey, at least people are talking about Burning Man.  And wasn't that the goal: to share Burning Man with the world??? So...OK... yeah. So they're talking about it. It's getting into the vernacular, the Zeitgeist, the consciousness, the mainstream, whatever the fuck you want to call it. It's all good, although not out there like it was intended to be put out there.  Whatever. Shit happens.

Anyway, as a citizen journalist (say it with me: "blogger") covering the art, culture and community of Burning Man the news of the Great Ticket Fiasco got old and stale pretty fast.

But I really thought it would pass as stories about upcoming Burning Man art projects, theme camps and other culcha related things would start to bubble up so that I could get back to doing what BURNcast does best: lovin' on the Burning Man community (drink!).

Sadly, these anticipated stories are just not surfacing so the blogging is just not happening.

Oh, wait.  On second thought that's not true. (There I go lying again!)

Seriously though? There actually is an epic installation I heard about heading out to the playa this year: David Best is returning to the playa this year to head up Temple of Juno with the International Arts Megacrew. (However, the link to their FB page is no workee.)

If this is true, than it's pretty damn cool.

Just remember: it's not your fault. Fuck your day.  More later so stay tuned.

Love & Rockets,
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