31 July 2008

BURNcast Special Announcement

Attention BURNcast fans: my computer going in for repairs tomorrow.

No new podcasts episodes or video episodes until it gets fixed. :(

So, save me from boredom!

Send me your Burning Man videos so at least I can watch something on my iPhone until I get my computer back!!!

Or, keep me company and Twitter me.

30 July 2008

BURNcast Out-Takes #3 - Felix and Oscar at Burning Man

Two of the youngest members of Camp Sunscreen, Felix and Oscar, talk to BURNcast at Burning Man 2007. Both these little guys have been rocking the playa since they were born.

Listen to an interview with Felix from Burning Man 2006 following a brief conversation with artist Alex Grey:

BURNcast #028 - Conversation with Alex Grey

Social BURNcast

With Tribe connectivity being so intermittent, join BURNcast at these other social networks:

BURNcast.TV #26 - OhTony (Part 2)

In part two of my interview with OhTony he shares with us some stories about synchronicity on the playa and also gives some good advice on how to get laid at Burning Man!

29 July 2008

Woohoo! BURNcast got featured on the Odeo.com homepage and my audience blew up like a bomb and shook like and earthquake! w00t!

BURNcast #074 - Ranger Trip and Zoom

In this episode, BURNcast speaks to Ranger Trip and his mother who goes by the playa name "Zoom" to discuss community, art, and the importance of family. Then we'll wrap things up with advice to the virgin as well as veteran burner on how to participate within the community of Black Rock City. Recorded August 31, 2008 in Black Rock City.

28 July 2008

Testing Ping.fm

BURNcast.TV #25 - OhTony (Part 1)

27 July 2008

BURNcast Podcasts Update

Several episodes ago...actually around BURNcast audio episode #70 -- we at BURNcast switched from audio to video podcasting. However, we still have several audio recordings from last year's burn that we want to offer to our listeners. At the same time we were in transition, the service that offers the audio players for BURNcast went through some changes and upgrades and so now we're finally able to update and offer you three more audio podcasts. They'll be posted immediately, so enjoy!

26 July 2008

The Man Burns - 2002

From: brcnative

24 July 2008

15 July 2008

Flamethrower Shooting Gallery video 1

OK. Wow. This is really cool! Coming to Burning Man 2008.

No New BURNcasts This Week

Hey everybody, Bomb here.

Glad you're enjoying the videos from burners within the community leading in to this year's event. Just a note: there will be no new vidcasts or podcasts this week because of my hectic new work schedule. I've done BEAUCOUP overtime which is sad for the followers of BURNcast, but awesome for my savings account. I've been so piss poor since the writers strike and what's been called the "de facto" actors strike, that money is a really good thing right now. It means I can save for big ticket items and vacation. You know? Just sayin'!

Love & Rockets,

building tantalus

Posted on YouTube by aaronakabigguy, Tantalus is Peter Hudson's latest creation set for Burning Man 2008. Hudson's "Homouroborus" wowed the crowds at last years' burn.

13 July 2008

Burning Man 2004/ Man burn

From Brainstamper. Was Burning Man really better a few years ago?

11 July 2008

BURNcast.TV #20 - Migadee Mac Maker

Share your Burning Man videos at http://BURNcast.tv

BURNcast Bonus! Mac did an audio recording with BURNcast on the road back from last year's burn along the 395. Listen to it below:

powered by ODEO

10 July 2008

09 July 2008

08 July 2008

BURNcast #073 - NeverGirl and Marty

In today's episode I catch up with Nevergirl at Burning Man 2007 to talk about diversity on the playa. Then NeverGirl takes over the mic and talks to Marty, a guy from Holland, about his playa experience as I quietly check out from extreme heat and some mild dehydration.
Recorded 2 September 2007.

BURNcast.TV #17 - Group Hug

07 July 2008

05 July 2008

Featured Video: Black Rock University at Burning Man 2007

Here's today's featured video from Quicksilver who writes:

I'm an avid listener of the BURNcast, and a fifth-year senior at a camp called Black Rock University Heights, Inc. I am submitting for your consideration, the promotional clip I made for our camp last year. It includes a look at last year's feature project, the Ivory Tower of Academia, and an introduction to some of our prestigious "faculty." All footage was filmed during the 2007 event and the clip was made to spread the word about our camp far and wide. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing Quicksilver!

BURNcast.TV #14 - DivaDanielle & Jan

03 July 2008

Swarm at Temple of Forgiveness - Burning Man 2007

Doc's Burning Man 2004 Movies

Doc's Burning Man 2004 Movies - A block party, the temple burn, and a snippet of the DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)

02 July 2008

Sexual Assault on the Playa - A Public Service Announcement

Earlier this week on BURNcast.tv our guest mentions some unpleasant experiences during Burning Man 2007 in which she was sexually assaulted at Burning Man '07. I didn't want to press her too much and she didn't seem to want to get into it on tape but told me the ugly details after I turned the camera off. Here's the link to the video.

Now the reason I'm posting this here is because sexual assault is a problem in any major city, Black Rock City notwithstanding. Last year on the BURNcast audio podcast, we interviewed Gigi De L'Amour from the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.) whose work on this issue truly heroic in educating the population on how to combat it. This BURNcast episode can serve as a good primer going into this year's event.


BURNcast #052 - Get into B.E.D. with Gigi de L'Amour

In this episode, we speak to Gigi de L’Amour of the The Black Rock City Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.) about their use of sex positive messages to prevent sexual assault on the playa. B.E.D. is a team of volunteers who gather each year at Burning Man to provide information and education regarding rape and sexual assault on the playa.


FWIW, there's a discussion about this issue on the Burning Woman tribe which can be read here.

It's important that every member of this vibrant and positive community keep an eye out for each other while at the event. Remember the key phrases of B.E.D.: Yes means yes. No means no!

Thanks so much for your time, peeps! Flame on!

Street's Sound _ music video

Street's Sound _ music video
Video sent by joachimgarraudbroad

Voici le Clip du titre " Street's sound" de Joachim Garraud tourné dans le désert du névada lors du célèbre Festival " Burning Man".

01 July 2008

BURNcast #072 - Liz & Malderor from Camp Fandango

In today's episode we speak to Liz and Malderor at Camp Fandango. Here, Liz reads an article from last year's Piss Clear. Malderor is a contributor of Piss Clear and we'll get his take about the Paul Addis' "Early Burn". Recorded 29 August 2007.

BURNcast.TV #013 - Adele

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