30 December 2010

The Best of Bootie 2010

Best Of Bootie 2010 by bootie

Some of you may remember Adrian Roberts as the one responsible for bringing Black Rock City's most popular alternative newspaper the PISS CLEAR to Burning Man from 1995 to 2007.

But as DJs Adrian and his partner in crime the Mysterious D (together aka A plus D) the two are also widely hailed as the duo that helped bring mashup and bootleg culture to America. Since 2005 they've been bringing Bootie BRC to the playa.

Just in time for your New Year's bash A Plus D have compiled and mixed "The Best Mashups of 2010" from DJs all over the globe and pureed them all together to form the best accumulation of 2010 audio. This mix includes Lady Gaga with Daft Punk, tossing in a few old school faves from Will Smith and Bob Marley.

Download here and enjoy!

28 December 2010

BURNcast.TV Home Videos: Putt Putt Playa, Burning Man 2007

This video is part two of a three part series of Burning Man 2007 videos from Hedy Sirico. I think it's a great testament to how much work goes on inside theme camps before they even get to Burning Man.

In this video we go behind the scenes as the Putt Putt Playa theme camp prepares for the event.  About 2/3's of the footage documents all the blood and sweat, spit and polish (not to mention elbow grease) it takes for the camp to make it happen.

Then they finally get to Black Rock City but not long after they get set-up, Putt Putt Playa gets totally pummeled by a nasty ass dust storm that completely obliterates their Thursday. If you've never endured one of these (or would like to relive the moments with the folks at Putt Putt Playa) you can see it all at around the 21:00 mark. But as any true burner, the Putt Putts prevail and make it through to see the double rainbow and enjoy another burn.

Note: This video file is over 25 minutes long and it's about 212 mb large. It was rendered for mobile devices and it's also the file that's available for download in iTunes. You can view a larger version that's 320 mb on Vimeo.

21 December 2010

BURNcast.TV Home Videos: WDYDWYD Burning Man 2007

We're going to wrap up the next few weeks of 2010 and roll into 2011 with a three part home video series of Burning Man 2007 from filmmaker Hedy Sirico.   Sirico submitted another series of great home videos last year that you might enjoy including "Burning Man 2008: The Amer-I-Can Dream".

Today we're proud to present episode #1, which is just simply entitled "WDYDWYD". Here burners were asked the simple question "Why do you do what you do?"

This video is over 20 minutes long and it's about 158 mb large. It is the mobile version (meaning it was rendered for smaller screens such as those of mobile devices) and it is also the version that's available for download via iTunes. You can view a a larger, higher quality version that's 238 mb on Vimeo.

14 December 2010

All Aboard the Airship Victoria

The Airship Victoria  is a steampunk dirigible and multi-year project conceived by Stacey Reineccius and designed by Trevor Tuttle.   Above is an old episode of BURNcast when the AV was still in its planning stages back in 2009.  

For Burning Man 2010 the AV was built on a matrix of seven 10 ft diameter balloons attached to a hand-made aluminum frame. Once airborne, the dirigible attempted to lift a 1 kilowatt Tesla coil above the ground. The coil and LED lighting system were controlled by a midi keyboard on the ground creating a music and light show unlike anything built before.

There's more videos plus photos of the Airship Victoria from this year's burn on their Facebook page and also on YouTube. Unfortunately, the admin has disallowed embedding and sharing otherwise I would have posted them here instead. So go on over and check'em out. They're gearing up for Burning Man 2011 and they're looking for volunteers. Tell'em I sent'cha!

07 December 2010

Burning Man 2010 ADD Montage by Baraka )'(

This video submission by Baraka who writes: "An internet Attention Deficit Disorder montage of my week at Burning man with seven other virgins. Sky diving and tons of ART ART ART!!!!"
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