28 January 2010

Got Tix?

Earlier today we Twittered/Facebooked to see who received their Burning Man ticket yet as we wanted to see what it looked like. Here's some of the replies we received.

If you Twitter @burncast and point a link to your ticket photo, we'll add yours to our Flickr set.

iGoogle Gadget: Countdown to Burning Man!

Oh, how we love this gadget that's installed on our iGoogle desktop by Mark Laramee. It's modeled after the Mac dashboard widget created by the Builder at BurnItMan.org. It's set to Pacific Daylight Time.  You can also just grab the embed code in the window below or  if you prefer to customize it a bit, get it from Google here.

Now some people think that Google is evil and getting too big for their pants.  But in case you didn't know, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google are long-time burners and like to camp next to First Camp.

WTH is First Camp?  First Camp is kinda like the "First Family" if you'll pardon the analogy.  It's where BMorg's big wigs hang out the week of Burning Man. It's just left of the 6 o'clock radius and Esplanade if you're walking towards the Man from Center Camp.

I'm told that Google's camp location is supposed to be a big secret so don't tell nobody, OK?

Ha! Playa rumor or not? You decide!  ;)

Grab the code!

25 January 2010

Official Cookieman Burning Man Scholarship!

Are you from the east coast? Wanna go to Burning Man? Don’t think you’ll get the $$ together? Ever wish the Burning Man org would think of travel expenses when giving out their low income/scholarship tix? Do you REALLY like to answer A LOT of ridiculous questions?


Announcing the Official Cookieman Burning Man Scholarship! This is NOT a joke or a prank! I am very serious about my cookie... I am very serious about my cookie scholarship...

Now accepting applications!

Here’s the scoop: we are sending one super awesome east coast would-be-burner-artist to the Burning Man Art Festival. Ticket, travel cost, & supply funds up to…but not defiantly $1000!

  • You must be from the east coast or from farther away from the playa than me. (NOTE: Jason lives in New Hampshire, but the scholarship has been extended out to include anyone EAST of the Mississippi) 
  • You HAVE to answer the scientifically selected 1000 question application (heehee). 
  • That’s it I think. Until I think of something else.

How do you start? Email us at burntcookie2010@hotmail.com

We will send you the application very quickly! DEADLINE: APRIL 30!


Q: Who is the Cookieman and why is he giving away money?

A: In the fall of 2008 some guy brought 526 fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to the Playa del Fuego festival in Odessa, Delaware. He proceeded to make LOTS of friends giving them away all weekend. He earned himself the name “Cookieman.” In the spring of 2009 he and his minions baked up 777 CCCs and gave them away at PDF. More friends were made. This got Cookieman thinking. “Maybe I should sell these cookies at my pizza shop” he said to himself. But Cookieman just couldn’t bring himself to charge people for the cookies…even at his pizza shop in far away NH. “The cookies have been a gift and should remain a gift.” Somewhere in the summer of 2009 while planning his Burning Man trip Cookieman got the idea to sell the cookies for $1.25 each and save the $1 profit to go into a scholarship fund to send one lucky east coast burner to Burning Man 2010! Thus making each cookie sold a most fantastic gift!

The average cost of a burning man trip from the east coast is about $1000. With ticket cost, flight, food, &supplies...it’s easy to spend that and more… trust us! So 1000cookies gets you $1000! So why not 1000 questions on the application for this scholarship?

Yup…1000 questions! These questions were collected mostly at Burning Man 2009 and at PDF Fall 2009 and some collected from friends and relatives and anyone else that would pay attention. You can imagine the ‘interesting’ nature of some of these questions. Basically the only requirement for a questions was that it end with a ? So yeah.. good luck!

24 January 2010

Larry Harvey at NYC Spore

Give It Up Flyer 7.jRSlargepg.jpg

Evolver NYC and Burners Without Borders invite you to “Give It Up” at our next Spore, where the topic of the night is gifting – what it means, how it can manifest in society, and possibilities for the future. Consider the potential of a community whose economy is based on giving, rather than having – and cooperating, rather than competing.

Click on image above for more info.

15 January 2010

Burner In The Spotlight: Lane Hartwell

Lane Hartwell is a professional photographer within the community (drink!) who's spearheading an amazing creative project in an effort to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti via Flickr.  She has reached out to a number of photographers and created "Onè Respe" which in Haitian translates to mean "honor and respect". She asked several photographers to donate the use of one or more of their works to help create this issue as a fund-raising photography magazine to benefit Haiti with all proceeds from this magazine to be donated to the International Red Cross. Preview "One Respe" here.

Cover Photo by Peter Pereira.

Person Finder: Haiti Earthquake

As many of you may know, I spent the last two weeks in the Caribbean working a gig in the Bahamas, which is 887 kilometers/551 miles/479 nautical miles South/East of Haiti. I was in the casino when the hotel management advised that everybody on the premises stay inside due to a tsunami alert. I had no idea what would cause such an announcement so at my earliest convenience I Facebooked and asked my network what happened. Seconds later I was apprised of the horrible catastrophe that had struck the people of Haiti.

It was a rather surreal juxtaposition to be amidst a world of gambling, family vacation and relaxation when others were suffering but at the time there was not much more I could do but complete my assignment. Now the gig is over and at this time I am free to assist and volunteer in any capacity to the people of Haiti although I realize that the situation there is chaotic and somebody with my skills would be more of a hindrance than help. When I return home I am going to roll up my sleeves once again and volunteer at the American Red Cross. I know everybody is donating money to the Haitian cause but may I gently urge you all to put your money where your mouth is and volunteer in some capacity to a charity of your choice. A fine one to participate in is Burners Without Borders, a community led, grassroots group that arose out of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

Ak espwa pou tout moun nan Ayiti ♥ (With hope for everyone in Haiti).

13 January 2010

Urban Dictionary's Definition of "burning man"

There are currently eight entries under the definition of "burning man" on UrbanDictionary.com. Below is the first one (which IMHO is amusing and entertaining -- if you can't laugh at yourself as a burner then who can you laugh at?). The seven remaining definitions can be found here.

1. burning man                                                   

As of 2009, Burning Man is society's officially sanctioned counter-cultural movement. And as this movement, it has no forward momentum.

It is a party in the desert. That's basically it.

It is fun and it is harsh. The environment in itself is beautiful and amazing. The culture of Burning Man is divided into two categories - 1) them 2) us. 'Us' consists of about 20% of the population of the City who mostly volunteer to work for the primary benefit of counting themselves part of the 'us' clique (they even get T-shirts to prove it). Needless to say, 'us' is a really annoying group (mostly). 'Them' is everyone else - mostly clueless spectators who have little or no interest in participating in activities or creating events or making art. When 'they' finally poke their heads out of their massive RVs, it's with the general purpose of taking pictures of freaks & geeks so they can prove to their friends back home that they 'did' Burning Man.

Freaks & geeks are another class separate from 'them' and separate from 'us' (but more them than us - thankfully). They consist of long-time participants called 'burners' who have attended the festival roughly more than 4 or 5 years. The also consist of newbies who are trying desperately to fit-in to appear as burners. They wear Utilikilts and repeat sayings like, 'safety 3rd' as if that signals to others they're 'in' on something cool. When they're not dropping names like telling you how they just had sex with LadyBee or had a beer with Larry Harvey, they're 'joking' about bacon or other sanctioned Burning Man topics with the design of impressing you. And who are you? You're just trying to get to the portapotties in hopes of escaping this moron who won't stop talking to you. No one cares that you 'know' Danger Ranger!!

If you say 'F yer day!' one more time in hopes of impressing me - I'm going to kill you. Which is why I no longer attend Burning Man.

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by broncotheman Jul 20, 2009

03 January 2010

R.I.P. David T. Warren

I know this information is late and I apologize for that but I am traveling abroad and will not return state-side until mid-month.

Yesterday, January 2, 2010, marked the memorial for David T. Warren (aka. Flamo LaGrande, R.J. Mololopozy) at Playland Not At The Beach. Warren was a founding member of the San Francisco Suicide Club (a secret society that preceded the Cacophony Society which in turn began Burning Man). Warren was also the first to ignite the Burning Man effigy at Black Rock in 1990. For many years Warren owned and operated the Camera Obscura at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

A remarkable obituary posted on Laughing Squid as written by John Law can be found here. The original video clip as featured above can be seen on YouTube in its entirety here.

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