28 June 2006

Today’s New Drinking Word

Today we’re changing the rules to the 3playa Community (drink!) drinking game in honor of a very special birthday.

Happy Birthday to...(insert the new word of the day here).

Today's word of the day is Lecter (drink!) because it's Lecter's (drink!) birthday!


I think I've known Lecter (drink!) about 6 or 7 years now. He's a great friend to have -- funny, goofy, loyal and sweet. Also, I and the fans of BURNcast appreciate that he hosts our podcasts, too.

Yay for Lecter! (drink!)

Thank you Lecter! (drink!)

Happy Birthday Lecter! (drink!)

BTW... any Lecter (d-frink!) fans here in LA...we're going out for pie tonight to celebrate at 4 & 20 Pies in Sherman Oaks on Van Nuys Boulevard near Burbank sometime after he gets off work!

Come help Lecter (d-frrink!) put another candle on that birfffday cake and have some pie and ice cream too!

26 June 2006

BURNcast #9 - DJ’s Diva Danielle & Poncho Andy

Summer is heating up and Burning Man is fast approaching. That means fundraising is well underway for theme camps and art projects. Today’s guests Diva Danielle and Poncho Andy dj’d at a fundraiser for the Ouija Says Ouija Board and the Cloud 9 Art Car (which was featured in last week’s episode). Specifically, the benefit was entitled "The Incredible 2nd Annual Costume Exchange" in which those in attendance had an opportunity to trade playalicious playwear and costumes from years' past.

20 June 2006

BURNcast #8 - The Cloud 9 Art Car

The Cloud 9 is an art car that’s been floating around the playa since 2003.  In this episode we talk to it’s owner and operator, Loki , about the labor and love that goes in to creating this vehicle. 

If you’re playing the 3Playa Community Drinking Game at home, in this episode we change the rules slightly to make the game more sexy.  Listen carefully and drink!

As mentioned in this podcast,  the 2nd Costume Exchange and Fundraiser for the Cloud 9 will be taking place in Los Angeles on June 23rd,  2006.

13 June 2006

BURNcast #7 - On The Trail With Chai Guy

In this podcast, we meet up with Chai Guy, the co-host of BURNcast as he takes the summer months leading up to Burning Man to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. The last time we interviewed him, he was leaving Xara Dulzura to begin his journey on the PCT, which spans 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada through three western states. In this interview, Chai compares and contrasts the trail to Burning Man and discovers many similarities between the two including their respective communities (drink!).

For more information about his progress or to contact him, visit his blog

07 June 2006

BURNcast #6 - Metatron Transformer

A life-size Japanese robot, Metatron Transformer is made from industrialized junk, and found recycled/ready-made materials. The sculpture is fitted with electronic drum triggers designed to amplify multiplex/arrayed MIDI samples upon touch.

Corndog is a sonic sculptor that designed Metatron in collaboration with sound designers Henry Strange and Greg “Djun Djun” White for the Coachella Music Festival.

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