25 November 2008

A Sad Day in Black Rock - Harley Dubois Resigns

It's a sad, sad day in Black Rock City, as it would appear that Harley Dubois, LLC Board Member and Director of Community Services and Playa Safety has resigned. I say "appear" because we have yet to see anything resembling a press release, blog post or any other "official" mention from the folks over at Burning Man H.Q., but hey we read it on Tribe, so it must be true.

Harley, we will miss you!

Dear Burning Man Staff,

It is with great consideration and a bit of sadness that I am writing you now to say I am resigning from the Black Rock City LLC and my duties with Burning Man. I have had the privilege of creating much of the infrastructure and process you work with. I hope that I have had a positive effect on the culture of Burning Man that we all share and spread. My favorite part of everything I have been involved with has been working with all of you. If anyone ever wonders what Burning Man really is I can say I know. It is you, the people that make it happen.Thank you for sharing this time with me. It has been an honor. I have been with the organization for 17 years. It has been my lifework thus far. When I started it was everything for me. Though I had another full time job and “did Burning Man” as a volunteer effort, it quickly eclipsed everything else I did and was. I spent may years immersed in my work. Somehow along the way, though it seemed that there was not the time or space, I managed to create a wonderful family. As my daughter grows I can see there is a world beyond the one I have so happily been living in. I am leaving the organization to spend more time with my daughter and explore what else I have to offer. I will be leaving at the end of January. I look forward to seeing how quickly my footsteps are filled and how the new opportunities that my departure creates will be addressed. This is prime time for organizational change and growth. I am excited to see how this talented group will prosper.

With fond regards,

Harley K. Dubois

09 November 2008

Randy Polumbo Creates The Garden and The Grotto of Manifest Destiny

Randy Polumbo Creates The Garden and The Grotto of Manifest Destiny By Maddy Lederman
View in HD  Download 480p Version

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