19 December 2007

BURNcast is on hiatus!

Hello BURNcast fans!

Just like we did last year, we're taking some time off during the holidays and won't be back 'til 2008. Feel free to call 775-363-5861 to give us your feedback, rants or raves. See ya next year!

Love & Rockets,

18 December 2007

BURNcast #068 - Over the Rainbow with Miss Tickle and ModMan

As the title says, in this episode we discover what Miss Tickle and ModMan did respectively during the rainbow. Recorded 2 September 2007 in Black Rock City.

Music: "Pressure Tones" from Burning Babylon, now available at Magnatune

11 December 2007

BURNcast #067 - Conversation with Miss Tickle

In this episode we speak to Miss Tickle the day after the Man burned the second time to talk about costuming, the early burn and her week at Burning Man. Recorded 2 September 2007.

Happy Tutu Tuesday

OK, so last week I got ill. And this week we've got issues!

Sorry about this, but we've got some technical issues on the back end for today's episode.

Lecter, who does all the IT work for BURNcast, had to take his computer in for repairs. It was tragic, and expensive. Sorry, Lecter. :(

The good news for BURNcast listeners is that he got it back today and he'll be posting the latest episode tonight when he gets off of work.

Until then, I invite you to DOWNLOAD to all 66 previous episodes at NoSpectators.com in either .mp3 format or .m4a format.

If you'd rather STREAM the show via your computer, just click on the BURNcast player at the right side of your screen at here.

So get caught up for tonight. Stay tuned!

08 December 2007

Burning Man circa 1862

Greeters, c.1862

In 1847, Larry Harvey and his followers, fleeing persecution on Baker Beach, reached the Black Rock Desert and announced
It is enough, this is the right place, leave no trace.

From the Book of Mark (Wahl). Read the entire account here.

07 December 2007

Hot for Burning Man

Below is a rare article in the middle of winter about Burning Man written by Charles Shaw (aka "Seven" and not TwoBuckChuck!). What I mean by rare is hardly a dust mote is being written about the event at the moment and probably won't be until ticket sales start again next year.

As for being hot for Burning Man, you can be sure that I certainly am. For those of you who pinged me asking me where the lastest BURNcast episode is, all I can say is that I literally have been flat on my back sick. I'm only now starting to feel some semblance of health.

Furthermore, the Tribe.net outtages have been a serious bummer. WTF? I even became a premium member! I'm feeling so disconnected! :( How about you guys?

I have the next episode of BURNcast almost complete but then I'll be taking off for a winter hiatus break. More details when I post the next episode.

Enjoy this new article!

Hot for Burning Man
by Charles Shaw

It’s Getting Haute Out There. How Free is the Burning Man?

Photo by Catherine Bailey
A shot of the amazing art piece, “Crude Awakening.” This pyro-tech-laced masterpiece is a commentary on our dependence on oil. The figures below worship the 100’ high oil derrick in various positions of prostration.
Photo by Catherine Bailey
It begins as a pilgrimage of light inching its way across the Nevada desert. Thousands of cars, vans, RVs, painted buses and mutant art vehicles carrying inside them the minions of “The Man.”

They are some 50,000 strong: neo-tribal fire-spinners decked in bones, feathers, and tattoos; half-nude ambassadors of the love revolution; pyrotechnicians, metal workers, survivalists, demolitionists, DJs, deconstructionalists, atheists, alchemists, and aesthetes. All of them, waiting for Sunday midnight to come so that they can pass into a renewed Black Rock City and begin building this year’s Burning Man community.

This mind-bending cultural bacchanal is held every year for one week in late August on the gypsum powder of the Black Rock Desert near Pyramid Lake in northwest Nevada. From far-flung parts of the globe, Burners come to give expression to possibilities for the human race in unregulated space.

This year’s theme, “The Green Man,” invoked the planetary environmental crises. Perhaps without intending to, this theme highlighted the prodigious waste and consumption at the core of this most unsustainable of festivals, despite its “leave no trace” maxim. Most Burners reacted to the theme with ambivalence, perhaps best exemplified when on Monday night, hidden in the darkness beneath a blood red lunar eclipse, the Green Man burned before his time, torched by a disillusioned dissident disgusted with the size and scope the festival had attained.

Truck sculpture on the playa at Burning Man. Photo by Catherine Bailey
Truck sculpture on the playa at Burning Man.
Photo by Catherine Bailey
The community pulled together to rebuild him, and the festival continued, driven by Mother Nature, whowhipped up dust storms that rocked the city, crasheddomes and towers, and uprooted whole camps.

On Friday the rains came, followed by a double rainbow that punctuated the intermission between Daniel Pinchbeck’s talk on the coming cultural shift and Starhawk’s passionate address about creating a permaculture from the ashes of our collapsing ecosystems.

Four a.m., Saturday: a meteor shower blitzed the skies as I made my way to the Sapphire Portal, an evolutionary interface that provides an environment for personal and planetary transformation. Inside, we huddled together against the cold through the remaining hours of the night, and awoke to the light of the rising sun pouring through the portal gates, surrounded by people praying, dancing, and practicing yoga.

Saturday night, after the anti--climactic burn, the Black Rock faith-ful watched as “Crude Awakening,” a massive art installation of nine 30-foot tall metal humanoid sculptures worshiping a 100-foot tall oil derrick, was destroyed in a massive pyrotechnic explosion. Although a powerful statement on our obscenely wasteful relationship to fossil fuels, it was, for the green-conscious, a case of torturous hedonism.

Next year’s theme is “The American Dream.” Already we can hear the distant sirens blaring.

Charles Shaw (aka “Seven”) wrote this article as part of Liberate Your Space, the Winter 2008 issue of YES! Magazine. Charles is a Chicago-based writer, executive editor of Evolver/Reality Sandwich (realitysandwich.com) and former editor of Conscious Choice.

06 December 2007

Burning Man + Librarian Manifesto... Huh???

OK, I'm gonna let y'all know a secret. My 'day job' is as a student in library school. One of my classmates sent me the link to this little gem.

I acknowledge that librarians may not be considered the height of coolness (I should know!). But I find this video... baffling, frankly. At first I was excited (ooh, Burning Man and libraries?? neat-o!). I love it when my worlds collide. But what on EARTH does Burning Man have to do with a librarian's manifesto?? Wha'??

The closest link I could come up with was this statement: "I will educate myself about the information culture of my users and look for ways to incorporate what I learn into library services."

Hmm, library services for Burners-- workshops in welding and working with flammable fuels, perhaps? Books on building temporary structures? I'm really reaching here.

I think this is a great example of our 'culture' (if you can call it that) being stereotyped for its coolness factor. Maybe this isn't a new thing, but that it hit so close to home for me was rather surprising. And confusing. Maybe a little bit disconcerting too.

Santarchy in Second Life

Santarchy in Second Life will be hosted the Cacophony Society this weekend for those of you (like myself) who won't be attending this Saturday's event.

Below are the details and a crash course for Santa in SL:
Santa in Second Life: A Crash Course 

1. Get a relaxing beverage in your hand.
Don’t spill on your keyboard, Santa.

2. Go to http://www.secondlife.com

3. Sign up for a free account
—give yourself up to an hour for this.
Don’t bother customizing your avatar
— you can do that any day!

4. Go thru Orientation Island—
Learn how to walk
How to teleport
How to “take” things into your inventory
How to “wear” stuff

5. Teleport to Pier 109, 139, 23
Or return to this website and
Click this link to send your avatar to our start point.

Be there by 4:00 PM SLT (same as Pacific Time) or earlier if you want help figuring all this out.

6. Do a search for, and join the group called “Santarchy” (not “Santa Rampage”-- that was last week!). If you aren’t in the right group, we won’t be able to communicate with you.

7. Ask Dusty for your Santa outfit.

28 November 2007

Brother Otto Update

A few weeks ago I had a meltdown on the show as I was attempting to share some scary news about Otto Schutt, a member of our beautiful community, who has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and is also without health insurance.

Otto's chemo treatments are going to be gianormous. If you can help, please donate here.

27 November 2007

Christopher Lawrence @ Burning Man

From Central Station:

"Christopher Lawrence, the man behind the Pharmacy Music label, is back from playing the Burning Man festival in Nevada and clearly he’s had a good time.'

"I would give up ten Winter Music Conferences for one Burning Man. If you miss out on going to Burning Man, you will miss out on one of life's greatest experiences. Hopefully I'll see you there in 2008"

BURNcast #066 - ModMan & the Dream Machine

Today we talk to ModMan about the Dream Machine.  Recorded in Black Rock City on September 2, 2007.

Photos by Chai Guy

Here's a video of ModMan's Dream Machine:

23 November 2007

Burning Man sponsor's project is energy plan worth emulating

Posted today in the Reno Gazette-Journal:
Burning Man organizers and volunteers are setting a wonderful example with their gift of solar panels to Lovelock's Pershing General Hospital and to Gerlach schools. The group is acting on justifiable concern for the environment. They're also working smart by creating this partnership with the hospital and the general community to encourage the manufacture and use of renewable energy technology.

Read the entire article here.

21 November 2007

Afrika Burns!

Afrika Burns is a creative arts and freedom of expression festival that aims to build temporary community through collaborative arts projects, in a completely non-commercial environment.

This is a place to collaborate, cooperate, and add to the public environment. To build community. We want you to make a conscious decision to inject artistic sensibility into every daily activity: to invent the world anew; to generate a culture, a connective environment to be idealistic and celebratory. We want you to think of this gathering as an “invent” rather than an “event”. See this as an opportunity to reinvent the world and to foster art-making

So our objective with Afrika Burns, is simply to create a blank canvas on which participants can project any creative endeavour that they desire to create; project aspects of themselves, collectively or individually; all of this in an environment not mediated or controlled by commercial enterprise.

20 November 2007

BURNcast #065 - Burning Love with divaD (Part 2)

In this episode, divaD goes to L.A. and NYC decom to talk to several people about Burning Man relationships and what makes them work.

17 November 2007

Krishna Camp at Burning Man

Nitai Das, one of the lead organizers of Krisha Camp, is featured in the current episode of BURNcast when I met up with him at NYC Decom. He just pinged me to thank me for the podcast and also took a moment to share with me a video from this year's Burning Man:

Is it art, a prank or a hate crime?

D. Parvaz from the Seattle Post Intelligencer, whose previous blog pissed a few people off, asks the question: "Is it art, a prank or a hate crime?"

A snippet:
I recently riled up some people when I blogged about what Paul Addis' motives might've been when he showed up at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral on Oct. 28, strapped with fireworks. Some took what I said to be a defense of church burning (it was not). It turned into such a really big deal that I wanted to learn a little more about the guy, who also prematurely burned the effigy of The Man at the Burning Man festival in Nevada (which has a huge base of participants from here) in August as a gesture of revolt. Was burning a church Addis' idea of art, a prank or (as some charged) a hate crime? The Burning Man stunt -- or the resulting backlash -- seems to have tugged at a loose thread in Addis' psyche, because over the next two months, Addis, 37, came unraveled.

Read the entire article here.

14 November 2007

SF Weekly: Burning Man Arsonist Paul Addis' Backstory -- Murder Threats, Arrests

The latest article about Paul Addis by Joe Eskenazi just posted in the SF Weekly.

Click here to read.

The Force Is Strong In Toronto

From the Torontoist:

This Friday, November 16, Newmindspace will be hosting our very first lightsaber battle! This summer at Burning Man, we witnessed a 10,000-person lightsaber battle put on by a camp called Watto's Junkyard, easily the largest lightsaber battle since the Jedi Civil War. However, with our limited resources, we realized that without a large donation from a rich weirdo (which are plentiful in San Francisco), we would probably not be able to get the plastic, LED-lit, colour-changing expanding kind without some sort of fundraising "starter battle" first.

NewMindSpace is interactive public art, creative cultural interventions and urban bliss dissemination based in New York and Toronto. Read more here.

13 November 2007

BURNcast #064 - NYC Decom

In today’s episode BURNcast visits New York City's Decompression where we experience a creepy hug from a creepy guy. Then we gaze into John Walter’s “True Mirror”. Finally, we talk to Nitai Das from Krishna Camp about the Hare Krishna’s presence at Burning Man.

12 November 2007

Well, that didn't take long..."Burner" extended!

Hi everyone,

For those of you asking when "Burner: Tales from the Playa" will be done again, I have the answer for you:

Thursdays, December 6, 2007 and January 10, 2008.

Apparently, so many of you called and emailed "The Bank Heist" that they begged me to do the show again just so that you would stop bugging them. Way to go, kids!

Actually, Jason the owner of the club, really enjoyed the show as did the guys from Crystal Method. So, "Burner" will become a monthly gig, with two performances to start.

I have posted updated information on www.ohtony.com and will soon be putting a new website up for www.thebankheist.com. Yeah, I'm doing their website now. Sneaky, huh?

Thanks to all of you who came to see the show on Thursday. You were there for the beginning. And for those who missed the show, I am so happy have another opportunity to tell my story to you.

Kisses and dust,


11 November 2007

"Burner: Tales from the Playa" - The Aftermath

Just thought that I would give you all a post-game report on "Burner: Tales from the Playa", which I performed on Thursday.

I'm very happy and grateful to all of you who came out to see "Burner" at Heist. I hope you enjoyed the show and our little get together afterward as well.

In case you are wondering, I think that the show went very well, considering that it was the first time ever presented. I wish that I had had a little less stress right before the show. As of 7:20 (the show was scheduled to start at 7:30), I had NO AUDIO coming out of the computer. Of course, Turo, Chris, Nadia and Quinn came to the rescue. What I would have done without you guys, I don't know.

Some of the people who saw the show gave me notes. If you have thoughts about how it went, let me know. I'm sure that this won't be the last time that I do "Burner", so your suggestions would be quite helpful.

Jason (owner of The Bank Heist) said, "You know, I didn't know what to expect. And I'm the kind of guy who, if I didn't like it, I would have been polite. But, I've got to tell you that I thought the the show was awesome. Really." Also, Ken Jordan and Chris Cox of The Crystal Method thought the show was great as well. Ken said that "we are going to put something together to involve you". Yeah, I don't know what that means either. It may be North Hollywood, but it's still Hollywood, and one thing I do remember about my show biz days is that you have to take stuff like that with a grain of salt until somebody signs something.

Still, chances are very good that "Burner" will return to the Heist, most likely in conjunction with "NoHo Massive". The biggest determining factor is whether we can draw an audience which is not comprised of mostly my friends. Would you like to help this happen? If you feel so inclined, you can send an email to Jason and/or Kat Johnson (managing partner, also saw and loved the show)...


...telling them your feelings about the evening and, more importantly, that you have people who wanted to see the show, but couldn't make it or other folks that would enjoy it as much as you did. Please copy me, so that I can use your comments in future communications promoting the show, if that's okay with you.

"Burner" is a work in progress and will only get better as we go along.

I was wonderful to see all of your shining faces out there in the audience. I had a blast. Hope you did too.

Dusty Kisses,


"Put your pants on!"

09 November 2007


Burning Man without the dust and heat
By Gavin Borchert
November 7, 2007

One of the big takeaways of the Burning Man experience is that life doesn’t only have to be cool and fun and creative and art-filled in one spot in the desert one week a year. Burners across the country organize other events, smaller in scope but similar in spirit, year-round. The burners of Seattle, reputed to have the largest community of regular attendees outside the Bay Area, is planning a traditional post-BM party, or “Seacompression,” in Magnuson Park's Hangar #30—a sort of ceremonial easing-back-into-the-real-world, a chance for those who went to show off their art and costumes again and for those who missed it to get a taste of what went on down there. Tonight’s bash, according to a floor plan on the Ignition Northwest Web site, will include a parking place for art cars, “catapult art,” a “mutant sofa,” a “grapestem sculpture,” and the “Temple Whores Massage Table and Chill Space.”

Sat., Nov. 10, 7 p.m.-2 a.m., 2007

08 November 2007

Donut Freakout! New Burning Man Network

Is Tribe down again? Need to connect with other burners? Donut freakout!

There's a burgeoning social network called Ning that's got its own little group called Tribe Refugees headed up by Ms. Dynomite. It has hope for me, whereas Tribe...well it's just on the way out IMHO and other bulletin boards dedicated to Burning Man are just, well, too cliquey.

At Ning, burners are asked to follow forum etiquette which includes mutual respect and a no tolerance for personal attacks policy. That alone makes it more appealing. It's worth giving it a try!

Oh, and BTW...BURNcast represents on Ning, too.

07 November 2007

Photos from NYC Decom

Photo by imbrettjackson

Here's a Flickr slide-show from NYC Decom recently posted by Runnannchew. And here's a bunch more!

Burning Man festival raises up from underground

An article in the NY Daily News about last weekend's decom at the Queens Museum in New York.

06 November 2007

BURNcast #063 - ChaiCast is Back!

Chai Guy is back producing and hosting his own show. In this episode we catch up with Daniel Brezenoff, a former Green Party candidate for Congress and Burner at L.A. Decom. Then we go back to the playa where we talk with a group of friends about friendship within the confines of Black Rock City.

03 November 2007

02 November 2007

No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn!

OK, that title may be kinda lame. It should've been "No sleep 'til Queens" cuz like NY Decom is at the Queens Museum of Art this weekend.

But it kinda worked (I think), right?


Well, whatever! I'm just a valley girl and like, I'm just posting this to say that I'm going to New York Decom and like my plane leaves today. Be back Monday. And as divaD put it: "No sleep for the weak!" Oh, and no blogging from me 'til I get back! Like totally for sure!

Oh, and this photo. It's a webcam. It updates like every few minutes. It's totally, totally cool.

01 November 2007

Drunken Housewife asks: "Where is the art?"

Guessing from her blog post, Drunken Housewife will not be voting for John "Chicken John" Rinaldi in the SF mayoral race. She's disappointed in Chicken John's bid and asks: "Where is the art?....So far, I don't see the art in any of this, and I don't see any interesting political commentary, either."

Read Drunken Housewife's blog here.

31 October 2007

Haute Tip

OK, like you know how rumours abound on the playa with the lack of real news outlets and information resources? Right?

So, last year on the playa I got word from a burner that claims to be "in the know" (like aren't we all, right?) that the French have their sites on Burning Man in '08. When pressed, this source refused to elaborate further, which leaves me to wonder WTF?

And I go back to thinking it's just a rumour.

But ah! Que je suis bête!

Then I see something like this on Google Video by French-American.tv and I'm all like: Ah HA!!! This is what they meant!

Then again...meh...who knows? It could be true. Maybe. When I look at this video I'm thinking well, it's rather long. But it does have this certain savoir fair...this...ah, hmm... shall we say je ne sais quoi!

So, whatever. If the French are truly planning on invading Black Rock City, blame Canada. Seriously. From my experiences on the playa last year, I'm convinced that it's a tie breaker between Canadians or possibly Jedi knights with light sabers that will overtake the event. Larry help us, and may the farce be with you. Zout alors!

Is Addis burning sacred cows?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial writer D. Parvaz can understand why somebody might commit arson. In a recent article entitled "Arsonist or performance artist?" about Paul Addis and his latest failed "prank" attempt, she writes: "On the one hand, I can understand the power of the image to someone who sees the church as an oppressive institution."

One burner's sacred effigy is another Christian's sacred church. Parvaz sentiments have created a backlash by some conservative bloggers such as Jim Miller from Sound Politics and Warner Todd Huston from Newbusters. I'll also add this blog post in the mix "The Significance of the Man Burning Early", a play about cross-cultural communication by Tribe member Jenka.

UPDATE #1 (10/31/07): Cinnamon Stillwell who is a contributing columnist at SFGate.com and a member of Pajamas Media posts in her blog "Anti-Christian Sentiment in San Francisco Leads to Violence, Liberals Shrug". Here she asks "Imagine for a moment if the situation were altered and Addis had attempted to burn down or blow up a mosque. (I won't say a synagogue or other Jewish structures because that doesn't seem to engender much outrage these days either). Were Islam to be the targeted religion, does anyone think for a moment that the "hate crime" label would not be affixed?" Good question, Stillwell!

UPDATE #2 (10/31/07): From Ripclawe, who blogged this: "Seriously, I know the Seattle papers are leftist havens, but this is irresponsible journalism at its worst. If this was a conservative talking about mosques, everyone would go nuts. D. Parvaz should get a talking too, but given this is Seattle, probably get a promotion."

UPDATE #3 (11/01/07): Is this a cat fight? You be the judge. Sadly, No! posted "The Flying CinnaNun" in response to Cinnamon Stillwell's blog post saying: "Burning down a giant stone cathedral is, of course, easier to accomplish in an overheated wingnut’s imagination than in actual practice, particularly where Mr. Addis had not an explosives belt, but an ammunition belt with small explosives which, according to the police, would not have caused substantial damage, much less burned down the whole gigantic stone edifice. But let’s not rain on Cinnamon’s parade, because she’s just getting worked up about how no one is paying attention to this because it was a hateful Christian church and not a beloved mosque." Meow! Fft! Fft!

UPDATE #4 (11/01/07): From the Recliner Commentaries blog: "...So far the only one who appears to have covered it is Bill O'Reilly (It's even hard to find much about it on the internet!). If Paul Addis had been a Christian attempting to set fire to an abortion clinic you can bet that it would be the leading story on every news outlet in the country. If Paul Addis had been a Muslim, his attempt would have been called terrorism."

UPDATE #5 (11/01/07): 1RedThread also blogged on this. The blogger's bio states: "I am a Christian infidel, a card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, conservative American, living in Canada, and I support Israel." OK!

UPDATE #6 (11/01/07): Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés of the Moderate Voice weighs in with more questions than answers: "How does he fit in with the recent spate of people acting publicly when they a) know cameras are present (don’t tase me bro,) or when a show is being taped live (Bill Maher ran off the stage to help eject a screamer from his audience)? Performance art and threatening to do actual harm in real time context, are two different ideas, yes or no? How can street theater be used in time-honored ways, and where /when? Surely there are many analytic questions that could reveal context, teaching, learning, facts perhaps?"

So BURNcast readers, what do you think? Take the poll! Post a comment!

Is Google becoming the Third Pipe?

From the "Third Pipe - The Future of Broadband" comes this blog post in which writer predominantly discusses Google's plans for growth and domination in the VOIP market with brief mention of the Burner boys who run the enterprise. Altogether, an interesting read and the reader comments are noteworthy.

Check out the entire article here.

About Third Pipe: "Third pipe is alternative information resource about the state broadband communications and a strong advocate of establishing a “third broadband pipe” to increase competition and improve service. We are also your “third pipe” to this information - being beholden to neither the mainstream or “new media” - each having their own interests to spin on the issue."

30 October 2007

Burner: Tales from the Playa

I'm OhTony. I'd like to invite you to come see "Burner: Tales from the Playa" on Thursday, November 8th at The Bank Heist in North Hollywood.

"Burner: Tales from the Playa" is my true story as a six-time "Burner" and chronicles the joy, heartbreak, amazement and life lessons learned at Burning Man, the annual festival which takes place on a Black Rock Lake, a remote, dry lake bed in Northern Nevada, known to Burners as "the playa".

"Burner" interweaves my own, deeply personal accounts of survival, lust and enlightenment with insights into the beautiful insanity that is Burning Man. I take a wickedly funny aim at the citizens and the culture of Black Rock City, but I save the sharpest barbs for myself. More than anything, "Burner: Tales from the Playa" is a loving tribute to Burning Man and the citizens of Black Rock City.

People who have never been to Burning Man will be introduced to not just the sights and sounds, but also the spirit of Burning Man. And for the experienced, "Burner" is just like going home.

"Burner" is a multi-media production, featuring images, video and sound I have collected during my trips to BRC. It is directed by Jerry Diner.

After the show, you are invited to stay for The Bank Heist's weekly electronic music event, "NoHo Massive". "NoHo Massive" is presented by Chris Cox and Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method, pioneers of the "big beat" electronic dance genre. Every Thursday, Chris and Ken bring superstar DJs such as Rabbit in the Moon, Freddy Be, Sandra Collins, as well as themselves to The Bank Heist for an evening of the best electronic dance music in Los Angeles.

The Bank Heist is North Hollywood's newest nightspot. Housed in an old bank building built in 1926, the club features a restaurant (Bank), and a two-story nightclub (Heist). The upstairs lounge provides the plush and intimate setting which will host both "Burner" and "Noho Massive".

Show-time for "Burner: Tales from the Playa" is 7:30 p.m. and runs for approximately 80 minutes. "NoHo Massive" kicks off at about 9:30.

So, you get to see "Burner: Tales from the Playa" and dance to superstar DJs at "NoHo Massive". What's it going to cost you?

$10. Can you dig it?

The upstairs lounge at The Bank Heist is very comfortable, but intimate. There is seating for about 80 and there is standing room as well. This show will sell out. So, to insure that you are able to get in, you can reserve a space by using PayPal to pay for your cover charge in advance.

This is a lounge and seating is not reserved, so get there early for a good spot. You can even get something to eat at Bank before or after the show.

The Bank Heist is located at 5303 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA. The club is across the street from the the Metro Red Line subway station. If you are interested in taking the Metro Rail, the last train from North Hollywood to Downtown L.A. leaves at 12:45a. Valet parking is available at the club and there is also parking on the street.

For information and reservations, go to www.ohtony.com, and click on the "Burner: Tales from the Playa" link.

It's gonna be fun. Seriously.


P.S. Playa wear is highly encouraged.

Paul Addis On Tape!

Adam Fish shot this video with Paul Addis back in September, about a week before Addis' arraignment for attempted arson hearing in Nevada. Along with Adam and Paul, I also recognize in this video Amacker Bullwinkle and Dee Dee Russell. There is another man featured whom I believe is named Jeff.

Early in the video, Paul references a laminate and says it's the true badge of Black Rock Intelligence. He goes on to say anybody seen carrying one of these is dead.


I have one of those laminates. I ain't dead yet. Does that mean there's a contract out for my life?

Get Hugged Today @ 1:00 p.m.! Go to HUGNATION.COM

Halcyon does everything he can to make the world a more understanding place.

Every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. PST he hosts Hugnation, an on-line place for a world-wide group hug.

Learn more about Halcyon's sweet mission by clicking on the above below and be sure to participate today at one o'clock.

BURNcast Extra: Friend of Addis Speaks Up

powered by ODEO

This is of a conversation of Ms. Amacker Bullwinkle, a friend of Paul Addis. Here she shares information of what she believed occurred regarding Addis' alleged involvement in the Early Burn. She also shares a story of their devoted friendship to one another. Recorded at Burning Man on Wednesday 29 August 2007.

A photo of Amacker and Paul can be seen here.

BURNcast #062 - A Conversation with Bently Biofuels

In this week's episode, we speak with the folks from Bentley Biofuels, Burning Man's #1 supplier of biodiesel fuel. Dragon and Pixie Little tell us their thoughts about mixing work with play, and ObiWan tells us about the higher calling of biodiesel and his thoughts on the Greening of the Burn. Katherine the Great also makes her debut as a BURNcast producer-- yay!


Music: "Nitro Dub" by Stargarden
available on Magnatune.

29 October 2007

Paul Addis Arrested In Connection With Another Arson Attempt

Alleged Burning Man arsonist accused of trying to burn Grace Cathedral
As reported in the SFGate, Paul Addis was arrested yesterday in connection with an arson attempt on the Grace Cathedral. Read more here.

Authorities say suspect in Burning Man arson arrested in SF
The San Jose Mercury News also reports on this. Read the article here.

SF Police Police Arrest Man Allegedly Trying To Burn Down Grace Cathedral
Officers, Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Search Church

San Francisco police arrest a man overnight for attempted arson at Grace Cathedral after finding him outside the church with explosives in a backpack. Watch the news report from last night here.

Matt's Movie: Burning Man 2007

Matt from the Mystikal Misfits Camp put together this heartfelt video from Burning Man 2007. Only 308 more days until the Man burns again!

27 October 2007

The Burning Question (Parts 1 and 2).

I've been doing BURNcast for three seasons now. As some of you may know, it all started when Chai Guy and I took the advice of some friends who said "Be the change you want to see" with regards to how the media covers Burning Man.

Speaking for myself (and not for Chai), I find it utterly fascinating as to how the event is portrayed in both mainstream media and social media. I've seen examples that IMHO are really terrible. I've seen others that have been absolutely sublime. But I have to say that the following videos below are my absolute favorites thus far. There's no gratuitous T and A (OK...some nudity, but done with taste), no hedonism, no fire, no blowing shit up, no nothing that would capture an audience attention and generate ratings or click-throughs. Yet, to me, it's deep, powerful and meaningful. It's an aspect of Burning Man culture I really enjoy and that is reflecting on the mystery of life and having a few good answers and some absolutely ridiculous ones as well. It reminds me of the saying I was told when I was a teenager: "Life is mysterious. Don't take it so serious!"

I hope you enjoy the following videos as much as I did. Thanks, Shananda, for this work.

The Burning Question - Part 1

The Burning Question - Part 2

LA Decom Video

LA Decompression was awesome. I went and set up an “unscheduled installation” in the form of a “HUG HERE @ 6PM” sign. This video gives a taste of the amazing burner vibe.

26 October 2007

Tubatron on Boing Boing

Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin is one of the coolest people I know. She's super hip, über intelligent, and she's a burner, too. Here, she talks with Simpson's director David Silverman about his flaming tuba. Incidentally, David is just as hip, just as intelligent and just as burn-y too. He's also a member of the Phoenix Projekt, LA's premiere fire troupe.

Oh, and if ya wanna to hear more from David, his tubatron-ics and thoughts about Burning Man, click the player below listen to the BURNcast we did with him last summer.

25 October 2007

Burning Man Bike Ride

From CBCtv

24 October 2007

Let's Talk About Sex

Mim Chapman, a burner from New Mexico, is performing her original work "The Vagina Penis Monologues" this weekend in Santa Fe. Santa Fe, incidentally, is the city with "Zozobra" the original Burning Man of which I've had the opportunity to see burn several times when I've visited that enchanted state.

Chapman says in a recent article: "I started out at Burning Man because I wanted to go to a really liberal enlightened group of people. I went in the 6-foot vulva costume and gave away invitations to our camp, where we were giving away free oral sex—as in talking about it. Every afternoon people gathered and filled out my survey, ‘What did you ever want to ask a vagina or a penis?’ basic demographic info and where people learned most of what they knew."

Read the article in its entirety here.

23 October 2007

The Shroom

The hilarious "Shroom" parody paper is available online as a PDF!

I saw a copy at SD Decom and was *honored* to see my image illustrate their "Twice As Gay" article. :)

BURNcast #061 - Los Angeles Decompression 2007

Today BURNcast goes to Los Angeles Decom which took place on October 13, 2007.


Music: "mystery box house"
by Daniel Berkman,
available on Magnatune.

BURNcast Special: Well Wishes for Otto, Volume 2

This recording contains several voice-messages for Otto Schutt which can also be heard in the next episode of BURNcast.

If you would like to leave well wishes for Otto, please call the BURNcast hot-line at 775-363-5861.


Music: "mystery box house"
by Daniel Berkman,
available on Magnatune.

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Can 'Burning Man' Become a Model for Green Living?

Here's an article by Matthew Taylor of Peace Power Magazine in which Taylor asks "Can 45,000 people journey vast distances to a lifeless Nevada desert and participate in an environmentally sustainable festival devoted to burning stuff?".

His response and the entire article here.

22 October 2007

Anton Viditz-Ward's "Fire Spinner"

Soon to be heard in an upcoming BURNcast is Anton Viditz-Ward talking about his installation "Fire Spinner" for BM 2007.

20 October 2007

Burning Man Art @ Maker Faire

Dan Terdiman blogs about the Star Wheel installation at this weekend's Maker Faire Austin.

Big in Japan

Burning Man is big in Japan! Recently posted on the Kanda News Network.

18 October 2007

Inside the Burning Man Festival

I just found this video on the ABC News website. Unfortunately, though I would love to embed it here in this posting, the code is unavailable.

At any rate, I've obviously missed it's original air broadcast for the fact that I was at the event. The old footage from 1997 shows a Burning Man from a long time ago on a playa far, far away.

Hugs @ SF Decom

The Hugmobile stopped at SF Decom and shot a little bit of video of the start of the event. What a fantastic time it was!

16 October 2007

BURNcast #060 - San Francisco Decompression 2007

Today BURNcast goes to San Francisco Decom where we take a ride on the Skeedaddlehopper with Darin Selby. Additional guests include (in no particular order):
  • Miss Cameltopia 2007;
  • the Postman and Kernul Killbuck;
  • Mr. Jellyfish;
  • the Massive Bri;
  • Black Rock City mayoral candidate Steve23;
  • also, we make fresh home-made ice cream with our playa neighbor Stephen.


Extra! Extra! The Skeedaddlehopper on YouTube:

15 October 2007

BURNcast Special: Well Wishes for Otto, Volume 1

This recording contains several voice-messages for Otto Schutt which can also be heard in the next episode of BURNcast coming out tutu-tomorrow (tutu-Tuesday!).

We are currently working on our next volume of messages, so keep'em coming by calling the BURNcast hot-line at 775-363-5861.


Music -
"Diabolique" by Burning Babylon,
available on Magnatune.

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Please spread the love.

Spearhead Loves Otto!

Michael Franti and the Spearhead family have stepped up to help raise the money for Otto’s treatment, which is now going to be nearer to $100,000 with chemo, etc.

On Friday, October 19, 2007, SpearGear will donate 100% of proceeds from their online store to our brother Otto.

Be sure to click here on Friday.

14 October 2007

Otto Update: The Day After Surgery

From Random Lee Kind:
I was able to visit Otto for a few minutes today. Wow, he has a lot going on; tubes, wires, and needles everywhere. Mark (former roommate), Dex (travel brother) and I snuck in before visiting hours because Dex was on a lay-over on his way to NYC. Otto is still very groggy and heavily sedated. In the moments Otto was able to focus he conveyed the gratitude he has for all of you. The Diorama Stacy and Amy made filled with Budhas and bacon were his favorite point of the hospital room tour.

Mark, who was with Otto before surgery a few years ago thinks he looks much better this time. You can tell Otto wants to be up and running ASAP but the body isn’t cooperating. Otto has already done a few laps around the ward and hopes to be home by Monday. God speed!

With his sisters here, Otto is getting good treatment and has his own room now with a view. They send their thanks.

Food: For those asking to cook food for Indra, Ari and Otto’s family, healthy especially veggie is best. Casseroles or anything that can be frozen is sooooo very helpful. Recovery is going to take a while so we are putting together a calendar for baby-sitting, errands, and cooking. Please contact our favorite wedding planner, Jennifer Steinle to volunteer.

Weddings: Aaron and Gayle are getting married today and were to have Otto officiate their SF wedding next week. Send them some love if you can, they are as worried as you. Also, if you were married by Otto please contact Chip Vitarelli (Married to Amy by Otto).

Auction: I have been offered cars, art and vacations to auction off for Otto. If you have something you’d like to donate please let me know. Expect a silent auction link from this site soon.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, let it out slow as you think of your favorite Otto moment. Now smile and know that your message has been received.

Give Thanks.

Please support Otto if you can:

2007 Burning Man LA Regional Decom Stilt Circus

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