24 August 2007

BURNcast Special Announcement: Burning Man 2007

From Black Rock City, Nevada, this is BURNcast and I'm DaBomb with a special announcement: the BURNcast Studio is at 3:30 and Boreal. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will NOT be camping with Camp Sunscreen.

14 August 2007

BURNcast #054 - Phrequency & Phrenology with Dr. Groovy

Dr. Groovy is a medical doctor as well as a Faculty Physician and a Medical Director at a major university in California. She is also a DJ at the internet radio station “Kill Radio.  Her show “Phrequency and Phrenology” can be heard every Saturday from 4:30 PM to 6:00 p.m PST.  In this episode we talk with Dr. Groovy about “Health & Safety at Burning Man”.  Recorded June 23, 2007.

07 August 2007

BURNcast #053 - CHAIcast

In this episode, Chai Guy steps up to the mike.  Included is an interview with Catherine "Slinky" Rose owner of "Slinky Productions" an Exotic & Pole Dancing School for Women that was voted "Best Pole Polishers" for 2007 by the Bay Guardian. Next, from the playa last year, Chai asks some folks  "What's your playa name and how did you get it?" In the final segment, Chai  concludes the episode by going to Make Magazine's "Maker Faire" this past April to talk to burners about all kinds of cool shit you're going to see on the playa this year.
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