26 June 2009

BURNcast.TV Home Videos: The Playa

From the filmmaker Jason Siadek who writes: "I didn't bring a camera the first time I went to Burning Man and by mid-week I was soul deep in eye boggling experiences. I couldn't have stopped to take a picture when I was first exploring, but on my next trip in '00 I definitely wanted to bring a camera. I shot this short in my p.o.v. and left in the downtimes and the ambient sound to give my friends and family a feeling of what it's really like to be in Black Rock City. Of course it's a pale realization of the politics, the art, the beautiful people, the culture, but it's a glimpse. I didn't tape the man burning that year, but I did the following year, and cut it in. I had originally left out the burn to keep that special experience on the playa for the people that can make it there, but then I said: fuck it... The burn is awesommmme! and put it in."


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