18 June 2009

divaD BURNcast Events VLOG 06.18.08 FREE TIX to GLAMTECH in NY!!

For our ticket giveaway this week to "Disorient pres Glamtech" we're going to run this contest is a bit different than how we've been doing it in the past. All you have to do to enter is follow @divadanielle and @burncast on Twitter and tweet the following phrase:

"I <3 the Burning Man community (drink!)! And I <3 @divadanielle and @burncast for producing the podcast all about BRC: http://burncast.tv." Do it before midnight tonight (that's Pacific Daylight Time) Thursday June 18 and DaBomb will put your name in a hat. Tomorrow morning she will post a video here on our blog at BURNcast.TV announcing the winner. Also, this weekend DaBomb is going to be in the Bay Area and she'll be taping an episode of BURNcast TV called "Playa Rumors". We're asking everybody to step up to the camera and share your playa rumor. She's going to be at two events (both of which are on the BURNcast calendar). The first one is: "Journey to the End of the Night" which starts at 7:00 pm this Saturday night in Oakland. The second event she will be at later that same night is "Fight Party @ Nimby" which is also taking place at the Nimby space in Oakland, too. If you wanna know where DaBomb is throughout the night you can follow her on Twitter here. If you want to know more about these events, click here.

If you have an event, you'd like to plug through BURNcast, fill out the form here.


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