18 June 2009

The ChakraTron by Scott "Gaspo" Gasparian

In this video Loni Kao Stark of StarkSilverCreek.com heads on down to the SubZERO arts festival in San Jose where she encounters and interacts with the ChakraTron, a fortune-telling interactive kinetic light sculpture art piece created by burner artist Scott "Gaspo" Gasparian. When you get to 2:30 mark Gaspo gives a more detailed commentary about the creation of this piece and shares his feelings on how the Burning Man has attracted huge crowds that fail to respect art.

More about the ChakraTron in this vidbit below:


Evonne @ Amoration said...

This is such a beautiful piece, had to thank Gaspo for it directly at Maker Faire. It shakes like crazy with all of those motors in it, feels wonderful to touch.

RickyVegas said...

That hypnotron on the inside looks like the future bed lamp I need to build. I love it. Thats so rad.

Unknown said...

It is really cool in person! I saw it at ZeroONE as well.

OK I see the musician credit, but can anyone tell me the name of the second song?

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